5 Things to Consider Before Moving to San Francisco, CA

Moving Checklist - Tips for Move Planning

1. Clean Your New Home

A general cleaning is essential preferably before you unpack your boxes of belongings. Have the place dusted and the living areas cleaned.

2. Unpack Boxes of Belongings

By unpacking as soon as possible, you will be able to prevent procrastination. Keep your new house from being cluttered & make space for visitors and guests.

3. Set up and Organize the Rooms

After weeks or even months of living in a suitcase, it would be comfortable to have your things set out where you can easily reach for them.

4. Check your Belongings and Furniture

It is important to make an inventory of the things you brought with you. Check fragile items to ensure they are still in one piece.

5. Check out Nearby Establishments

Look for groceries, hospitals, and restaurants near your new house in San Francisco, CA.

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