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Affordable Local Movers


Local Movers

Planning an interstate, long-distance or nearby local move? Make moving easy with CLP! We are the only moving company that provides local movers at both ends of your move for packing & unpacking as well as loading & unloading at cheaper prices. Same-day movers are available if you waited until the last minute!



Leave the dirty work to us! Our landscape contractors and day laborers can dig a ditch, fence your yard, mow your lawn, rake your leaves, and remove weeds. CLP also provides landscapers for mulching, planting, stump digging, and tree trimming.


Painting Services

Enhance your dream home with the stroke of a brush! CLP offers quality painting jobs at the best prices. House painting, interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, etc., our residential painting services and commercial painters can make your home like new.

Stress-Free Moving Services from Our Furniture Movers

Heavy furniture won’t budge? Our piano and pool table movers make moving heavy items a breeze. Need to load appliances onto a truck? No problem. Hire movers with muscle and experience – CLP has the professionals you need! Affordable movers and packers will get all your items to your new place, allowing you to save time and money.

Same Day and Local Movers

Looking for the cheapest way to move your stuff? Compared to other local moving companies, CLP offers the cheapest moving services for same-day, long-distance, and local moving. Our moving company can supply cheap movers anywhere in the U.S. – apartment movers, commercial movers, mobile home movers, furniture movers, piano movers, and long distance movers.

Most moving companies charge an average hourly fee of $50 to $200 per hour per mover for moving services on a local move. As a local moving company servicing your city, CLP guarantees the lowest rates to pack, load, unload, and unpack your moving boxes and belongings at your new location on your moving day. We offer nearby moving services from our crew at rates significantly lower than our competitors. Movers service includes:

  • Packing & Unpacking Services
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Furniture Assembly

Let our professional movers get your job done at half the cost.


Basic Landscaping & Yard Work

CLP is more than just a moving company. Our workers can also render basic residential and commercial landscaping services for our customers in lieu of hiring an expensive landscaping company. Our yard workers can:

  • Dig ditches
  • Trim hedges
  • Mow lawns
  • Lay mulch
  • Rake leaves
  • Weed abatement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree planting

Expect the grass will always be greener on your side with our affordable landscape services! Let CLP assist you with basic landscaping service and yard work.


Painting Services & General Labor

From house painting to apartment painting, interior painting to exterior painting, our crew at CLP is also capable of handling all painting tasks. Like a professional painting company, we can add quality color to your home!

Some examples of the painting tasks our teams can do are:

  • cover items to protect them from paint
  • sand walls
  • fill cracks and holes
  • apply paint on walls and ceilings
  • coat finishes and varnishes on doors, furniture, windows, etc.

Our workers can also perform general labor tasks. They can do most jobs when given proper instruction, as long as it doesn’t require a licensed professional. Discover how we can make a difference and spruce up your home by calling us today!


CLP Workers are Moving Experts in Interstate and Local Moves


Whether it’s an interstate or local move, CLP takes the stress out of moving with a business model that partners with local movers in your city. And with moving teams in over 300 cities across the United States, we can provide manpower on each end of your move for those longer moves.

CLP brings workers and the community together. The goal of Community Labor Partnership is to provide a solution to temporary unemployment. CLP puts motivated people to work by providing assistance and service to the community at a lower cost. Most of our workers fall into three main categories: people between permanent jobs, people seeking to supplement their income, and students.

CLP is big on service, small on price. Our professional team at CLP specializes in dispatching workers for interstate and local moves. From packing and unpacking your belongings to loading and unloading boxes, our mission is to provide the cheapest cost for local movers in any location in the United States. CLP also has day laborers who can perform general labor tasks at the lowest cost including landscaping services, painting, and much more!

Today, our business stands strong as the nation’s largest labor-referral agency providing job opportunities to over 42,000 hard-working and motivated Americans who have completed over 15,000 jobs to date. At CLP, we ensure high-quality service at an affordable price.

We Guarantee the Best Movers

CLP Guarantees our Customers that:  Our laborers will clear a background check and wear a mask if you request it during booking.


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Our Nationwide Service Area

CLP is the only company in the world able to provide same-day local movers, landscapers, residential & commercial painters, and general laborers to ANY city or town in the United States. As we grow strong with 36 team members and over 42,000 independent contractors signed up to do labor gigs, we now service over 300 cities. We provide services 12 hours a day, seven days a week – from 8 AM to 8 PM.


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