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With the current economic conditions of today’s world, outsourcing labor can be expensive and normally comes at a high cost. However, if you are moving to another state and you only have 8 weeks left until the moving date, it is essential that you hire a professional moving company with experience in long distance moving. You can keep the cost manageable by looking for moving companies that can work with your budget.

Not only will you save time so you can allocate your effort to more important concerns such as house hunting and adjusting to a new work environment, it may also save costs in the long run. Hiring experts from a quality moving company whether for local moves or long distance moves can make all the difference.

You can expect professional movers to typically offer the following services:

  1. Packing services and unpacking services. One of the challenges of moving is when you have to pack a lot of belongings. Declutter and discard non-essentials before your move.
  2. Furniture disassembly and assembly. Taking apart bulky pieces can help you move lighter. Identify which items you can put away weeks ahead of moving day. It can be especially frustrating having to repeatedly unpack items already loaded to boxes because you need them. If you are an avid coffee drinker, pack your espresso machine last.
  3. Loading, unloading and heavy lifting. Hopefully, in the days before the moving date, you are already completely packed and ready to go. This will make loading quicker and minimize the chances that you forgot to pack something important.

If you have the budget, you can also request other services like the following:

  1. Provision of packing material and trash disposal. Ask the moving company you chose if packing materials such as furniture pads, bubble wrap and shrink wrap are included in their packing service. These can often be shouldered by the company for an additional fee. If you want to buy these separately on your own, you can always visit a stationery and dry goods shop. Rentals sometimes require that you restore the space to its original condition. You may need to remove shelves installed on walls and dismantle wooden partitions. This process will create debris and trash. You can ask your moving company if they offer general cleaning services and trash disposal.
  2. Transportation for furniture and fragile belongings. If you are moving to another state, anticipate that your furniture will have to be in transit for quite some time. You cannot expect this to take only a few days.
  3. Transportation. Decide early on if you need to bring your car. Research about commute options in your new state or new city prior to moving date. Plan so you can budget for costs in case driving your vehicle will not be an option.

Hiring movers will not only make the relocation process easy and stress free, but you will also be able to avoid risks of lost time, damage to goods, damage to property, personal injuries and higher costs incurred due to errors.

Should I be home when the movers come?

While it is important that you let the moving team do their job, it is often better to be present while they are packing your belongings, especially if you have breakable and expensive items. This way you can easily give instructions and at the same time avoid worrying about damage to your belongings. They may also need access to parts of your house or residential building such as exit stairwells and service elevators to efficiently carry out their tasks. To save time, be there to assist so they can finish packing ahead of moving day.

Do reliable local moving companies need supervision?

Supervision does not necessarily mean devoting the whole day to watching the movers pack and giving instructions by the hour. What is important is you are always available for questions and clarification. If you are moving locally, you have the option of hiring local movers who may be known to you or recommended by friends.

Another good strategy is preparing your space even before movers arrive. Make time to clean your home, create an inventory of things you will bring during relocation, label boxes especially those containing expensive equipment and appliances with small parts.

You can also opt to do the following so you can work with your movers more efficiently:

  1. Avoid nitpicking and overly detailed instructions. Unless you have belongings, which require specific preparations prior to transportation, trust that your movers know what they are doing, especially if they have been in the business for years already.
  2. Segregate expensive items such as electronics from basic furniture, clothing, and other belongings. This is especially important if you need to regularly use these items even while preparing to move.
  3. Keep kids and pets away from movers to avoid disturbing the process and slowing down the job.
  4. Double check your packing list to make sure nothing is overlooked or unintentionally left. Make sure no perishables are left in your refrigerator or microwave oven before these are packed in boxes.
  5. Offer refreshments and tips in cash. Being appreciative of other people always makes the load lighter and the process faster.

What is expected of movers?

As with any customer-centric business, movers are expected to be on time and professional. Professional movers are good not only at packing and unpacking but also at suggesting possible solutions as you encounter challenges during your moving journey. This is why it is important to check available online reviews of the company and to ensure their movers have adequate and relevant experience.

How do I know if I hired professional movers?

Here at Community Labor Partnership (“CLP”) our movers are not only strong and hardworking, they are also attentive to instructions, courteous, polite and proactive. We train them to anticipate your moving needs with the mission of making your relocation experience memorable and efficient. Our moving company aims to make customers happy while ensuring good compensation and personal safety for our movers.

Call Community Labor Partnership

When searching for moving companies in Spring TX, you will encounter a range of options and estimated rates. If you are on a budget and a tight schedule you can book at least 2 Strong, honest, hardworking moving helpers or general laborers from CLP for 5 to 8 hours at 8 hours maximum of labor for only $560. Call us today so we can discuss what options are best for you and how we can work with your schedule.



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