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Basic Landscaping Services

If you live in a community where the expectation is to maintain your lawn all throughout the year, this can easily become overwhelming. The pressure is on and the pressure becomes more intense with the summer heat. Understandably, to prevent stress you will have to outsource lawn and landscape maintenance services. Before you get landscape maintenance and residential landscaping services, you have to consider that these services can easily add up.

For basic landscape service which typically includes mowing and trimming hedges, prepare at least $30 – $70 per hour or $50 – $190 total per service. Backyard landscaping is at least $1,000. This would vary depending on the size of your outdoor space and the availability of laborers in your state.

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) offers basic gardening and local landscaping services at affordable rates. Our workers can do dirt moving, mulching, laying sod, carrying rocks, wheelbarrow and shovel work and installation of landscape rocks and lighting. We can transform decks and patios into cozy outdoor spaces.

Yard Work Services Are Long Term Investments

Having an unruly lawn can have an undesirable effect on one’s mental health. Having fallen trees lying around waiting to cause an accident can make anyone anxious. This can be especially challenging if you have hedges that need trimming and if your state is often visited by hurricanes and storms. Although yard work can come at a cost, you can treat it as an investment for your peace of mind and property.

The benefit of having a well-cared for garden is that you will have a space in your home where you can just relax and bond with friends and family. Nothing beats having a leisurely breakfast on your patio with a sea of green before your eyes.

Aside from its effect on your health, it increases the market value of your property and makes it more attractive to buyers in case you intend to sell it in the future. Some even claim that a beautiful landscape can increase the property’s value 10 to 12%.


Get Affordable Landscape Laborer

If you will get only of the basic package, set aside at least $120 to $7,000. For light and basic landscaping work, you can hire our workers for as low as $100. 

If you require the full package and need a labor-intensive session or want to overhaul your garden’s design, prepare at least $7,000.

Landscape companies reportedly profit most from enhancements, irrigation, and lawn care. Commercial establishments often require a certain design aesthetic.

Of course, if a landscape service is regularly needed, these costs can affect your existing household expenditure.


Landscaping Help Is Important

Are you ready to put up your “help wanted” sign? Perhaps you want to hire people who can provide yard work clean up and yard work handyman to assist seniors. This can be crucial in ensuring that your elderly relatives do not exert too much physical effort in trying to maintain their home garden or lawn. This would also mean a more customized approach which will factor in the health condition and schedule of the senior homeowner. Consider their sensitivity to noise and whether they dislike having strangers in their house or not.

Landscaping To Help with Water In Basement Or With Drainage

There are times when the choice is really not up to you. Sometimes you need amazing landscape services to prevent basement flooding or to create yard drainage. When you need landscape contractors to take care of that and you have been searching online for “help me landscape my front or back yard” or you are looking to find yard work help with drainage in your new home, it can be exhausting.


Basic Landscaping & Yard Work

We can provide residential and commercial landscapers for our customers in lieu of hiring an expensive landscaping company. Our yard workers can:

  • Dig ditches
  • Trim hedges
  • Mow lawns
  • Lay mulch
  • Rake leaves
  • Weed abatement
  • Stump removal
  • Tree planting

Expect the grass will always be greener on your side with our affordable landscapers! Let CLP assist you with basic landscaping and yard work.


Plan How Much You Can Spend For Yard Work Help

Are you wondering how much is the cost of landscape maintenance, general local yard work and commercial landscaping services? Have you decided to hire help?

On average, basic landscaping can cost $4 to $12 per square foot. This can vary depending on the state where you live and if you would require add-ons and equipment. Weed control, maintenance of flower beds and tree trimming are just a few lawn care services that homeowners usually get.

Cost Of Materials and Labor Increases the Rates Of Professional Lawn And Landscaping Services

Landscaping work can be pricey. If you want to plant an exotic tree or one of a kind shrubs, this may require sourcing and transportation fees. If you’re getting these for commercial purposes or as one of your projects on a tight deadline, fees can easily blow out of proportion.

Costs may vary depending on the size of the space and the scope of work. Some clients request a complete overhaul and design process. Some may need only cleaning up and digging. While others might be looking for assistance in basic tasks such as repotting of plants and landscape lighting installation.

Another factor is that these landscaping companies need to conduct basic training for their workers. You cannot expect anyone to automatically know how to handle equipment. A lawn mower can pose a safety hazard if the worker is untrained and careless.

What To Consider When Formulating Cost Estimate

Before deciding on what landscape service you’ll need, think of the following factors:

  1. Be familiar with what grows in your garden because different variants grow at different rates. This will assist you in identifying how frequently you should get affordable landscaping services.
  2. Getting a package plan might be more economical in the long run, especially if you need the services often.
  3. Costs will also change if you want to get related services such as leaf removal, aeration, dethatching and seeding.

Booking Our Yard Work Helper

Our landscape laborer can lay mulch, take care of the pruning of hedges, lay down pavers, perform wheelbarrow and shovel work. Just provide our workers with the right tools and we can take care of your space.

Our rates for both commercial and residential spaces start at $100 for a hardworking and reliable landscape laborer who can tackle the job for a maximum of 2 hours. Feel free to refer to our fixed rates and get whichever will meet your needs: the number of yard work helpers and the duration you need them for.



How much should you spend on landscaping services?

Anticipate a rate of $4 to $12 per square foot of your lawn for basic landscaping services. Landscaping costs for average spaces are for a range of $2,500 to $10,000 Spend only money you are willing to set aside for house maintenance. If you are going to have a professional landscape company design your lawn, you would need to pay more.

Is getting a landscape service worth the money?

Your lawn is a reflection of you not unlike the way you dress or the way you carry yourself in public. It is the first thing that neighbors, guests and passersby see. It can make your property more comfortable for you and your family. It also affects the resale value of your property by adding curb appeal and beauty to your property. If you are planning to resell your house in the future, getting these services and improvements is a good investment.

What is the most profitable part of a landscaping service?

High demand services such as lawn mowing, protection services, flower bed maintenance are the most profitable. Another way landscaping businesses earn is by making the rate for basic services at par with other service providers in the market then offering enhancements and specialized services such as hydroseeding and creating themed gardens.

Why are professional landscaping services important?

Landscape maintenance is more than just watering the plants, pruning, trimming hedges and cleanup. It can be an overwhelming responsibility. Getting these services is cost efficient in the long run, you do not have to buy and maintain lawn equipment. It also saves time which could have been spent cutting grass and keeping pests away yourself.

How much should I budget for gardening and landscaping services?

It depends on the services you want to get from a landscaping business. A full-service renovation such as creating themed gardens, plant walls and paths is of course on the pricier side. The recommended amount is at least $20,000. If you want them to create a customized design, it can cost you at least $30,000.

Why are lawn and landscaping services so expensive?

The price of materials can drive up the full service price. If you want to install intricate designs which require construction, expenses can easily add up. Another factor is the price of labor and availability of laborers where the landscaping service will take place. If you are just starting out and you need a cheap option, it is advisable to try basic services such as whacking weeds and tree trimming in the meantime.

What are the 3 types of landscaping?

The three types of landscaping are residential, commercial, and industrial. Residential landscaping is done on homes and properties that are privately owned. Commercial landscaping is done on businesses and other public areas. Industrial landscaping is done on sites that are either being developed or are already developed but need to be improved.