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It can be challenging to find local movers and moving companies in Renton, WA that can satisfy all your moving needs. It is much more challenging to find a moving team for your next office or business move while making sure you stay on budget.

Good thing Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is here. Our team can take care of your residential and commercial moving needs. We believe relocation does not need to be a logistical nightmare. We will manage your entire move with great care and surprise you with amazing results.

Our team includes affordable piano and furniture movers in Renton, WA who can assist you with the heavy lifting.

Contact our professional moving team today and get the best moving experience that no other Renton moving company can provide.

Looking for the Most Dependable Moving Companies in Renton, WA?

We are a local moving company in Renton that connects you with movers within the community. They can help you in packing and unpacking. They can make the transition to your new office smooth and efficient for your business. They can secure your personal stuff and arrange them beautifully in your home and new residential space.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at CLP. Our professional Renton movers make sure to supply excellent customer service every time. As shown on our website, satisfied customers have been receiving help from our moving services in the Renton area for years now.

In fact, our dedication to customer satisfaction is part of our company culture. This is why we invest in a support crew that coordinates with moving helpers and local movers you book from CLP.

Our professional team of Renton movers will respect your instructions and make sure that any moving matter that can affect your overall experience is brought to your attention.

What are you waiting for? You do not need to request a free quote. Our rates are available on our website. Provide us with your requirements and prepare to be impressed by great moving service.

Get Post-Move Assistance From Our Talented Renton Movers

Now that you have reached your destination, we understand that you are tired from your move. To complete your great Renton moving experience, we offer to set up your new house for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you do not need to unpack the boxes of belongings piling up in your new living room? What if someone can help you in finding the TV remote or the coffee machine? We can turn your new house into a home where you and your family can start your new life comfortably.

With this goal in mind, CLP offers deep cleaning, general cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture assembly and basic repair, handyman services and even drywall installation.

What Makes Us the Best Moving Company in Renton

CLP is a one-stop shop for customers. If you are looking for Renton movers with expertise who can pack your belongings, and handle your office equipment and furniture with care, CLP is the moving company for you.

Our Renton movers will take care of the tedious tasks to free up time for you. They can do the loading of boxes in moving trucks and unload heavy items in your new apartment. Once the overwhelming errands associated with relocation are taken care of, you can focus on more important things.

Our local movers can help you decide which items to bring for the move, recommend you the best packing materials to buy to ensure breakables are well protected, and help you in keeping your personal belongings safe. From preparation up until moving day to your new apartment, our efficient movers in Renton, WA go beyond your expectations.

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What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Renton, WA?

Weekdays are usually the most affordable days to book moving services because most people schedule their move on the weekends. The demand for Renton movers is higher during weekends. This is why in terms of expenses, it would be more budget-friendly to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

If you book our professional movers in Renton, WA you need not worry about taking time off from your job on a weekday. CLP rates are the same whether you are moving on a weekday or a weekend.

How much do movers in Renton cost?
On average, expect at least $913 as service fees for a moving company in Renton, WA. Factor in the distance where you will be coming from and how many boxes you will need to transport. Another thing to consider is how many people can help you.

Full service moving is the most expensive choice because the moving company will be 100% in charge of all the steps, materials, and transportation needed in the move.

Note that fees are just for labor and services. Rental for moving truck and cost for packing material is not usually included.
How long does moving to Renton take?

Generally, the best movers in Renton, WA take 3 hours on average. Of course, if you have a lot of belongings you should opt for more people to help you pack and load these things faster.

If you want to make the moving process faster, aside from hiring dependable professional Renton movers, you can declutter your things and discard those which you no longer use. This will effectively make packing faster and you will need a smaller moving truck which will cost less.

How many movers do I need for my move to Renton?

If you are moving from a small apartment and you only have a few items, you may need only 1 or 2 moving helpers. For families moving from medium to big houses, it is advisable to engage at least 4 movers for a quick and smooth move.

Make sure to coordinate the number of your belongings as well as your family members with the Renton moving company to choose the best movers to help you.


About Renton, WA

Location and History

Renton City is located between the Black and Cedar rivers and Lake Washington. It is a city in King County, western Washington, U.S., southeast of Seattle.

Previously occupied as a Duwamish Indian village, the city was named after an industrial pioneer, William Renton. Coal deposits propelled the city into development.

It is the site of the Boeing Renton Factory which has worked since World War II and a railroad-car foundry. Boeing is still the city’s largest single employer up to this day and the city is still the home of the 737.

Top Attractions

Renton is steeped in history. Learn more about its background in the Renton History Museum, a historic art deco firehouse constructed in 1942. It has a vast collection of materials such as books, photos and memorabilia that will take you to the city’s storied past.

If you love watching live performances, you can drop by the Renton Civic Theatre for quality theater in the Greater Puget Sound region. For independent films and children’s programs, visit the Renton Carco Theatre. If you want to immerse in student performances, the IKEA Performing Arts Center is the place to be.

Treat your family to a weekend adventure at the Northwest Seaplanes/Friday Harbor Seaplanes. Have a romantic afternoon with your partner on a waterway cruise on Lake Washington or a polar plunge swimming at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.

From outdoor activities to indoor attractions, Renton has it all. You will not have a boring day here.

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