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Strong, honest, hardworking painters. You provide any tools and/or materials necessary for the painters to complete the job. We provide the labor.


A Painting Company You Can Trust

At Community Labor Partnership, we are the only painting company in the country to be able to provide you with any painting service you require at the most affordable rate.

Thanks to over 42,000 contractors servicing over 300 cities — whether you need residential and commercial painters, interior and exterior painting services — you can get an affordable painting crew at your doorstep at a moment’s notice.

We uphold our reputation as one of the top painting companies out there by breathing new life into any projects we get our hands on and leaving only beautiful results for our customers.

With over 15,000 completed jobs to date and a thousand online reviews nationwide, it’s no secret why our customers highly recommend our services.

We Offer Various Painting Services

Save time, money, and energy and focus on the things that matter by leaving the job to our care. From painting kitchen cabinets to exterior painting, our affordable painters can handle any kind of featured service you throw at them. Aside from budget-friendly prices, we also do an amazing job of making sure we are a one-stop shop for any painting services you might need so you don’t have to look up multiple contractors for your projects.

Here are a few of the painting services we offer to customers nationwide:

Residential Painting Services

Can’t paint your bedroom due to a busy work schedule? Need some well-deserved R&R and can’t be bothered? For small-scale exterior and interior house painting, you can contact CLP and get the lowest market rates nationwide.

Commercial Painting Services

Finding painting companies in your area a little too expensive for your budget? Charging outrageous prices for your locally-owned business? Choose CLP and get some tender loving care for your commercial property for up to half the price.

We paint small-scale and large-scale commercial properties such as apartment complexes, and public and private facilities such as schools, office buildings and hospitals.

Interior Painting Projects

Give your furniture some much-needed love with CLP’s interior painting service.

At CLP, we deliver high-quality work no matter how small the job is. From painting bedrooms, hallways, small offices, and kitchens, we can also paint kitchen cabinets, doors, closets, and trim work on baseboards.

Exterior Painting Projects

Time to kick that age-old plan to paint the garage door into action! Get any painting-related work on your outdoor spaces, such as walls, shingles, and the siding of your residential or commercial property.

residential painting company

How We Can Help with Your House and Cabinet Painting Project

If you don’t have the time, energy, or the creative skills to DIY your home painting project like a professional does, CLP can help you with that dilemma.

From helping you choose the paint colors to go with your kitchen walls, to staining your kitchen cabinets, we can take care of any exteriors and interiors coming your way.

We also ensure you get home and cabinet painters that are the perfect fit for your project.

Prior to arriving at your site, we assess whether the best painter we assign you is experienced and will give your home a makeover you can be proud of.

Here are a few of the services CLP offers outside of our regular painting jobs:

  • wood staining and varnishing
  • metal painting and finishing
  • power washing
  • wallpaper removal
  • concrete painting

Why Trust Our House Painters

Responsive and Helpful Customer Support

We continue to be one of the top moving companies in the country by focusing on one thing: customer satisfaction.

At CLP, we achieve that result by having an office support team manning the phone and guiding you accordingly should any issues and delays arise in your house painting service.

Aside from our friendly staff manning the phone, you can also expect your painting crew to be friendly as well!

Budget-friendly Price

With labor costs and painting tools, equipment, and materials slowly rising over the years, you can expect companies to put ridiculous price tags even for the most basic of paint jobs.

Luckily, you don’t have to put up with that problem since CLP is the only painting company offering you flat, affordable, and consistent rates at any time of the day.


Book Our Local Painters Today!

When looking for a budget-friendly local painting service that doesn’t sacrifice quality, choose CLP.

From staining your wood desk to applying a concrete finish to your commercial property, we are a reliable painting company to handle any residential and commercial painting project that comes your way.

And if you need a short-notice painting service without breaking the bank, CLP can also provide you with a painting service on the same day. That’s because whether you’re from the East or West coast, CLP is present in over 300 cities and counting nationwide.

Ready to get started? Leave the painting process to us and get stunning results in return.



A professional painting company provides you with trained and experienced exterior and interior painters who know what they’re doing and how to do it best. Painting contractors may provide hand and automated tools, materials, and much-needed expertise in your project.
There are two main categories of paint: latex-based and oil-based. Latex-based paints cost an average of $15 to $50 per gallon while oil-based paints cost $20 to $60 per gallon.
If you only need to touch up or have all the time in the world to paint your bedroom, then you don’t have to splurge on interior painting services. However, if you have high ceilings, live in an old property, or your walls need some extra tender loving care, then the best painting company is worth it in the long run.
Labor costs can vary between painting companies, but it can comprise of 80% to 85% of your total estimate. Interior painting jobs can go from $1,200 to an upwards of $6,500 depending on the paint used, painting workmanship, and the size of your room.
Professional painting services are expensive because you are buying the decades of experience, expertise, and efficiency of the painters. From choosing the perfect colors to go with your room to finishing your exterior with stucco, these commercial and residential painters specialize in enhancing the beauty of your house as much as possible.