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Our Painters for Your Miami Painting Needs

Home improvement tools are now easily accessible. This availability and accessibility resulted in a lot of homeowners who want to drabble in DIY home improvement projects. However, there are still home improvement endeavors that require the expertise, experience and skills of professionals, and one of those is house painting.

A house painting project is a labor-intensive and technical job. A house would have varying kinds of surfaces which in turn requires different kinds of paints, but experienced professional interior and exterior painters in Miami, FL can easily make this distinction for you. A painting company will also have a crew that can tackle large-scale projects, such as painting your entire house, so that these can be completed in a few days instead of months if you do it by yourself.

If you are looking to paint your entire home or even just a wall or room in it, count on the pros for a more polished finished product. For all your painting needs, choose CLP to be your Miami painting company!


We are One of the Best Painting Companies in Miami

CLP specializes in providing Miami painting services. We take pride in our own work and proven track record throughout our years of service.

Other Miami painting companies might only offer one major service at one location at a time. For instance, a painting company in Miami, FL may only focus on either interior or exterior painting. Meanwhile, here at CLP, we provide an extensive array of superior commercial and residential painting services in Miami, and we guarantee that our crew can do an amazing job in providing professional service.

We also offer the most reliable and affordable painting services within Miami. As such, by hiring us, you can enjoy a high-quality paint job without draining your funds.

Commercial and House Painters in Miami for Your Convenience

A painting project will always differ from other painting tasks. Fortunately, the professional services we provide are easily adaptable. Our painters in Miami can handle residential painting and commercial painting projects, as well as interior and exterior painting in Miami, FL. Regardless of the type of space you have, you can count on our professional painting services to be available and of use to you.

Residential Painting

We don’t want to interrupt your home, life and family routine more than necessary. As such, for our house painting in Miami, we take careful consideration of a number of things. We make sure that your pieces of furniture are secure from any paint splatter, and we also make sure that you and your family members can still continue with your daily activities even with us painting your house.

Commercial Painting

Carrying on with your normal business operations while we paint your office space is doable with our commercial painting services. We make sure that the disruption we may cause while painting your commercial space is as small as possible. Our professional painting service also requires us to ensure that your office supplies and furniture are safe from any paint splatter.

Exterior Painting

As a painting company, we pay attention to detail to ensure long-lasting quality work. Our Miami painters are knowledgeable of the general climate in the area; this means that they know the best types of paints to use on the exterior of your home or office space. This guarantees a long-lasting paint job.

Interior Painting

When we do interior painting in Miami, we make sure that our finished output definitely elevates the look of your space. As such, our Miami painting team are always keeping up with the interior painting trends, especially when it comes to paint color. We also take necessary steps to keep you and your family safe when we are painting your home or business space.


A Wide Array of Painting Services in Miami

Aside from the services mentioned above, we also do the following:

  • Furniture painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Fence painting

We also handle pre- and post-painting tasks for entire projects. For example, as part of our interior painting services in Miami, FL, we can do wallpaper removal, drywall repair, and spackling. Meanwhile, for an exterior painting project, we can pressure wash your walls, so it is clean when we apply paint on it. We can also remove popcorn ceilings, put up new drywall, apply touch ups, among other painting tasks that you might need.

Hire Our Miami Painting Company for a Top Quality Painting Project

We offer complete services to address all your painting needs. By selecting us as your painting company, you get to enjoy superior painting services that will help elevate the entire vibe of your Miami, FL home or office.

Without compromising the quality of our outstanding finished works, we also offer rates that are budget friendly. This way, not only do we guarantee customer satisfaction, but we can also exceed your expectations.

Call us now to book our painting service!

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How long does it take to paint a house in Miami?
For an average sized home, roughly 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft. in size, it can take house painters in Miami, FL 3 to 5 days to paint it completely.
What do most painters in Miami charge?
Exterior and interior painters in Miami, FL typically charge by the hour, with rates ranging from $70 to $90 per hour. If you factor in the usual duration and price of regular painting projects, along with materials used, hiring professional painters in Miami can cost at least $5,899.
What types of services do Miami Painters provide?
The typical services provided by Miami painters include interior and exterior house painting, residential and commercial painting, cabinet refinishing and repainting, staining, as well as color consultation. It should be noted, however, that it really depends on the painting company as to what services they can offer. For example, some painting companies in Miami, Florida only focus on interior painting projects while others only provide residential painting in Miami. It is, therefore, important to talk to painting contractors and ask for details about the specific services they provide before considering hiring them.
What forms of payment do your Miami painters accept?
Miami painters usually accept various forms of payment – from debit cards to credit cards, checks, and cash. Most office and home painters in Miami, FL usually accommodate their customers’ preferred mode of payment, so it is just a matter of asking them about the forms of payment they accept.


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