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Moving Every Customer with Care: Our Movers – Georgetown, TX

“Sincerely Yours” – the city with the most beautiful town square in Texas continues to attract new residents because it has lived up to its adage.

Filled with farm-fresh dining and historical attractions, people don’t just move to Georgetown. They fall in love with the community!

If you are one of those who fall in love with its cool spaces and hot flavors, our Georgetown movers will move your world and do an amazing job at it – one box at a time!

Community Labor Partnership – A Moving Company That Offers Many Solutions

Moving will always be a part of living. Yet, good help is hard to find, especially if you are moving to a new location.

Luckily, Community Labor Partnership will always be there for you!

Founded in March 2020, we are a family-owned moving company dedicated to giving hardworking people the opportunity to bring meaningful interactions to the local community. That includes providing local and national moving help for residential and commercial clients.

To do that, we engage conscientious and trustworthy members of the local neighborhood and people in-between employment. By helping them supplement their income, we can give back to the community.

CLP commits to delivering new solutions according to your wish! Today, CLP stands strong as we provide day laborers and affordable movers in over 300 cities.

Whether you need professional Apartment, office, or piano movers, CLP can provide a team in Georgetown, TX, and anywhere in the United States.

Why CLP Is One of The Best Moving Companies In Georgetown, TX

CLP is one of the best moving companies in Georgetown, TX, as we offer budget-friendly pricing for smooth relocation services. Our professional local and long distance movers are dedicated, friendly and have worked efficiently to give our customers a smooth moving experience. For this reason, we have received over a thousand positive reviews online.

Affordable Pricing

Are you moving to a new house and looking for an affordable moving service for your next move? Luckily, CLP provides its customers with the most affordable prices among other moving companies.

On average, the service of a professional mover in Georgetown, TX costs around $80 to $200 per hour.

Unlike other Georgetown moving companies, CLP charges a lower hourly rate for the service of professional movers in Georgetown ,TX. We also offer moving packages per helper per number of the hour.

On your next move, you can take advantage of our most affordable moving packages in 2, 5, and 8 hours. Plus, we can provide as many movers as possible.

Efficient and Friendly Movers

Do you long for a very positive experience on a moving day? If you book our movers at CLP, not only do you get smooth services from our workers, you are also helping our company give back to the local community.

The majority of professional laborers in our company are:

  • Friendly and hardworking students
  • Members of the local neighborhood
  • People looking to supplement their income in-between employment.

As such, our moving company gives members of the local community who are trustworthy and conscientious with jobs suited to their skills.

Same-Day Moving Services

Have you waited until the last minute to find moving? Fortunately, CLP got you covered! We are the only moving company in the world able to supply same-day movers to ANY location in the United States.

At CLP, all you need to do is book our moving services online or call our hotline. Then, you can expect our moving help in Georgetown to arrive in as fast as 3 hours. In fact, other moving businesses partner with CLP. They usually request a team of same-day movers from our moving company to help them with packing, heavy lifting, loading and unloading, and unpacking belongings.

We Service Specific Moving Needs of Homeowners and Businesses

Moving involves a lot of processes, which is why it consumes a lot of your energy and time.

  • Moving may take days or weeks just to pack your belongings.
  • During the moving day, you may also need to perform heavy lifting of large appliances and furniture.
  • Most of the time, you may need to disassemble furniture when moving it out of narrow doors and steep stairways.
  • Obviously, you will need helping hands when loading and unloading your belongings.

With great care, our team of professional movers at CLP can help you with specific moving needs to your new home. We can send you a team to help you with packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, heavy lifting, and furniture assembly.

Our Local Movers in Georgetown, TX for Commercial and Residential Moves

As mentioned, our local movers in Georgetown, TX can help you with your moving needs. Yet, CLP is more than just a moving company.


Moving to a new location brings a feeling of excitement and happiness. But first and foremost, packing can be stressful. After you finally decide to move to a new home, your first challenge is to figure out where to start packing and what to pack. If you are going to do the packing alone, it may also take quite some time.

Let our professional moving team help you with careful and hassle-free packing. Our Georgetown movers also have the proper know-how to pack fragile items. All you need to do is provide boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials, and they will help you move your priceless possessions safely.

Moreover, you can decide the hours and workers needed as we offer flexible moving services. At CLP, our moving team may not work as fast as anyone else, but we are less expensive and provide our clients with an equal or better service than other companies.


According to Duck Brand’s study, it takes an astounding 182 days for American to unpack their last box after moving into a new home, turning it to a never-ending chore. That is why hiring moving helpers for unpacking services is a necessity.

When moving to Georgetown, you can book our laborers to do the unpacking for you. If you have limited time because of your new job or other important things, we can unbox and unwrap everything in designated areas of your new home. That way you can spend your time on more important matters rather than unpacking everything in several days.

Our unpacking services may include the following:

  • Organizing things in cabinets and drawers in your garage or kitchen
  • Putting all your household items in designated areas or rooms
  • Setting up superfluous things like bedding, clocks, shower curtains, window coverings, etc.
  • Unboxing and unwrapping all your packed items
  • Unpacking and putting clothes in closets and drawers

Hence, if you only want to avoid unpacking, we are ready to lend a helping hand!

Heavy Lifting

Get help with heavy lifting while moving to prevent injuries and move your items safely! Do you have large bed frames, cabinets, couches, and dressers to bring out of the old house? At CLP, we provide strong men to do it for you.

There was one instance when a client requested two strong men to move a piano out of his old apartment safely. Initially, he asked for two strong men, thinking he’ll be the third hand, to save cost. But after five minutes of heavy lifting, the client called us again. He requested a third man to avoid the pain and trouble of loading the piano to the moving truck safely.

Consequently, CLP can provide budget-friendly and efficient heavy-lifting services. Our Georgetown movers may not look like gym buddies, but they have the physical stamina and skills to haul large items in and out of your home.

Furniture Assembly

Some items, such as bed frames, cabinets with mirrors, drawers, and such may need to be taken apart to move them out safely from your old apartment or house. Once they arrive at your new home, you will again need to reassemble them.

In Georgetown and many parts of the US, it may be expensive to hire skilled people to perform furniture assembly. At CLP, you can book a laborer to do the basic disassembling and reassembling of your furniture. With extensive experience, our workers can also disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

The need for furniture assembly depends on a specific move. But, it is ultimately your choice if you want to save money! We offer a cheaper rate compared to other companies, while our laborers can do the same work.

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading are vital parts of the moving process. They involve a lot of coordination and organization. Typically, it will be quicker to unload than loading. Why? It’s because you will need more guesswork to fit the boxes and bulky items in the moving truck. Besides, you will also need to separate the boxes according to labels while loading them.

Generally, you will need the following during loading or unloading:

  • Two moving helpers to load a 10-ft truck within an hour or two
  • Two moving helpers to load a 26-ft truck within two to three hours
  • Two moving helpers to load a 26-ft truck within three to four hours

Whether loading or unloading, our workers at CLP can lend a helping hand. They can go up and down several flights of stairs to bring your boxes and stuff inside the truck.

What’s best, we offer flexible packages where you can book one mover to help you load and unload. At CLP, it is your call to book the number of hours and movers you need!

Hassle-free Move with Our Movers in Georgetown, TX

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can undertake in life. Whether it’s packing and labeling your belongings so it doesn’t get mixed up or stolen, to making sure you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to choosing a moving company.

Luckily, CLP is here to help you save money while giving you the best movers Georgetown has to offer.

Aside from flexible moving services for a very flexible budget, CLP also offers to take the load off your shoulders and make your moving hassle-free by doing all the work for you and tailoring it to your specific needs.

From organizing and packing your stuff to providing the truck you’ll use, we’ll ensure that our friendly and efficient movers will be as careful as possible – from start to finish.

We Are One of the Top Moving Companies in Georgetown, TX

When it comes to the moving business, nobody can do it as consistently and budget-friendly as CLP. From local moves to long-distance hauling, our Georgetown, TX, movers will make your moving service budget-friendly and reliable.

So, should you need reliable movers down at Georgetown, our moving services are just one phone call away.

Ready to get down to business? Contact CLP at (888) 314-5128 and get ready for your next move!

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How much does it cost to hire movers for a local move in Georgetown?
Local moving means relocating to a short distance. Typically, a local move covers a 50-mile radius from Point A to Point B. On average local movers charge $60 to $80 per hour. CLP offers the cheapest rates for local movers. Our moving company also caps local moving within a 100-mile radius.
How much are movers per hour in Georgetown, Texas?
Movers in Georgetown, TX charge an hourly rate between $50 to $120. The rate depends on the number of workers and types of moving services you need. CLP guarantees the lowest rate for the best moving experience.
What day is the cheapest to hire Georgetown movers?
A moving company in Central Texas typically offers better rates during weekdays when the business is slow. So, the cheapest day to move is on a weekday. But you can take advantage of moving with CLP any time of the day. Our local moving company Georgetown, TX charges a uniform rate whether it be a weekday or a weekend.
What is the cheapest way to move my stuff to Georgetown?
The cheapest way to move is through DIY. You can borrow or rent a moving truck, do the packing, and book day laborers from a labor-only business, like. You can cut significantly lower costs than getting a full-service moving company.
How many movers do I need for my move in Georgetown?
The number of movers you need from a moving company depends on the bulk of your belongings and the size of your entire house, apartment, condo, or office. On average, you will need two movers for a studio type or 1-bedroom apartment or condo. Consequently, you may need to add one mover for every extra number of rooms. At CLP, the more hours and movers you book, the more savings you get from our moving company!

About Georgetown, TX

As the seat of Williamson County in Texas, Georgetown lies only 25 miles north of Austin. During the 1840s, it started as an agricultural community in Central Texas.

Today, the Red Poppy Capital cradles 180 Tuscan villas and Victorian mansions listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Top Attractions

As the seat of Williamson County in Texas, Georgetown lies only 25 miles north of Austin. During the 1840s, it started as an agricultural community in Central Texas. Today, the Red Poppy Capital cradles 180 Tuscan villas and Victorian mansions listed under the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Berry Springs Park
  • Blue Hole Park
  • Firefighters Museum
  • Garey Park
  • Georgetown Art Center
  • Georgetown Municipal Airport
  • Inner Space Cavern
  • Lake Georgetown
  • Palace Theatre
  • San Gabriel Park
  • Sun City Texas
  • The Levy House
  • Williamson County Art Guild
  • Williamson County Courthouse

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