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High-Quality Jupiter Painting Services

A nicely painted home or office has a more vibrant and welcoming ambiance that exudes warmth and productivity, and there’s nothing more satisfying than transforming a residential or commercial property with the right pop of color and texture. If you are looking for reliable and experienced painters in Jupiter, Florida, to help you with your residential and commercial painting needs, Community Labor Partnership is here to give you an affordable and amazing painting experience!

As a multi-service company, we specialize in various types of moving and home improvement services which include landscaping, painting, and general labor. We consist of a competitive and skilled team of painters who can deliver any type of interior, exterior, residential, commercial, and cabinet painting job in Jupiter, FL excellently. 

We are proud of our work and proven track record throughout years of service. Contact us now for access to the finest paint masters and continue reading to learn more about CLP’s exceptional service offerings.


Get a Match With Our Top House Painters In Jupiter

Looking for the best painters in Jupiter, FL for your residential painting needs? We can provide the most reliable and trusted painters to bring new life to your property through trendy and seasonal paint colors and styles. Our house painters in Jupiter are experienced and skilled with different paint techniques to make sure that your painted walls, ceilings, and furniture will last for years.

When it comes to Jupiter painting services we guarantee the lowest rates. As our painters can efficiently handle any kind of paintwork, we can freely charge by the hour without any hidden costs in our rates.

Book our top painters today to give you exceptional quality painting services at affordable rates, only here at CLP.

We Are Jupiter's Go-to Painting Company

We are the top choice of property owners in the state of Florida when it comes to quality and affordability. Apart from superb painting services, we also take pride in our meticulous screening process that helps us properly assess the skills, experience, and attitude of each painter.

Unlike the typical Jupiter painting company with a limited source of manpower for home improvement services, we have a nationwide network of over 42,000 skilled workers in different services including moving, landscaping, painting, and general labor. Our past and present customers recognize our painters for their punctuality and professionalism in every painting job that they do.

We prioritize customer satisfaction, so we make sure to form a team of attentive and polite painters who can listen to customers’ requests and treat them in the friendliest and most professional manner.

We continuously work to improve our painting services and reach more customers in every location, so wherever you are, trust a team of competent CLP painters to assist you with your home and office painting projects.


Find Your Best Jupiter Painting Services

Contact us now for the best Jupiter painting services for your dream painting project. Our hardworking and dependable team of painters specializes in the following services:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Furniture painting (doors, tables, countertops, and cabinet painting)
  • Paint mixing and blending
  • Paint texturing
  • Wallpaper and old paint removal
  • Paint touch-ups

Save time and money with our quality painting services, all at the most affordable rates that will fit your standards and your budget. We are excited to bring new colors to your home and workplace!

Reviews & Testimonials


Do you tip a painters company in Jupiter?
Tipping is not required or expected after every painting job. However, if you feel that the Jupiter painters you hired have done great work and you are completely satisfied and pleased with the results, it is good practice to compensate them for their hard work.
Is it OK to leave painters at your house in Jupiter?
No. Allowing house painters in Jupiter to freely and comfortably work inside your house is advisable, but you should never leave them alone while doing a painting job. It is best to be present to protect other surfaces and belongings from contacting paint and at the same time, give instructions and guidelines to the painters while at work.
Should you have your house in Jupiter cleaned before painting?
Yes. It is highly recommended to clean your house before our painters in Jupiter, FL arrive. Also, make sure that each surface is free of dust, dirt, and other debris that could affect the quality of paint coatings. If you don’t have time to clean your house, our CLP general laborers can also be at your service for your cleaning and basic repair needs.
How long should it take Jupiter painters to paint a house?
A team of 2 to 3 Jupiter painters can finish painting a small house in four working days. Painting time may vary depending on the size of the home, the number of rooms, and the number of painters hired for the project. For large homes with three or more stories and five bedrooms up, painting may take as long as six days.
What is the best time of year to paint your house in Jupiter?
The best time of the year for house painting is either early summer or early fall, for the best weather conditions and quicker drying and curing time for the paint.


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