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Professional and Reliable Tampa Painters

Repainting is a cheap and easy way to give your residential space a new look. Of course, if you can afford it and if you have the time, changing the color of your house interiors and exteriors can be part of a major home renovation. Interior and exterior projects can be time consuming, but they can also be quite fulfilling.

Aside from design reasons, exterior painting also protects the house from weather conditions. Given the weather conditions in Tampa, with its high heat, excessive rain and frequent storms, exterior paint easily chips off.

Hire professional interior and exterior house painters in Tampa, FL with great attention to detail to ensure you get the best value for your money. Ask them if they can also paint the colors of your kitchen cabinets or put an accent wall in the living room. At CLP, we can connect you to local painters in Tampa, FL for excellent painting services at affordable prices.


One of the Top Painting Companies in Tampa, FL

If you have been dreaming of living in a city with easy access to the beach, surfing activities and gorgeous tropical weather, chances are, you may be one of the people moving to Tampa this year.

Now that you have finished moving, it’s time to decorate and liven up your new home. After all you now live in a vibrant city with 246 days of sunshine. Chase the gloom away with a mini renovation project for the makeover your home deserves.

Before you buy paint in shades on crisp neutrals or in some other palette that will perfectly match the Tampa vibe, look for house painters, cabinet painters, exterior and interior painters, and kitchen cabinet painters in Tampa, FL to help you achieve your goal. Your space will be bright and ready in no time.

However, you might have a small budget to start with. Don’t worry since CLP provides affordable Tampa painters who can help with any painting job!

Looking For Cabinet Painting in Tampa, FL?

Do you want to achieve a fresh look for your living area, but you want to keep your heirloom furniture and cabinets because of precious sentimental value? We can help you repaint these pieces to match the color of your room. We can even go a step further and totally change the shades of your painted walls and carry out interior or exterior house painting.

Our residential and commercial painters will do an amazing job starting from prep work to gathering painting materials and tools to the actual application of paint to kitchen cabinet surfaces.

Our team will know the best months to conduct an exterior painting project as well as the best type of paint to use.

Let CLP Help You in Your Painting Project

We are known for our dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a good experience for our customers and do a great job in all our business dealings.

Hire our local painters and house painters in Tampa for professional painting services. We can provide you with the most affordable rate in the area!


Book Our Painting Services in Tampa, FL

Our professional painters are responsible and pay good attention to detail. If you are on a tight schedule and need to complete everything before a certain date, it is better to let our painters take care of the project.

Whether you are hiring us for exterior painting or interior painting in Tampa, FL, our painting services are top tier. Your overall experience and satisfaction are important to us. We specialize in listening closely to our customers’ instructions and carrying them out in exact detail.

Need a Commercial Painting Company or a Residential Painting Company?

If you need commercial painting services to liven up your new business headquarters or for exterior painting projects that will make your offices more attractive to customers, you need the best painters in Tampa, FL.

Our highly skilled painters are well known for making not just our residential clients happy but also for providing services to our commercial clients until they are completely satisfied. We know that they trust us not just to apply a fresh coat of paint but to do an impressive and amazing job in bringing back drab interiors to new life.

Share with us the details of your renovation and your timeline. Let us know if you have a special finish in mind.

Prep Work for Walls and Other Surfaces

Good prep work can make or break the home renovation. If you want to achieve a smooth and consistent finish for the wall and other surfaces that will be painted on, you have to start with a clean area.

Our painters in Tampa, FL can help you do this efficiently in the fastest way possible. They can remove any frames, hooks, screws and nails then wipe grime and dirt clean with sponge and warm water. Once the dirt is removed, holes and cracks filled, we will proceed to sanding the surface.

Sanding is the key element of a painting job. Pay attention to previous paint finish to ensure your new paint will adhere to the surface.

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How much do painters charge in Tampa?
The reported average rate in Tampa ranges from $2.00 to $4.50 per square foot. This can increase or decrease depending on the area of the room and if you need special services. The best way to find out if a painting estimate is a good deal is to think in terms of the full painting project. Consider the current cost of painting materials and supplies and calculate the cost of materials and labor for the entire project.
Do you negotiate with Tampa painters?
As with all potential and existing business relationships, negotiation is a part of the dynamics between customers and service providers. If you expect an excellent job, you must be clear with your instructions. Quality, to be achievable, must be communicated clearly between parties. Set a reasonable standard and let your panting team know what you expect. Remember to handle negotiations with tact and maintain respect between the parties.
How do I choose a reliable painter in Tampa?
Do your research before booking a job with a painting company in Tampa, FL. If you can ask for pictures of their sample work or a simple portfolio, it would help you better decide if they are the right fit for your needs. Another easy tip is to ask around. Inquire from your family and friends if they have recommendations based on their prior experience. Once you have received these recommendations, you will have an overview of who to avoid and who to engage. Keep in mind that a reliable painting professional does not need to be expensive. A high rate does not always guarantee good quality services.
Is it worth paying a painter in Tampa?
If you have a specific look in mind or a specific aesthetic you want to achieve, trial and error might prove more costly in the long run. Of course, you also need to have enough budget to hire professional Tampa painting companies. Another factor is if you are planning to resell your property, think of the painting costs as a long-term investment with the goal of increasing the market value of your home.
How can I save money by hiring Tampa painters?
Aside from saving money by not having to go through trial and error and having to repaint the whole wall because of the resulting uneven finish or unsightly color combination, you can still save money while hiring painters in Tampa by splitting the tasks between you and the person you will hire to assist you in completing the paint job. You will have to ask a home painting company if they accommodate this kind of arrangement.
Can I negotiate with a house painter in Tampa?
Absolutely! As the client, you can always voice out your preferences and specific instructions. If the Tampa house painting company does not offer the specific service you require or cannot provide what you need, you have the option to hire another one. By going through negotiations with your Tampa home painters, you will have better chances of communicating the effect you are expecting, the quality you need to see and the standards you will use to evaluate the overall work.


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