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Community Labor

Bringing Workers and the Community Together


Moving Help

Do you have a moving truck to load or unload? Do you have large items and need another set of hands? We've got you covered!

Yard Work and Basic Landscaping

Are the weeds taking over your garden? Have a landscaping project or makeover you need a hand with? We'd love to help!

General Labor

Painting, garage clean-out, ditch digging, debris clean-up, or anything else you can think of!


All Community Labor Partnership Team Members are COVID-19 compliant for your safety- wearing masks at all times.


Community Labor Partnership was founded during the onset of COVID-19, when unemployment was skyrocketing. We wanted to put motivated people to work, because we firmly believe that every person who wants to work should not be denied the opportunity. Still going strong today, we continue in our mission to provide labor gigs to hard working people across America. Our workers fall into three main categories: people interested in supplementing their incomes; people who are currently between jobs; and students.

Here at Community Labor Partnership we strive to bring honest hard-working individuals together with community members in order to create a win-win situation. We are a family-owned and operated national franchise that knows the value of hard work and customer satisfaction.


Office Number: 1-888-314-5128

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To apply to work as a Community Labor Partnership team member please send your resume to