Moving to Miami, FL? 5 Common Moving Costs to Know Before You Pack Up

Moving Checklist - Tips for Move Planning

1. Cost of Packing Materials

You have to buy sturdy boxes for your belongings and bubble wrap for fragile items. For expensive household equipment, furniture pads are must-haves.

2. Rent for the Moving Truck

Make sure to choose a moving truck where all your stuff can fit. If you have oddly-shaped furniture, a bigger truck may be required.

3. Cost of Fuel and Miscellaneous Expenses

Ask the moving truck owner if fuel is included in the fees. Usually, it is not. Make space in your budget for contingency expenses.

4. Rent for Storage Space

Declutter before the move. If you are moving to a smaller house and you still have a lot of personal effects, you can look for storage space solutions.

5. Tip for the Movers

Tipping is expected for a job well done. Prepare your tip in cash. The rule of thumb is to tip at least $5 to $10 to movers.

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