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Affordable Waxahachie Movers

Worried about transporting fragile properties? Not enough space in the family car? Say no more! From regular furniture to family heirlooms, our experienced professional movers can handle that.


Landscaping in Waxahachie

Is your lawn in serious need of improvement? Too much yard work, not enough time? We've got you covered! Whether it's routine gardening, small improvements, or a complete makeover, our landscapers are ready!


General Labor in Waxahachie

Got a lot of fixing to do at home? Too much dirty work? Not enough time? From ditch-digging to residential painting, we've got your back! Our team is available to fill all your labor needs.

Planning your next move? Looking for local movers? Can’t find a proper moving company? Your search is over! In need of heavy lifting? Labor for large equipment or properties? Too many things for long distance moving? Say no more! Community Labor Partnership is the best movers in Waxahachie, TX. No matter how big or small your belongings are, whether it’s short or long-distance moving, we’ll cover your moving needs for the best deals!

Through the friendliest and most experienced team, we’ll take care of your most prized possessions while moving them in the quickest possible ways. With the most secure methods of moving, you’ll be able to relocate to your new home in no time! As our moving crew makes it seamless, while you get to move at the cheapest rates, you’ll get the best moving experience with CLP’s Waxahachie movers. Who says you need to spend so much just to move your things?


Why Choose CLP Among Other Moving Companies In Waxahachie?

We have customers all over Texas, and they’re all completely satisfied with our moving services! Here are just some of the reasons why choose CLP over other moving companies in Waxahachie, TX:

Experienced Professional Waxahachie Movers

Our movers are experienced professionals. We guarantee that they know how to pack and move just about everything an entire house can keep. With years of service, our movers will perform the most efficient process.

Get The Most Seamless Moving Process

The moving process can be very tiring and time-consuming for an entire family. Our main goal is to give our customers the most stress-free moving experience. We’ll get your furniture into your new home as smoothly as possible!

The Most Affordable Waxahachie Moving Company

We are the most budget-friendly movers in Waxahachie, and even in North Texas, entirely! Whether they’re commercial, residential, local, or long distance moves, it makes no difference to us. The services our moving company offers are the most cost-effective!

We’re A Reputable Moving Company

We take care of our reputation by making sure our moving services are top-notch. You’re more than welcome to read what our customers have to say about our services. Check our reviews on Google and find out why they would recommend us to their friends. Book us now and get a first-hand experience of what they’re talking about!


Why We Stand Out Among Moving Companies In Waxahachie

There are quite a number of reasons why our moving service is in demand. Here are just some of the reasons why we’re the best movers in Waxahachie, TX:

We Value Your Valuables

The movers we employ are experienced professionals. That being said, you can rest assured that we’re more than careful in handling your belongings, big or small.

We Value Our Clients

The reason why our clients have a lot of good things to say about our moving service is because our movers are friendly. You might only move once or twice in your life, but we value and build our relationship with you as best we can.

We Value the Whole Community

Just as we build relationships with our clients, we also build relationships with the whole community. More than being a business, we want to provide opportunities for community members in need. For every time our moving service is booked, all movers are supported and therefore the community is aided.

We Cover More Than Just Texas

The reason our moving service maintains its quality even on long distance moves is because our services go across the country. CLP movers cover a wide scope of the map.

We Cover More Than Just Moving!

We maximize the services we can offer, and at the same time, we maximize the opportunities we provide for the community. CLP also offers other labor such as landscaping and house painting. By doing that, we fully take advantage of our ability to improve the community!

Movers Waxahachie

Best Waxahachie Landscaping Maintenance Team

Some of the reasons why residents maintain their landscape are:

  • To have a more relaxing environment
  • To improve the quality of living
  • To make their homes more inviting to guests

Landscaping in Waxahachie, TX has never been more convenient. From routine gardening to decoration improvements to an entire yard makeover, CLP’s Waxahachie residential landscaping team can get any yard work done in no time, with the best quality and at the best available deals!

Be part of the change and experience the improvement of the community’s Waxahachie landscaping scene. As one of the best landscaping companies, we’ll make sure that you’ll have the freshest-looking front yard in your entire neighborhood.


Top-Notch Painters In Waxahachie

Why you should maintain the paint at home:

  • To maintain air quality inside
  • To improve the health of residents
  • To keep dust and dirt at a minimum
  • To maintain a fresh look at home
  • To enforce the structure of materials (especially wood)

Why you should leave the painting to the professionals:

  • To avoid inhaling toxic chemicals
  • To avoid danger in reaching inaccessible areas such as ceilings and rooftops
  • To ensure the quality of the painting

Outside walls getting out of color? Wanting to give your home a fresh new look? Can’t find budget-friendly painters? CLP’s team of painters in Waxahachie can get the job done in the shortest time, with the best deals!

No matter the structure, size, or location, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, our painters will get the job done. Our painters in Waxahachie, TX can help you according to your needs and preferences.

Painters in Waxahachie

Call The Best Waxahachie Moving Company Now!

You can stop looking for the best movers around or within Waxahachie, Texas and start booking an appointment with us now. The sooner you book with us, the quicker you’ll be able to move!

Let’s Plan Together

Don’t worry about not packing up just yet, give us a call and we’ll discuss the best moving plan.

Let’s Get Moving!

The sooner you call us, the more time we have to properly come up with a moving plan that’s most efficient according to your needs. That way, we can make the relocation process much more seamless!


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The main factors to think about when planning a local moving operation are the distance and quantity of properties you’ll be moving. After that, we’ll be able to figure out the number of movers needed and how much time will be spent. Call us now to find out what’s the best deal for you.
For most movers, the cheapest moving dates are on weekdays, and then there will be extra charges for weekends and holidays. But with CLP, you can book the moving date you prefer without worrying about extra charges. This is why we stand out among other movers in Waxahachie, TX!
That depends on the size and quantity of what you’re moving. Once those factors are determined, you’ll be able to know how many movers you need. Call us now and we’ll help you come up with the best moving plan for your budget!
The average price per mover goes between $25 and $50, per hour. But when you call CLP and plan your move with us, you will get the best rates available for a moving service. We’ll help you avoid any unnecessary charges. Call us now to get the most cost-effective moving service!
That depends on the quantity of the items to be moved and the travel distance. If you call us as early as now, we can plan the most productive moving operation in the shortest time according to your needs. Book an appointment now!


Founded in August 1850, Waxahachie is a city in Texas assigned as the county seat of Ellis County. Designated by the Texas State Legislature as the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas, Waxahachie’s historic streets are lined with hundreds of beautiful pink crape myrtles in full bloom. The namesake of the former US Naval Ship Waxahachie, this humble city, as of the 2023 census, has a projected population of over 38,000 community-spirited residents.

With the climate in the area having humid summers and mild to cool winters, Waxahachie was classified by the Köppen Climate Classification as having a humid subtropical climate.

Because of its renaissance-themed influences and aesthetic, Waxahachie annually opens the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, more commonly known as the Scarborough Faire. Having its first run in 1981, the Scarborough Faire is a renaissance-themed fair that features and celebrates aesthetic influences coming from English Renaissance culture, with events such as jousting shows taking place each day. The Scarborough Faire also features multiple shops selling renaissance-themed goods such as candles, soaps, jewelry, and even musical instruments. The Scarborough Faire is open Saturdays and Sundays, beginning from the first weekend of April until Memorial Day Monday.



The structures in Waxahachie are considered to be attractions in and of themselves because of the variety of vintage architectural styles that many houses are built on. Such styles include Victorian, Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, and others which are referred to as “gingerbread homes.”

Devout Christians spend their Sundays and other free time at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County, which has gained traction and formed an independent movement as a Christian church. The Cowboy Church of Ellis County proclaims on its website that they are “changing lives by boldly proclaiming the Gospel to the Western culture.”

For those who love the outdoors, fresh air, and nature, Waxahachie is more than an ideal place to live in. With various parks like Spring Park, Getzendaner Memorial, Richards Park, Chapman Park, and Brown-Singleton Park, joggers, hikers, and picnickers will never get tired of the scenery.

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