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Relocating to a new home can be unnerving. If you are relocating with your family, you must consider a lot of things, from finding your dream home to looking for a suitable school for your kids. If you are starting a new job, you will need to make a good first impression.

You will need all the help you can get, especially if you need to relocate quickly. Look for a professional moving company that can connect you with the best Kirkland movers. Whether for long distance or same city move, there are plenty of local businesses nowadays offering movers in Kirkland, WA. The real challenge lies in choosing a Kirkland moving company with the best movers to address your moving needs.

We are here to assist you from packing your things up to unloading them to your new apartment come moving day. We take pride in providing our customers with a great experience at a minimal cost. We can make the process less tedious and more amazing for you and your family.

Our Kirkland movers are not only efficient and professional, but they are also attentive to instructions, courteous, polite, and proactive. We want to ensure our customers have efficient moves at affordable prices. We believe quality work should not come at reasonable prices. You do not need to hire another company providing furniture and piano movers in Kirkland, WA who can help you with your bulky items. CLP has it all covered for you.

Why Choose CLP As Your Moving Company in Kirkland

From packing to unpacking to heavy lifting, loading, and unloading your valuables in moving trucks, you can count on us. Our affordable local movers in Kirkland, WA can make the transition to your new life easier for you.

Unlike other moving companies in Kirkland, WA we offer additional services such as deep cleaning of your new space to ensure everything is ready for your family. We can clean your furniture. You can expect our crew to be careful with your household goods and office equipment.

Aside from being one of the few moving companies in Kirkland, WA that offer a full-service moving package, we also have other services to enhance the beauty of your residential space. We can help you enhance curb appeal through basic landscape projects. We can increase the market value of your house by repainting its exterior and interior walls.

Do not hesitate to contact us today and find out more about our services.

Let Our Top Movers in Kirkland Help You Move

With our commitment to its client comes its advocacy in helping local movers find temporary employment. Rest assured that we will connect you to a crew of professionals with years of experience in Kirkland moving.

You do not need to worry about finding reliable moving services. Rain or shine, our affordable movers in Kirkland, WA will provide high-quality moving service.

We understand that moving is stressful, whether it be commercial or local moving. This is why we have an elite team of support providers. They will coordinate with the local moving expert assigned to you so that they will show up on time and be prepared for the job. Kirkland moving has never been this smooth and easy.

What are you waiting for? Book our professional and experienced Kirkland movers today.

In Search of the Most Reliable Moving Companies in Kirkland?

Moving services can get expensive in the Kirkland area. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners opt for DIY. However, if you think about it, trial-and-error scenarios can get pricier. Imagine doing multiple trips and renting trucks for additional days because you forgot something. What about finding your beloved painting has broken and your heirloom antique stemware in pieces after days in transit? We do not wish this heartbreak for you.

Luckily, there is a moving company that can provide you with Kirkland movers who are experts in the field. More importantly, they will be careful with how they handle your things and help ease your worries.

Contact Community Labor Partnership today. We can talk about your relocation plans and schedule. We are upfront about our rates, so you need not worry about surprise fees and hidden charges.

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Should I hire a moving company in Kirkland?
It depends on your priorities. If you want a stress-free and smooth move to Kirkland, hiring professionals can make a world of difference. You can book the best movers in Kirkland who will take care of the tedious tasks of packing, unpacking, and carrying your belongings. This is also advisable if you are doing a cross-country move, or you have a tight schedule to complete the move. With a team of professional Kirkland movers, you do not need to worry about forgetting to pack something or overlooking an important license or permit.
How much do you tip Kirkland movers?
It depends on how much you are comfortable giving. It is safe to tip at least 15 to 20% of the total moving bill. Take note to tip in cash to avoid giving your movers unnecessary hassle. Remember that your movers handled the physically demanding tasks of lifting your equipment and boxes of belongings and carrying them to the moving truck, thus, you can show your appreciation by giving them a tip.
How do you move large pieces of furniture to Kirkland?
If you can dismantle the components of the piece into smaller items, it will be more efficient to do this. Wrap each part generously with bubble wrap and use protective pads. Once you arrive in your new apartment, you can assemble the pieces. If it cannot be dismantled, make sure to book a big moving truck where the item can fit. These items will be heavy. Consider hiring a helper to help you load and unload the items in your new apartment. If you are not used to physically strenuous activities, do not attempt to carry this on your own.
How do I protect my furniture when moving to Kirkland?
Depending on whether your furniture is irregularly shaped, bulky, or breakable, the basic way to protect it is to wrap it thoroughly and carefully. For sofas, wrapping blankets and sealing them with layers of plastic wrap can help. Try to disassemble large pieces and equipment and wrap each component with plastic wrap and bubble wrap. For breakable items, use a lot of bubble wrap and pads. For wooden pieces, use protective fabric to avoid any scratches.
How long does moving to Kirkland take?
On average, the best local movers in Kirkland, WA take 2 hours per moving job. It is better not to schedule your relocation during the peak moving season. If you need to move on the same day or if you have a tight schedule to complete the relocation, you can add more moving helpers to assist you and make packing, and carrying things easier.
How many movers do I need for my move to Kirkland?
It depends again on the number of belongings you will take with you. Your timeline for the move is also a major factor to consider. Most homeowners book at least 2 to 3 moving helpers to help them with relocation tasks. If you want your move to be faster, it would be better to engage more movers.

About Kirkland, WA

Location and History

This city is in King County, Washington, United States. It is a suburb east of Seattle. It is the 12th largest city in Washington and the 6th largest in King County with a population of 91,146 in 2020.

It is where Costco’s headquarters were previously located. From this, it earned its “Kirkland Signature” brand.

Its history began in 1886 when Peter Kirk, a businessman, auctioned off his property in England and arrived in America. Together with his business partners, he built Moss Bay Iron and Steel Works. Unfortunately, the financial crisis of 1893 stopped the steel mill from its tracks. Kirkland, later, relied on wool milling and shipbuilding.

Top Attractions

From parks, shops, and museums, you will not run out of things to do and places to visit in this beautiful city. From art to opportunities for adventure, Kirkland is the place to be.

It is also known for its year-round events: Kirkland Uncorked, Kirkland Summerfest, and Kirkland Oktoberfest. Sample delicacies in Kirkland Urban or from Vinason Pho and Grill. Finish it all off with craft brew from Chainline Brewing.

Savor the great outdoors with Kirkland’s diverse parks. Bring your family for some bonding time at Cedar View Park, Bud Homan Park, or Crestwoods Park. Bike your way through the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

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