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If you are planning to move to Lakeway, TX there’s a chance that you will also need help from movers. Look for the best local or long-distance movers and book their services. If you are looking for assistance with your relocation, Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is a company that specializes in efficiently addressing all your moving needs. Our Lakeway movers can help you have a stress-free, memorable, and low-cost moving experience.

Expect to receive the services of skilled movers from us at a competitive price that is difficult for other movers in Lakeway to match. We have been offering reliable moving services to customers looking to relocate, along with laborers, for nearly three years since the start of the pandemic.

Interested to know more about how our moving services are a cut above the competition? Read on and see how CLP can give you the moving experience you deserve.

We are a Moving Company in Lakeway, TX, Committed in Delivering Exceptional Service

We can help anyone looking to move to a residential or commercial area, whether for a long-distance or a local move. Our moving crew is professional, reliable, prompt, and efficient and takes extra care of your furniture and belongings all throughout the packing process up to the moving day, so you can have a stress-free and hassle-free moving experience.

Packing and unpacking services by our professional movers

Moving can be overwhelming and that’s why our movers in Lakeway, TX will help you put your wardrobe in storage containers, disassemble your furniture, organize and put the rest of your belongings in boxes, and make sure that everything is safely packed up for your move. Our Lakeway movers are well-experienced in packing fragile items. This is essential for a long-distance move especially if you have family-owned heirlooms and valuables such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other breakable objects.

Heavy Lifting, Loading & Unloading

Once you reach your new home, our movers in Lakeway, Texas will also help you take out your belongings applying the same degree of care we used when we packed them. You need not worry about loading and unloading your well-loved piano or that dresser that has been with your family for generations.

Setting up your new home

Organizing your belongings after a big move, especially a long-distance move can be exhausting. Relocation is stressful enough hence, you may want to consider house cleaning, debris, and trash disposal during the move-in process. This is another service CLP can offer you. If you are moving to a condo or a smaller residential space, you will also need time in figuring out how to save space. We can take care of these tasks and details so you can immediately relax and have more time to do other important things.

Furniture assembly and setting up of simple appliances

Instead of spending hours getting frustrated in figuring out how the bolts and screws fit or looking for a missing screw, let our movers take care of the furniture assembly. Our movers can also help in setting up your simple appliances. You do not need to worry about your bookshelves, oven, washing machines, coffee makers, etc. Just give us clear instructions and we will take these tasks off from your hands. You can focus on making your new home cozy and comfortable for you & your family.

Short and Long Distance Movers in Lakeway, TX

Moving from apartment to apartment within Lakeway? Our local movers will take care of you from start to finish.

Whether it’s for commercial moving or a residential move, CLP Lakeway, TX, movers will make sure you get your money’s worth with our competitive price and great service.

As a bonus, we can supply you with professional movers on both ends of your move — and even on a short notice! As long as you’re in our service area, you can expect us to do this anywhere in the country.

Here are a few of the moving services we offer in the whole Lakeway area:

  • Residential and Commercial Moving Services
  • Local Moving Services
  • Long-Distance Moving Services
  • Same-day Moving Services

Schedule an Appointment With the Best Lakeway Moving Company

As the only company in the world able to provide same-day movers on both ends to ANY city or town in the United States, we have become the nation’s largest labor-referral agency with over 42,000 independent contractors spread out in 300 cities — completing over 15,000 jobs and helping thousands of happy customers kickstart the new chapter of their life along the way.

Here are a few reasons why our customers regard us as one of the best moving companies to handle your moving needs:

Professional Movers

Whether it’s fragile antiques for residential moves or heavy items like office furniture for your business space, our experienced movers can also help you by our packing services as well as deliver your stuff right to the doorstep of your new location on time.

Affordable and Consistent Rates

When picking a good moving company for relocating your belongings, you’ll first check out the price. However, local movers in Lakeway can charge a total of $240 to $360 in moving costs.

Luckily, you can save up to half in labor costs by going with CLP. As the only moving company in the area to offer below-market and consistent rates to customers on any day of the week- you don’t have to worry about scheduling your move and missing out on special discounts!

Empowering the Local Community

At CLP, we fight the good fight.

Aside from providing you with professional movers at affordable rates, we are initially created to empower your local community and provide a solution to temporary unemployment plaguing not only Lakeway but the country as a whole.

We empower the community by connecting Lakeway residents with local movers around the area. Most of our movers are people having a hard time in between their jobs or part-timers like college students looking to supplement their income.

However, we also care for quality. Before we assign movers to you, they undergo a rigorous vetting process, ensuring you get true professionals who know their way around moving your family belongings.

Ready to hire the best movers in Lakeway? Contact us today and get hassle-free, high-quality professionals on your next move!

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What is a reasonable price for a local move to Lakeway?
If you hire professional movers or moving companies, expect to pay at least $1,000, with the average cost of a local household move at $1,250, and the average cost for long-distance moves at $4,890.
What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Lakeway?
In terms of convenience, the weekend is a more convenient time for moving and working with commercial movers. However, cost-wise, it would be more affordable to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If you want the most convenient and affordable option, book our movers! CLP charges the same rate per moving helper per hour regardless of whether the move will be on a weekday or a weekend.
What is the cheapest way to move my stuff to Lakeway?
You should consider the distance from which you are moving. The longer time it takes you to move, the higher the costs for the service. The two cheapest options are renting trucks and moving containers. For a long-distance move, it is cheaper to use moving containers. Prices for rental trucks are cheaper for a DIY move.
How much does moving to Lakeway cost?
The estimated base cost for hiring a moving company in Lakeway, TX is around $25 to $50 per hour for a single mover. There might also be additional fees depending on miles traveled, the number of boxes or items to be moved, or the volume of items moved. It is best to negotiate a reasonable price with a Lakeway moving company for the services to be rendered.
When is the best time to move to Lakeway?
The best time to move to the Lakeway area is in September or October. The Lakeway area is somewhat temperate compared to other places. The warmest time to visit the city is in June, July, and August.

About Lakeway, TX

Lakeway was originally a retirement community. Its parks and recreation areas now attract families drawn to the “lake lifestyle”. It is located south of Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country.

According to Lakeway’s history on its city government’s website, developers opened the Lakeway Inn and added more amenities, promoting the new community and selling property. In June 1974, the Village of Lakeway was incorporated as a general law municipality, which was governed by a board of commissioners and a mayor until 1983. From 1983 to mid-1990, it served as an aldermanic form of government, consisting of aldermen and a mayor.

Based on the 2020 Census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, Lakeway is the 160th most populated city in the state of Texas out of 1,798 cities. It has a population of 18,471 people.

In 2020, the median property value in Lakeway is $481,900 at 1.95% 1-year growth. This is 2.1 times larger than the national average of $229,800.

Based on, the most common job groups, by the number of people living in Lakeway, are Management Occupations (1,787 people), Business & Financial Operations Occupations (1,189 people), and Sales & Related Occupations (970 people). In 2020, 64.7% of Lakeway workers drove alone to work, 28.8% worked from home and 4.59% carpooled to work.

In 2021, the median household income of Lakeway households was $142,566. Lakeway’s top domestic products are electronics ($292 billion), Gasoline ($210 billion), and fuel oils (S178 billion).

Top Attractions

Lakeway Activity Center is a multi-use facility owned and operated by the city where social, civic, and recreational activities are conducted.  It includes more than 8000 square feet of space and can be used for public and private rentals, youth classes and summer camps, adult workshops and classes, community theater, concerts, town hall meetings, membership group meetings, and more.

  • Parks and Recreation
  • City Park
  • Heritage Center Park
  • Dragon Park
  • Porpoise Park
  • Skate Park
  • Lakeway Trails
  • Hamilton Greenbelts I & II
  • Hamilton Greenbelt Map
  • Canyonlands
  • Canyonlands Map
  • Smith Greenbelt
  • Lakeway Blvd Trails
  • Other Places to Visit
  • Oasis Texas Brewing Company
  • Heritage Trail Bus Tour
  • Weekend Kayak Rental at Lady Bird Lake
  • City Skyline Kayak Tour
  • Lakeway Facilities

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