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Your Trusted Movers in Spokane, WA

So, you are moving to Spokane soon. Let our team of trusted movers handle your moving needs.

We are specialists in local and long-distance moving companies in Spokane, and our professional moving services come with competitive pricing rates. It does not matter where you are moving from – our Spokane movers are guaranteed to give you an exceptional moving experience.

There are a lot of moving companies in Spokane, Washington but you need a moving company that will connect you to reliable movers. No matter where your destination exactly is in Spokane WA, chances are, you want your move to be a breeze.

We are the perfect choice if you want to connect with honest and diligent movers who are also efficient. Our rates are affordable and will not break your budget.


Hire Us Over Other Professional Moving Companies in Spokane, WA

Our wide array of moving services allows us to see through our customers’ moving process from start to finish.

We have Spokane, WA movers and local movers across the country, and this unique business model allows us to assist you on both ends of your move. Whether you are making a local move or a long-distance move, you can rest assured that our crew is there to help. Even if you book at the last minute, we have day movers who can assist you at short notice.

Are you moving to a new apartment? Or are you moving your office space instead? It does not matter – our local movers in Spokane, WA, are all experienced in residential and commercial moving, so we can help you regardless of the type of space you are moving into.

Our professional moving services also include packing services. Our moving team will handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of your belongings so you barely have to lift a finger during your entire move.

Got some household items that require heavy lifting? Not an issue. Our furniture and piano movers in Spokane, WA will take great care in handling your belongings with care. Overall, our packing services aim to ensure that your things arrive at your new home safely.

Book with us now to see how we can exceed your expectations!

Experienced Spokane Movers

We take pride in being a company that prioritizes your moving experience. Great customer service is at the heart of what we do.

This is why our company will only partner with professional, efficient, honest, and experienced movers in the city. We can connect you to them. They can assist you for as low as $100 for a maximum of 2 hours.

The skills and experience of our movers guarantee that they can help you move into any kind of property. Whether you are moving into a new house, apartment, condominium unit, or even an office for your business, we ensure that your belongings are efficiently and securely carried into your new place.

They can ensure that your valuable fragile items are wrapped in a secure manner. They will carry your things and load them in moving trucks carefully. They understand your expectations and how much your belongings mean to you.


We Are One of the Most Reliable Spokane, WA Moving Companies

We guarantee that you work with the most reliable movers Spokane has to offer. We will do more than just help you move out of your old house and transport your things to your new place. We can also assist you in ensuring that your new home is ready for you to move into. From clean-ups to simple repairs, we got you covered.

Our team can even assist you when it comes to random jobs around your new house – we can help with basic furniture assembly, simple appliance set-up, as well as many other chores that you might need assistance with. If you give detailed instructions as to the task, you can count on our crew to do an excellent job.

Even for local moving, you will need to get a lot of tasks done. Our company takes its reputation as a top-notch service provider seriously. We will connect you to reliable movers, keeping your expectations in mind.

Our company will get the job done at an affordable price. Our rates are readily available on our website. You do not need to ask for a quote.

Professional Movers in Spokane, WA

When we say that we will see through your entire moving process, we mean it.

From packing your belongings to unpacking them in your new apartment, even to making sure that your moving-in process happens seamlessly, we have the right people for the right job to make your whole experience stress-free. Book with us and be one of our many satisfied customers.

We take pride in connecting you with dependable and trustworthy movers who will be careful in handling your belongings. We understand that exceptional service is at the top of your expectations. Our efficient crew will prioritize your moving needs and instructions.

Our moving company in Spokane, WA is at your service, whether you need assistance with long-distance moving or same city moves. Wherever your new location may be, our helpful team aims to make moving easier for you.

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What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Spokane, WA?

As a general rule, it is cheaper to book movers on a weekday (Mondays to Thursdays). The rates of movers’ spike on weekends due to high demand.

What do most movers charge per hour in Spokane, WA?

On average, movers charge between $80 to $150 per mover per hour.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture in Spokane?

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by hiring labor-only movers and renting a moving truck instead of hiring a full-service moving company.

How long does moving to Spokane take?

A local move in Spokane can take at least 3 hours to complete a job. However, for more complex jobs, such as if you are moving to a large property, a move can take 5 to 7 hours.

How many movers do I need for my move to Spokane?

Hiring 2 movers is a good start for your move to Spokane. However, if you are moving to a large property, or if you are moving to an apartment that is not on the ground floor of a building, it would be much better to hire at least 3 to 4 movers.


About Spokane, WA

As a city, Spokane is an urban hub with a strong affinity for nature. It derives its name from its first settlers, the Spokane tribe, with the name meaning “children of the sun.” Today, it is Washington State’s second-largest city and is a thriving cultural and economic center. However, the Spokane River that cuts through it, as well as the many green parks dotting it, gives Spokane a highly natural feel.

Spokane also has a lively art and culture scene. The city takes pride in its terribly busy cultural events calendar, where night dances, theater productions, concerts, festivals, and other arts-oriented events are slated to happen throughout the year.

Spokane means “Children of the Sun”. Its first residents were Native Americans, and the city was formerly known as Spokan Falls. The first settlers from Europe arrived in 1810. It was a producer of lumber, grain, gold, and electricity. It is still thriving due to newly renovated historic buildings including the renovation of the Steam Plant.

Top Attractions

This bustling city that is surrounded by natural views has a lot to offer. However, the following attractions are the most highly recommended by locals and visitors alike:

  • Riverfront Park
  • Manito Park
  • Spokane Falls
  • Riverside State Park
  • Mount Spokane State Park

These attractions barely scratch the surface of the attractions in Spokane.

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