5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Fresno, CA

By Community Labor Partnership - Movers

1. Climate & Weather

The city has a Mediterranean climate with scorching summers and mild winters. Make sure you have appropriate clothing for all seasons.

2. Affordability

Fresno is very affordable in terms of living expenses compared to other cities in California. Transportation, groceries, and housing are usually very affordable.

3. Outdoor Activities

Fresno is a beautiful region and is very famous for its outdoor adventures. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, and skiing opportunities in Fresno.

4. Cultural Diversity

The city of Fresno is known for its cultural diversity as it has a rich blend of communities. From Armenian to Mexican, you’ll experience a diverse pot of traditions and flavors.

5. Job Market

Fresno has a diverse economy and has industries like agriculture, education, healthcare and manufacturing which drive job opportunities in the region.

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