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Local Movers in Fort Worth

Looking for same day movers? We don’t just move stuff. We move memories!


Landscaping in Fort Worth

Say goodbye to crabgrass and weeds. We will make your lawn look its best.


General Labor in Fort Worth

Need cleaners, general laborers, or painters? We can help you!

Culture, excellent opportunities, and southern hospitality attract people to move to “Funky Town.” If you are one of them, our Fort Worth movers can help make your relocation a breeze. We are one of the best moving companies in Texas!

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) offers affordable and dependable moving services. Our main goal is to bring workers and the community together. We started during the outbreak of the pandemic when unemployment rose. Today, we stand as one of the top Fort Worth moving companies.

Currently, we have 36 team members and 32,000 independent contractors signed up to do labor gigs. We operate 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – from 8 AM to 8 PM. We have 300 labor pools at our disposal nationwide and in every state.


Why We Are the #1 Fort worth Moving company

Our Fort Worth movers plan, organize and complete any relocation efficiently and quickly. At the same time, we provide a wide range of other services, including on-site packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, plus a personalized concierge. Plus, we are more than just a Fort Worth moving company, we provide general labor and yard work services.

The advantages of our moving services over other moving companies:

  • If you wait until the last minute and need same-day movers, we got you covered.
  • We make it a priority to facilitate better interactions. (Between people who are trustworthy and conscientious in their job and members of the local community)
  • We offer affordable moving and labor services
  • We provide dependable and trustworthy movers and day laborers all around the country. We are the only company in the world able to provide day laborers to ANY location in the United States.

What we provide:

  • Moving help and same-day movers
  • Yard work and basic landscaping
  • General Labor (painters, diggers, cleaners, anything else you can think of)

What we do not provide:

  • Packing materials
  • Moving equipment & tools
  • Moving truck or vehicle
  • Storage services or units


What Our apartment movers in fort worth can do

Are you planning to move to or from your home or apartment in Fort Worth, Texas? Are you wondering…

  • How will I move all my belongings?
  • How can I reduce stress from moving fragile items and large furniture from my home or apartment?

The best answer is to hire the moving company of Community Labor Partnership.

CLP is one of the best moving companies in Fort Worth, TX. Our exceptionally responsive moving team can perform a fantastic job in any moving plan. Accordingly, our efficient moving services include the following:

Packing Services

Packing on your own may take weeks, months, or forever. Clearly, it is one of the most stressful phases of a moving experience. Don’t worry! Our local movers in Fort Worth can help with the entire process based on your packing needs.

Hiring our movers to do the packing services will save you a lot of energy and time. Most local moving companies in Fort Worth can pack everything in a day or two. Surprisingly, if you hire our local movers in Fort Worth, our team can complete the packing a lot more efficiently. The time frame depends on the bulk of your belongings or the size of your home.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, we have instructed our movers in Fort Worth to label and organize stuff for easy tracking. Furthermore, our team can do an excellent job of protecting your fragile items and precious belongings against any damage.

Unpacking Services

Unpacking after your move to the Fort Worth area is also a big job. You will need to unbox and unwrap tons of stuff. You may think our local movers will leave you after unloading. That’s not true! Our movers can go the extra mile to unpack and organize everything for you.

CLP’s best movers in Fort Worth can do an excellent job unpacking your belongings. They will unpack boxes in designated areas or rooms to make it easy for you to put everything in order. Better yet, they can help you unpack bulky items and arrange them easily in your new place.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture such as bed frames, bookcases, dressers, etc., may not be able to fit in your doorway. Hence, you will need to take them apart to move them safely. Doing it yourself could cause you injury. Besides, the process may be long and complicated.

At CLP, our apartment movers in Fort Worth, TX, can disassemble any furniture. You only need to provide our team with equipment or tools because we provide labor-only movers. As a moving company, we aim to make your moving experience as convenient as possible. We will complete our moving service by reassembling everything back to your new location.

Heavy Lifting

Lifting injuries are common, especially if you tried moving a double fridge alone. For this reason, many people depend on the commercial services offered by our Fort Worth movers.

As one of the top Fort Worth moving companies, CPL specializes in relocating heavy objects without damaging your belongings. Whether long-distance or local moves, rest assured that our team will move everything safely to your new house or office.

Our Fort Worth Texas movers can do an awesome job in lifting heavy furniture, equipment, and more. Experience has equipped our local movers to understand overweight loads and the frequency of needed lifts.

Loading & Unloading Services

You may be coming out of state and want to move to Fort Worth, TX, with a pre-rented truck. Upon arrival in your new home, you will need a helping hand – or more, to load and unload your belongings. If you are looking for cheap movers in Fort Worth, our team at CLP offers flexible loading and unloading services at an hourly rate.

If you only need to load or unload a truck for a few hours, CLP can provide hourly movers. Keep in mind that not all local moving companies in Fort Worth Texas have hourly movers like us! We fully understand your needs.

As one of the best moving companies in Fort Worth, Texas, our company guarantees that our movers pay careful attention and work efficiently as they load and unload the truck. Furthermore, our movers follow proper health and labor safety standards.


We Also Provide Fort Worth Landscape Services

Landscaping in Fort Worth is a premium service and can be a hefty investment. Obviously, it’s because of the technical knowledge and skills of landscapers in Fort Worth. Additionally, you will incur extra charges for insurance, permits, and more, if you hire most landscaping companies.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, our landscapers in Fort Worth provide quality yet affordable lawn care!

What our landscapers in Fort Worth can do:

  • Ditch digging
  • Lawn mowing
  • Planting
  • Raking leaves
  • Removing weeds
  • Stump digging

Please note that our workers do not provide the tools for this type of work. The client must provide them for the workers to use.


General Laborers & Painters in Fort Worth - Our Moving Company Has It All!

Do you need house painters in Fort Worth? How about carpet removal, furniture assembly, garage cleaners, light construction workers, and anything else you can think of? CLP houses a labor-ready workforce of general laborers and painters in Fort Worth, TX.

Our workers can do most jobs when given proper instructions. Here are some examples of jobs, we have performed for our clients:

  • Client 1 asked for five interior painters to paint seven rooms in a house they’re going to lease. The client supervised the workers and was amazed at how hard our laborers worked. They were able to finish the job in 8 hours.
  • Client 2 bought IKEA furniture and hired our workers to assemble it.
  • Client 3 has the outside walls of his house sanded.
  • Client 4 requested a carpet removal on his RV.

Need Same-Day Movers in Fort Worth? CLP Is Just a Call Away!

If you waited until the last minute and need same-day movers, we’ve got you covered there, too. We provide dependable and trustworthy movers and day laborers all around the country. We are the only company in the world able to supply day laborers to ANY location in the United States.

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On average, hiring a moving company in Fort Worth costs $437. The price depends on the bulk of belongings you will move and the distance from where you are relocating.
The average service cost for a local mover range between $80 to $200 per hour. At CLP, we supply moving helpers for as low as $35 per hour.
Based on the national average, a moving company typically charges between $800 to $2,500 for a local move within 100 miles for two moving helpers. The national average jumps between $2,200 and $5,700 for a long-distance relocation. 
When hiring a full-service moving company, you don’t need to worry about anything. It will provide moving helpers, packing materials, the moving truck, and everything, but they cost a lot more. So, if you are moving on a tight budget, a labor-only moving company can help. At CLP, we offer affordable and dependable movers.
A local move at CLP is moving from point A to point B within a 100-mile radius. In contrast, a long-distance move goes beyond the 100-mile radius. In most cases, hiring movers for long-distance moves may require two sets of moving helpers – one for loading and another for unloading. But it all depends on our client’s needs and preferences.

About Fort Worth

Once a tiny outpost on a lonely battlefront, Fort Worth eventually flourished into a vibrant city center. Today, it is the seat of Tarrant County and the 5th largest city in Texas. According to the 2022 U.S. Census, the city’s population is around 958,692. Covering a total area of 355.56 square miles, the so-called Cowtown blends a diverse array of businesses, cattle, heritage, and industries.


Top Attractions in Fort Worth

Moving to Fort Worth is WORTH it! You no longer need to go out of state to visit museums of art, culture, and sciences. On top of that, you will also enjoy outdoor recreation. 

To name a few of Fort Worth’s top attractions are:

  • Amon Carter Museum
  • Bass Performance Hall
  • Fort Worth Stockyards
  • Kimbell Art Museum
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Nature Center & Refuge
  • National Cowgirl Museum
  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Water Gardens
  • Will Rogers Memorial Center

We should also never forget to note the Fort Worth Public Library. It has been considered a historical marker in Texas since 1967. From serving public workers, it is now committed to building a community of doers, dreamers, and learners.

Lastly, Fort Worth cradles a well-known entertainment & shopping hub. You can shop till you drop at Sundance Square.

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