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Looking for expert movers who can help you with your upcoming move to Richland, WA? Look no further. Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is here to offer you a variety of moving services to address all your moving and packing needs.

CLP is a labor-only family-owned and operated moving company in Richland. We take pride in the years we have built our business through honest and excellent service. You can examine our professional track record reflected in the stellar reviews our customers made about our services. These are available on our website.

We are experts in local and long-distance moving, providing excellent services at truly affordable rates. Choosing our services simply means that you are working with the best movers Richland, WA has to offer. Book us now for your next move to see what we can do for you.

Want a stress-free, high-quality move? With CLP, now you can!

What Our Moving Company in Richland, WA Can Do

As part of our moving services, we have all kinds of movers who can assist you with any kind of move you need to make. Whatever your moving requirements are, CLP can help you.

Local Moves and Long-Distance Moves

Whether you are making a local move or a long-distance move, our services can make things easy and smooth for you. Our local movers in Richland, WA can assist you during your local move within the city. Meanwhile, our long-distance movers can help you if you are moving from anywhere outside the city or state.

We also have a network of local movers in 300 cities throughout the country. This network allows us to help ensure that our services are available for our customers on both ends of their move, regardless of where they are moving from. This also allows us to address same day requests.

Residential Moves and Commercial Moves

Residential moves often have requirements that are different from commercial moves. Our team of movers in Richland has people who specialize in both types of relocation.

Whether you need to move your belongings to your new apartment or new home, or you are moving your business to a new office space, our Richland, WA movers can make what you require happen in no time. Provide us with your clear instructions and we will handle the tedious tasks for you.

Same Day Moves

Most moving companies would require you to book their services weeks before your preferred moving date. CLP understands that there are times when a relocation needs to be done as soon as possible, which is why we also have same-day movers who can come and help you relocate at a moment’s notice.

Are There Affordable Movers in Richland?

There are several moving companies in Richland that also offer affordable moving services. However, considering the superb packing services that we provide along with our unparalleled quality of moving services, we guarantee that you can get the best value for your money from CLP.

As a moving company, we will not charge you separately for our packing services. Our furniture movers, piano movers, or pool table movers in Richland, WA will do all the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of your things, even the heavy lifting of large and bulky furniture as well as the cleaning up and disposing of the packing materials used when we get to your new home, at no extra cost.

Here is a list of affordable moving services our CLP Movers Richland, WA offer:

  • local and interstate moving
  • long-distance and cross-country moving
  • residential and commercial moving
  • same day moving
  • specialty moving

With our efficient and professional movers at the helm of your moving service, your expectations will turn into reality at a reasonable price point.

Choosing Between Moving Companies in Richland, WA

Finding a decent Richland moving company can be quite challenging since there are numerous companies offering to do the most basic of services but without a guarantee that the services will be done in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.

So, when choosing between moving companies in Richland, WA, go for one that offers professional services at reasonable rates. Ideally, you should also choose one that can help you on both ends of your next move at no additional charge, like CLP.

By choosing CLP, you don’t have to stress over whether you made the right choice for your upcoming move to Richland, WA.

Let us be the moving company of your choice. Get in touch with us today and save time, money, and energy on your move!



What do most movers charge per hour in Richland, WA?

On average, most movers charge $80 per hour per mover. That is for their labor alone, and you would have to for other services such as moving trucks, too.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Richland, WA?

It is cheapest to hire movers during weekdays, specifically Mondays to Thursdays.

Demand for the services of movers usually goes up on weekends, which means their rates go up during those days, too.

Why is hiring movers so expensive in Richland, WA?

When you hire movers, you are essentially paying for their skills and expertise. Remember, movers pack belongings and lift heavy furniture several times a day, sometimes moving these through tight spaces.

The skill and effort required to execute these tasks while also keeping their customers’ belongings safe are developed only through extensive experience. This is basically what you are paying for when you hire movers, which justifies the high price they charge.

How do movers calculate the cost in Richland, WA?

Local movers typically calculate cost based on the number of movers working multiplied by the number of hours it took to complete the move.

Meanwhile, most long-distance movers calculate the cost of moving based on the weight of the load in the shipment and the distance traveled.

How long does moving to Richland take?

On average, Richland movers take at least 3 to 5 hours to complete a moving job.

This can of course vary depending on where you will be coming from and the number of belongings you will bring with you.

How many movers do I need for my move to Richland?

Most people who moved to Richland hired 2 movers, so that would be a good baseline.

Hire another mover if you need an extra set of helping hands in carrying large furniture or if you are moving into a bigger office or residential space.


About Richland, WA

Located where the Snake River, Yakima River, and Columbia River meet, Richland forms one of Chicago’s Tri-Cities, along with Pasco and Kennewick.

During WWII, the city was used as a housing community for the workers of the Manhattan Project. The Cold War ushered in a boom in business when the US nuclear program was revived, and Richford was once again used as a camp for the program’s workers.

Today, Richland continues to be a center of production of and research on nuclear energy and related technology. It is home to the Hanford nuclear site and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. As well, one of the two sites of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, a large-scale observatory that detects cosmic gravitational waves, is located just north of the city.

Aside from high technology businesses, Richmond also has plenty of natural sights. Named as the “Heart of Washington’s Wine Country,” Richmond also has more than 200 wineries and wine estates, and this produce some of the best wines in the entire country.

Top Attractions

Richmond offers a variety of attractions and activities for everyone to experience and enjoy. The following attractions come as the most recommended by both locals and those who have visited the city and its nearby areas:

  • The Hanford Nuclear Reservation
  • REACH Museum
  • Howard Amon Park
  • J. Book Walter Winery
  • Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery
  • The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)
  • The USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park
  • Richland Players Theater
  • White Bluff Quilt Museum

These are just a few of the many attractions that you can visit in Richmond. There are still a lot that is not mentioned here. Make a trip to Richmond to see these yourself and to discover the other attractions the city can offer.

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