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Impressive Landscaping in Sacramento, CA

Are you moving to the capital city of California? Also known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, this city is famous for its chill atmosphere and the selection of food, wineries, and breweries it offers. If you bought your dream home with a lawn and you want to improve the space or you need lawn care, work with our landscapers in Sacramento. They will help you keep your front yard and yard landscaping in tip-top shape despite a busy schedule.

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is a company that does it all while offering affordable landscaping rates. As a full-service company, we offer the best Sacramento, CA landscaping services. This is what sets us apart from all the Sacramento landscaping companies.

We not only have the most affordable landscapers in Sacramento, but we also intend to offer the best landscaping and lawn care services in Sacramento, from mowing to trimming to setting up your flower beds, we will have everything covered to beautify that lawn or your place of business!

If you need extra hands to help you with front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping in Sacramento, CLP is at your service. Our landscapers can do a fantastic job of satisfying your landscaping needs. You can check out our website for reviews from customers in the past. We take pride in doing a terrific job in all our engagements and in leaving our customers extremely pleased.


Hiring the Best Landscaping Companies in Sacramento, CA

If you have a spacious lawn in your new house and a busy schedule, chances are you do not have any time to spare for landscape maintenance. Hopefully, you have low-maintenance plants and flowers but even if your lawn is made of artificial grass, you will still need to look after your property and do at least the bare necessity. Otherwise, you might wake up one day to a patchy lawn and dead plants.

Aside from providing an easily accessible sanctuary where you can have your morning coffee, homeowners reported an average increase in their property’s value when they completed landscape renovation projects. These projects increase the market value of your house and make it more attractive to buyers in case you intend to sell it in the future. Some even claim that professional landscaping can increase the property’s value by 10 to 12%.

Choosing the Right and Best Sacramento Landscapers

We can readily claim that we are the best landscaper in Sacramento, CA. But how do we assure you that we are the best for you? We are passionate about providing quality work and excellent service in delivering the services we offer. We take pride in being the most reliable company to help you settle and beautify your new location in Sacramento.

There is nothing quite like witnessing the transformation of an unruly backyard into a beautiful well-maintained landscape and the happiness of our customers when they are extremely pleased with the landscape renovation. This motivates us to always provide quality service in all our landscape engagements. After all, creating an amazing landscape environment is more than just trimming trees and bushes. Keeping your backyard in tip-top shape is hard and honest work. One that we are only too glad to do for you.

Maintaining Your Landscape in Sacramento

Nothing is stopping you from doing yard care on your own. If you are a gardening enthusiast and you have time to regularly do the tasks involved, this can save you money. However, if spring is approaching and you have not done any yard work since last year’s fall, it’s time to set aside a reasonable budget and hire a landscaper in Sacramento.

You can choose locally owned landscape companies in Sacramento, CA. Ask family and friends for their recommendations. Inquire if they have advice on landscapers you can book for your backyard. Check out online reviews and testimonials before you hire someone. Get to know the trees in your garden and native plants in the surrounding area.


Our Landscaping Services in Sacramento, CA

Full-Service Landscaping in Sacramento, CA

Choosing the best landscapers for your property in Sacramento can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine who to trust with your landscape project. That’s why at CLP, we take pride in providing our customers with top-notch landscaping services.

As a full-service Sacramento landscaping company, we specialize in a variety of landscaping projects, covering everything from mowing to trimming to weeding and more. We understand the importance of delivering quality services and strive to exceed expectations with every job we complete.

Landscape Services We Provide

Instead of hiring pricey Sacramento landscapers, try out our labor-only landscape services. We can provide basic landscaping at cheap prices. We can help you with not just mowing but also weed whacking, laying sod, mulching, and even pruning and trimming bushes. Aside from planting and caring for flower beds, we can also create walkways and repair your patio. We can get your lawn ready for the winter.

We can help you with cleanup, tree removal, and all kinds of necessary yard work after a hurricane. We can install landscape rocks and landscape lighting to make your space cozy and presentable. We can help you transform decks and patios into cozy outdoor spaces.

You can hire our landscapers to conduct basic errands like checking the compost pile, preparing the flower bed, or whacking weeds. More helping hands will also be needed if you have a spacious lawn, and your goal is to increase curb appeal in preparation for selling it.

Let CLP make your landscape dreams come true. Our team of highly experienced Sacramento landscapers has the experience and expertise to create a beautiful landscape that will add value to any property. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that we will always treat your property with respect and care.

All that’s left for you to do is to give us a call and tell us what you want us to do, and we will be sure to deliver the best landscapers in Sacramento, CA!



How much does landscaping cost in Sacramento?

The cost of landscape services depends on a lot of factors such as how spacious your lawn is or the type of services you will avail of. If you need basic landscaping services like lawn mowing or light installation services, the expenses will be lower than when you need local landscapers for landscape construction projects such as the installation of patio covers and retaining walls. On average, landscape maintenance in Sacramento, CA ranges from $188. This can go up to an estimated amount of $4,104 if you want to construct a patio.

When should I redo my landscaping in Sacramento?

The dry season in the Sacramento area starts in the summer. If your landscaping project involves planting trees and flower beds, this season is not the best time unless you introduce drought-resistant plants in your garden. On the other hand, if your renovation involves construction projects and hardscaping such as installing a retaining wall, a driveway, seating benches and outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or steppingstones, you do not need to worry about the season. Of course, practically speaking, it would be harder to complete things when the snow is thick in the winter.

How much is too much to spend on landscaping in Sacramento, CA?

Again, you have to take into consideration what landscaping services you are getting, the features you want to be added to the space, and the area to be covered by these services. If you just want trees to be planted near your driveway or shrubs to be trimmed and your lawn is of moderate size, it should not exceed a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum. If you want the full package and the complete transformation package, you will have to increase your budget. According to available data, you should expect $1,425.00 to $1,686.00 for curb installation in Sacramento County.

What is tipping etiquette for landscapers in Sacramento, CA?

Tipping is customary for landscapers in Sacramento and for good reason. Landscaping tasks require strenuous physical activity. If the engagement is during the summer season, laborers need to complete tasks while under the sweltering heat of the summer sun. A minimum amount of $10 to $20 can be a good rule of thumb if you do not know the average tip in your area.

Do you tip a landscaper in Sacramento for a one-time job?

This may be impractical since the workers regularly perform the tasks. However, if you are happy with their performance, nothing should stop you from making your appreciation felt. Consider tipping in cash when you do. This is to avoid causing unnecessary hassle.


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