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So, you are set to move to Norfolk and experience a life surrounded by nature and water? Have you decided on your moving company yet?

Moving is a stressful experience, and choosing a moving company should not be taken lightly. For a stress-free moving experience, you must partner with a moving company that not only offers great customer service but is also reliable and efficient in moving your belongings.

We can be that moving company for you. We are a labor-only moving company that provides local as well as long-distance moving services. We take pride in our years of service and proven track record. Read on to know more about what our company can do for you.


Contact CLP: One of the Top Moving Companies in Norfolk, VA

We offer a wide range of relocation services that all make us one of the best local moving companies in Norfolk, VA.

We have movers for all your moving needs – residential movers if you are moving to a house or a new apartment, and commercial movers if you are moving your business into the city.

It does not matter where you come from. Our moving team includes long-distance movers, Norfolk, VA movers as well as local movers from other cities across the country. This unique business model ensures that we help our customers on both ends of their move. Not only that but having local movers in various cities ensures that we can specialize in both local and long-distance moves. Moreover, unlike other Norfolk, VA moving companies offer packing services at no extra or hidden costs.

Failed to book movers ahead of time? No worries! We have same-day movers that can assist you on your moving day even with short notice.

We Have The Right Local Movers in Norfolk, VA You Are Looking For

Rest assured we look through the entire moving process to make your moving day as stress-free as possible. As such, our moving service also comes with packing services to help you save time and money.

One of the things that make moving stressful is packing. On your own, packing your belongings can take up a lot of your time – often, this can take at least one whole day. With our professional moving services, we can cut this time into mere hours.

Our movers will handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of your household goods and other belongings. Do you have specialty items that require heavy lifting? Not a problem. Our professional furniture and piano movers in Norfolk, VA can handle this task safely and efficiently, thus making sure that your belongings are secure as they are delivered to your new home.


Choose Our Norfolk Moving Company for All Your Moving Needs

Moving to your new Norfolk home does not have to be a stressful experience. With our moving services and packing service, we can guarantee you a smooth sailing move.

Whether it is a local move out of state lines or a long-distance move spanning cross-country, we can help you save money in the long run with our local movers in Norfolk, VA.

Ready to get budget-friendly movers on your next move? Contact us now to get in touch with our professional movers that will be with you from start to finish.

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How much do movers cost in Norfolk, VA?
On average, the best local movers in Norfolk, VA cost at least $214. This rate applies if you are moving to a studio-type apartment and hired two movers. You would have to pay more if you were moving to a larger space or would require more movers.
What do most movers in Norfolk charge per hour?
You can expect to pay $95 to $200, but this range still depends on the size of the move.
What is the cheapest way to move furniture to Norfolk?
When you are moving furniture, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you hire local labor-only movers and rent a moving truck than if you work with a full-service moving company in Norfolk, VA.
Which services can you hire Norfolk moving companies for?
Some local and long-distance moving companies in Norfolk, VA do offer other services, including packing services as well as furniture assembly and disassembly.
How much do you tip movers in Norfolk?
A good rule of thumb would be %15 to 20% of the total moving cost.
Can you hire Norfolk movers to move one item?
Yes! You do not necessarily have to be relocating to use the services of movers. Movers can help you even when you only must move one item that you cannot deliver or transport on your own.
How long does moving to Norfolk City take?
On average, Norfolk, VA movers take at least 2 hours to complete a job. This applies to a studio-type or one-bedroom apartment, but if you are moving to a larger house, movers can take longer, 5 to 7 hours on average, to complete a job.
How many movers do I need for my move to Norfolk City?
It is safe to start with 2 movers for your move in Norfolk City; however, if you are moving to a larger space, such as a 3 to 5-bedroom house, or to an apartment that is not on the first floor, consider hiring at least 3 or 4 movers.

About Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is a city on the water. Situated on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, it makes sense that this city has strong ties with the country’s naval history and current naval operations. It is where the world’s largest naval base and the North American headquarters of NATO are both located. It is also the home to Maersk Line, LTD, which manages the world’s largest fleet of US flag carriers.

However, Norfolk is more than its connection to the water. It is also considered a Tree City due to its extensive population of trees and flowers. It also has a strong educational community as it houses several academic institutions, including Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, and a new downtown campus of Tidewater Community College.

Today, it has over 247,000 residents who enjoy the rewards that come with Norfolk being the historical, urban, financial, and cultural center of the Hampton Roads region.

Top Attractions

The following attractions will give you an exact glimpse of what Norfolk, VA can truly offer:

  • Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • The Virginia Zoo
  • Visit the Chrysler Museum of Art
  • Hermitage Museum & Gardens
  • Battleship Wisconsin and the Nauticus Maritime Center
  • Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises
  • The American Rover

Norfolk is a place where nature and naval history meet, and these attractions reveal that connection.

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