Moving on a Budget? 7 Ways to Save Time and Money when Relocating

Moving Checklist - Tips for Move Planning

1. Hire Reliable Local Movers

Having a dependable helper by your side can reduce stress. Ask for recommendations from family & friends for affordable, reliable movers.

2. Book Experienced Moving Help

If you come from another state, it is important to book experienced long-distance movers.

3. Hire Professional Movers

They will know what to do in case your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere or you are caught in a storm. 

4. Declutter Your Belongings

By reducing the number of things you will bring, you can hire a smaller, cheaper moving truck. 

5. Book Movers Service That Pay by the Hour

For those with little to no budget for moving, there are affordable helpers you can hire for as short as 2 hours.

6. Ask For Help From Family and Friends

Perhaps your family and friends can help you pack your things and lift heavy furniture. You can bond together while packing your belongings.

7. Make Sure You Did Not Leave Anything Important Behind

Multiple trips will mean more expense. To avoid this, make an inventory of things you will bring with you.

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