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Movers in Gainesville

Hire a moving company that prioritizes customer satisfaction without breaking the bank. We will help you navigate through this new journey, starting from the packing process up to loading and unloading your belongings into your new home.


Landscaping in Gainesville

We make it our business to ensure this is easier for you by taking care of your yard. Leave the heavy lifting and dirty work to us. Our professional landscape workers can also clean, organize and maintain your yard.


Labor Ready in Gainesville

We can assist you in case you need repairs for your roof, installing dry walls, repairing your plumbing and other general labor services. We can help you prepare your space so you can entertain guests.

If you are planning to relocate to Gainesville, Florida, whether for business or for pleasure, you need a moving team that will guarantee quality service and a stress-free move while considering your relocation needs. Situated in Alachua County, moving to this city is perfect for young professionals and for those who want to start a business or run their own company. Given the fast-paced life in this location, lack of preparation for your upcoming move, especially in last minute moves, can sometimes spell the success or disaster of your career or home life.

Working with trusted Gainesville, FL movers can help you prevent this from happening. This will matter for both long-distance moves and local moves. Get moving help from Community Labor Partnership (CLP) for a stress free start to your new life. We aim to be the best moving company in Gainesville, FL.


Hiring one of the best moving companies in Gainesville, FL on your next move

We all know that moving can be complicated. From deciding which of your belongings you need to bring to your new home to looking for a new apartment or office in town, the moving experience can easily turn into a nightmare. It is crucial to work with a Gainesville moving company to help you identify the best approach. Whether you are looking to hire local moving companies or long distance moving companies in Gainesville FL, it is important to identify which services are crucial and urgent depending on your moving needs.


One of the first considerations when moving is how to downsize in preparation to packing belongings. You have to decide what you will bring to your new house. It is helpful to identify early on what to discard and what to keep. You would not want to bring unnecessary things to a new office or clutter your new apartment when you can easily buy supplies at a local store in your new town. While a lot of moving companies in Gainesville can offer packing services, CLP movers offer this service at the most affordable price.


Bulky items such as an heirloom piano, fine art, sculptures, dresser, sofa set, cabinets and other furniture can be hard to transport. You can hire piano movers and day laborers in Gainesville, FL to help you load and unload these items from trucks. Our Gainesville movers will handle your furniture and valuables with great care. This way you can focus on getting acquainted with the local community and discovering new attractions in town. Enjoy the parks and trails without worrying about unpacking.


After your move to Gainesville, getting the house ready to entertain guests will be your next concern. Local moving and long distance moving can both be stressful.

CLP also provides labor furniture assembly and setting up of simple appliances. You do not need to worry about looking for the box where you packed your coffee machine or waste time looking for missing bolts and screws for your bookshelf.


Basic Landscaping in Gainesville, FL

After a long-distance move, you need to have a stress free socialization experience at your new home. It would be challenging to look for landscaping weed removal services in Gainesville when you have just come from an exhausting move. Unfortunately, an overgrown yard can give a bad first impression.

Some Gainesville landscaping companies are expensive and yard maintenance often takes the back seat. Moving companies do not usually provide services beyond loading and unloading of belongings. CLP can provide you with landscapers in Gainesville who can dig a ditch, fence your yard, mow your lawn, rake leaves, and remove weeds for you. We also provide landscapers for mulching, planting, stump digging, and tree trimming. Leave the dirty work to us.


Painters in Gainesville, FL

Long distance moving can sometimes be disorienting. It is helpful to try to anticipate the unexpected, especially if factors such as change in seasons and the age of the house you are buying come into play. Whether your goal is to spruce up your walls to make your space presentable to guests or to match your furniture, we have professional and meticulous interior painters and exterior house painters in Gainesville.

As part of our services, our teams can help you cover items to protect them from paint, sand walls, fill cracks and holes, apply paint on walls and ceilings, coat finishes and varnishes on doors, furniture, windows, etc. You only need to give our Gainesville house painters sufficient instructions to carry out these services, including general labor tasks for you.


Book CLP if you need cheap movers in Gainesville

Whether you need local or long distance movers in Gainesville FL, for residential or commercial moves, our priority is to provide you with services when you need it most and without breaking the bank. Moving is exhausting enough. Let our Gainesville movers provide you with excellent service and the professional assistance you need to make it less stressful and even enjoyable.

CLP can be with you from Day 1. Together, we can identify the best approach for your relocation. Our workers can assist you pack your belongings and deep clean your new space. You can count on us even until you finally assemble the dining table in your new home. Get in touch with us so we can discuss our rates. Book our services now.


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If you hire a professional moving company, expect to pay at least $1,000, with the average cost of a local household move at $1,250, and the average cost for long-distance moves at $4,890.
In terms of convenience, the weekend is a more convenient time to relocate and hire movers or moving companies. However, cost-wise, it would be more affordable to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. For a convenient and cost-effective option, consider hiring our professional movers. CLP charges the same rate per moving helper per hour regardless of whether the move will be on a weekday or a weekend.
The two cheapest options are rental trucks and moving containers. A factor that should be considered is the distance from which you are moving. The longer time it takes you to move, the higher the costs for the service. Of course, it would also help if you booked the most cost-efficient movers, like CLP.
The time it would take will depend if it is a local move or a long distance move. The efficiency and level of experience of a moving company are also factors to consider. It would be safe to estimate an average of at least 2 weeks for long distance movers to complete the process.
It takes an average of 4 to 7 hours and three or more movers from Gainesville moving companies. The larger the space, the longer the period of time and more movers needed for the transition.

About Gainesville, FL

Gainesville is a city in North-central Florida, United States. It is about 70 miles southwest of Jacksonville. In 1539, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto arrived in the area and a settlement eventually built around a trading post known as Hog Town which was established in 1830. In 1853 the city was laid out as the county seat and named for General Edmund Pendleton Gaines, a commander during the War of 1812. According to the Census Reporter, its current population as of 2021 is 140,406 with 2,215.9 people per square mile and with 56,513 number of households.  The city has 66,685 number of housing units of which 85% are occupied and 59% renter occupied. Gainesville FL’s per capita income $25,655 and with a median household income of $40,822. Mean travel time to work is 19.1 minutes with a margin of error of at least 10% of the total value.



Gainesville’s charm is its college-town energy provided by the sprawling University of Florida campus, existing against a backdrop of natural beauty with its parks and trails and well-preserved culture with its museums. It’s a city where the modern meets the historical making up a rich culture and opportunities for adventure.

These are the top destinations and activities you can participate in:

  • Visit the Butterfly Rainforest
  • Go around the Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Explore the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
  • See the Bison Roam at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
  • Hike at Sweetwater Wetlands Park
  • Visit the Pleasant Street Historic District
  • Visit the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo
  • Explore the Depot Park
  • Enjoy the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
  • Visit the Cade Museum
  • Drive to Historic Micanopy

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200 E. University Ave, Gainesville 32601

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Fax: 352-334-3119

Email: citymgr@gainesvillefl.gov

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