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Experienced Painters in Fort Worth

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in elevating the look of your house. It can open up your space and can make your place look bigger. It also makes any space look more comfortable and welcoming. In fact, a good paint job can even increase the value of your house by 5%.

However, not all paint jobs are the same, a full-scale painting job is not something that you should do on your own if you do not have any experience, especially since a sloppy paint work can make the appearance of your place look unkempt and cheap.

The key is to hire skilled painters to do the job for you. Look for painting companies in Fort Worth that offer quality work at a reasonable price. We can be that painting company for you.

We are a labor-only family-operated company in Fort Worth that provides various painting services. We take pride in our years of experience as well as our proven track record of satisfaction. Whatever your painting needs may be, we have the best painters in Fort Worth, TX who can provide you with the painting services you require.


Specializing in Interior and Exterior Painting in Fort Worth

Most Fort Worth painting companies typically specialize in only one type of painting service. For instance, a company can just offer interior house painting while another company offers exterior house painting services. As such, normally, you would have to hire two separate contractors if you need to have your entire house painted.

Our painters in Fort Worth can do both. We can handle any interior and exterior painting projects, which means that you do not have to hire multiple painting contractors for your painting needs.

Interior Painting

With our interior painting services in Fort Worth, TX, we guarantee that your furniture is safe from any paint splatter as we paint each room in your house. We also make sure to do any prep work required for any interior painting projects, including applying painter’s tape, wall sanding, and spackling.

Exterior Painting

With our exterior painting services, our house painters in Fort Worth, TX guarantee an even and polished paint job that is sure to elevate the look of your home. Our local house painters will also know what kind of exterior paint to use, so that it withstands the usually high temperatures of Fort Worth, TX.

Painting Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Different types of properties require different types of skills and expertise from painters. Fortunately, as a reliable commercial and residential painting company in Fort Worth, TX, our pool of painters have the necessary experience and skill to handle any kind of residential and commercial painting projects.

Residential Painting Services

Our house painters will do an amazing job in making sure that your residential property, be it a house, a condominium, or an apartment, will look beautiful and welcoming with its new color. We pay attention to detail, taking note of the various types of surfaces a home might have, including wood, stucco, metal, concrete, or fiber-cement.

Our residential interior painting service also includes cabinet painting, which means that our house painters in Fort Worth will do a fantastic job in painting your kitchen cabinets as well as your cabinets and other storage units in other areas of your home. This way, our home painting work results in a unified look for your various cabinets and entire home.

Commercial Painting Services

Our local painters also provide commercial painting services for your business space. We can do both interior and exterior painting of your office space. We have enough people in our crew to ensure that the entire painting process proceeds in an efficient and timely manner. This way, your normal business operations can resume immediately.

Our team is also familiar with surfaces that are often used in commercial spaces, including wood, metal, concrete, marble, reinforced plastic, and more. A commercial painting job also requires the use of industrial-grade materials, and our professional painters are highly capable of using those for your business space.


Flexible Scheduling With Our Fort Worth Painting Company

One stressful aspect of any painting project is the scheduling. Family routines and business operations are inevitably paused if you have to have your house or office painted. With our painting services, you get full control of the scheduling of the painting project. Need us to come in after business hours? Prefer us to work only on weekends? We can accommodate any scheduling request you may have.

Affordable Fort Worth Painting Services

We guarantee to maintain customer satisfaction by providing highest quality work at reasonable prices. We offer the most affordable rates for any type of painting job in the area.

Our services are not limited to interior painting, residential and commercial painting, and cabinet painting. We also offer additional services, like doing all prep work necessary to ensure a smooth and neat finish for our painting job. Prep work can include fixing your drywall, spackling, and sanding. After painting, we also apply finishing touches, including staining, applying varnish and wax, and putting on protective coating.

Hire Our Fort Worth Painters for an Outstanding Painting Job

If you are looking for cheap yet well-experienced and skilled painters in Fort Worth who can do an excellent job painting your house in a professional manner, all while staying within your budget, look no further! We at CLP can provide you with complete painting services that are reliable and sure to exceed your expectations. Call us now to avail of our services!

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What do most Fort Worth painters charge hourly?
Professional painters can charge anywhere between $25 to $100 per hour. The amount you have to pay varies depending on the painter’s experience, your location, and the difficulty of the job.
Tips and hacks for hiring an exterior painting company in Fort Worth, TX.
One of the best things you can do when hiring an exterior painting company is to read up on the services they provide, along with the reviews from their previous customers. Another tip when hiring an exterior painting company is to inquire if they will handle all the prep work needed, including cleaning, sanding, and priming. Finally, make sure that there are no hidden costs. A straightforward conversation with your painting contractor regarding costs is necessary before any paint job is done.
How Can I Find a Local Painting Contractor in Fort Worth?
Personal referrals are still the best way to find a local painting contractor. If you have relatives or friends who have had some paintwork done, ask or contact them about the contractor they hired as well as their opinion on the painting services provided to them. Parenting blogs and other local community pages in social media platforms, especially Facebook, are also excellent sources of information regarding local contractors, including those that provide painting services.
What Questions Should You Ask A Fort Worth Painter?
Some of the questions you need to ask a painter before hiring them include; Do you provide a free estimate? What does the estimate include? What are your credentials? What kind of prep is included in your services? How kind of materials do you use? These are just some of the questions you need to ask a painting contractor, with the first one being the most important.
Do you tip painters in Fort Worth?
As a general rule, painters are compensated by the cost of the hour, so tipping is not necessarily required. However, tips to appreciate a job well done are definitely welcomed by most painters.
How much value does painting add to a house in Fort Worth?
If done well, a paint job can increase your house’s value by 5%.


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