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Trusted Painters in Gainesville, FL

Are you in search of experienced and trusted painters in Gainesville, FL to work on your painting project? Do you need help from house painting professionals and office painters in Gainesville to do a fantastic and outstanding job in transforming your home or workplace into a more vibrant, welcoming, and cozy area? If you are looking for comprehensive painting services at a fraction of the cost, Community Labor Partnership is here to help!

CLP offers quality painting services in Gainesville that will improve the entire exterior and interior surface of homes and offices. Every professional painter that we provide is experienced and knowledgeable in various paint finishes and techniques that will help your painted walls, ceilings, and furniture last for a long time. With our impressive track record and recommendations from residential and commercial customers, we can guarantee that each professional painter will do an outstanding job in making your dream painting projects happen.

Contact us now for reliable interior and exterior painting services and quality work from a dependable and trusted team of painters in Gainesville, Florida. We look forward to giving you the best experience in home improvement that no other professional painting company could match.


Reliable Interior and Exterior Painting in Gainesville, FL

Repainting a whole house or apartment building can sometimes be stressful. It is helpful to try to anticipate the unexpected, especially if factors such as change in seasons and the age of the house you are buying come into play.

Whether your goal is to spruce up your walls to make your space presentable to guests or to match your furniture, we have a team of professional and meticulous interior painters and exterior house painters in Gainesville, FL.

Reasons Why CLP Is the Leading Painting Company in Gainesville, FL

We Partner With Experienced Painters

We only partner with the most experienced and skilled painters to do every painting job excellently. All our painters possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience in interior and exterior house painting in Gainesville, FL and other painting services that will satisfy your painting needs.

We Offer Quality Service At A Reasonable Price

Apart from our comprehensive painting services and having the best painters in our talent pool, we also offer the lowest, most reasonable rates for our painting services to ensure that you can enjoy beautiful results without breaking the bank.

We Have High Customer Satisfaction Rates

We take pride in our team’s dedication to providing quality services to residential and commercial customers. You can check the reviews posted by our past and present customers and see how our painters are acknowledged for their skills, attitude, and professionalism. Your entire experience with CLP will be amazing because of our friendly, reliable, and skilled crew.

We Make Painter Selection Process Extra Convenient For Our Customers

Finding a qualified painter to work on your entire house can be a long, tedious process. But here at CLP, you can skip the burden of searching for reliable interior painters in Gainesville, with experience, expertise, and a good track record. We can help you with the entire process of selecting a painter that fits your needs and your budget, in just a few clicks.


Affordable Gainesville Painting Services For Your Painting Needs

As part of our services, our teams can help you cover items to protect them from paint, sand walls, fill cracks and holes, apply paint on walls and ceilings, coat finishes and varnishes on doors, furniture, windows, etc.

You only need to give our Gainesville house painters sufficient instructions to carry out these services, including general labor tasks for you. Here are some of the top services that our professional painters can provide:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Paint mixing and blending
  • Paint texturing
  • Varnishing
  • Wallpaper and old paint removal
  • Paint touch ups
  • Bedroom wall painting
  • Patio painting

Reviews & Testimonials


What do most painters in Gainesville charge hourly?
Depending on his/her experience and expertise, a professional painter could charge between $25 to $100 per hour. Other factors like the location, the size of the project, and the type of painting service also affect hourly rates of painters.
Do you negotiate with painters in Gainesville, FL?
Yes. Negotiation can be done in every Gainesville house painting project but make sure that the terms are fair and reasonable for you and for the paint contractors or the painting company.
How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house in Gainesville?
House interior painting in Gainesville, FL may cost an average of $1,953 or $2.75 per square foot. Rates vary per actual size of the surface and the type of paint/finish.
Do you tip Gainesville painters?
While it is not required and expected, it is always a good practice to tip painters after a great work. If you feel that they were able to exceed your expectations with their painting service, consider giving each painter $10 to $20 depending on the scope of their work.
How much value does painting add to a house in Gainesville?
Professionally painted homes have higher aesthetic and market value. According to real estate experts, a fresh coat and a few cans of high-quality paint can increase your home’s asking price by up to 5%.
What should I look for when choosing a painter in Gainesville?
When choosing a painter, you should look for more than skills and experience in the industry. Here are some of the most important things that you should look for when choosing the best painting professional for your home or office: Written estimates. References and recommendation. Clean background check report. Portfolio or any proof of past works. Contract or service level agreement. Copy of insurance certificates. You should also consider attitude and work values when looking for a painter. Look for a prompt, polite, and attentive painter who will prioritize your suggestions and preferences and listen carefully to your specific requests and instructions.
How can I find a local painting contractor in Gainesville?
Finding a local painting contractor is easier nowadays through traditional and modern ways which include the following: Word of mouth referrals and recommendations from relatives, friends, and neighbors. Labor referral sites. Local business pages. Yellow pages and other print ads. Online communities and social media groups for home improvement.
What questions should you ask Gainesville painters?
Before letting a painter work on your whole house, ask these questions first: Do you give free estimates? How many years of experience do you have? Are you professionally trained? How many painters will work on my painting project? Do you have a portfolio of past works? How do you prepare for a paint job? What materials do you use? Do you offer a workmanship warranty?


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