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Burleson is a wonderful place to live. And thanks to Community Labor Partnership, it’s also a wonderful place to move. We offer all sorts of moving services, as well as help with unpacking and storage. Whether you’re moving in or around Burleson, we can make all of your moving dreams come true!

With Community Labor Partnerships, you won’t have to worry about the basics of moving to a new home because we are here to help you with packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, heavy-lifting, and furniture assembly and disassembly.

Our team will be happy to make your move less stressful for you and for your family.

Why Us Over Other Moving Companies in Burleson, TX

We have the necessary experience

From the whole moving company down to each individual mover, we have years of experience in this line of business. We’ve done it all, from short to long-distance moves. We’ve moved it all, whether it’s office equipment, business assets, or personal belongings. We’ve moved everywhere, whether it’s the surrounding area, to houses, apartments, or even to an office, our reliable commercial moving services can cater to any kind of move!

We make it seamless

Being the experienced professional Burleson, TX movers, we have and are continuously figuring out the quickest ways to move. We plan moves that are specific to our customer’s situations. From packing and loading up to settling down in your new home, our goal is to give you a stress-free and efficient moving experience!

We’re budget-friendly

Our moving services are available at the best prices without compromising the quality of service. We make sure that you get to save money while you smoothly relocate to your new home.

Our services are reputable

If this is the first time you’ve heard of our moving services, you’re more than welcome to hear what our former customers have to say about our trusted residential and apartment movers. Read our reviews section and call us to find out why our customers will highly recommend CLP for your next move!

Why We're Among the Top Burleson Moving Companies

Quality furniture packing services

As an experienced team of local movers in Burleson, TX we understand the stress that comes from packing and loading up your personal belongings, especially fragile properties and equipment used for businesses. Our customers find us reliable because of the way our professionals handle your belongings. The quality of our service doesn’t deteriorate even when it’s a last-minute move, and we’re the most reliable when it comes to long-distance moving!

The friendliest Burleson local movers

CLP makes sure our customers have trusted the right people for the job. We provide the friendliest moving professionals because even if you’ll only move once or twice, CLP builds and maintains a relationship with the community we serve.

Providing opportunities for the community

We, as a company, are also reliable employers because of our community-centric initiative. We make sure our community members put their skills to good use, while at the same time providing opportunities to make a living. That means you’re also helping out the community when you hire us!

We’re available across the country

Our moving services are not just available within the city, nor within Texas – but across the whole country! Having branches everywhere is the reason why we’re the most reliable when it comes to long-distance moves. That gives us more geographical knowledge and travel to the safest, shortest, and most traffic-free routes.

Call Our Burleson, TX Movers as Soon as Now!

Let’s plan your moving day!

We don’t just provide assistance in moving. We also provide assistance in planning prior to the move, especially if it’s your first time moving. That’s the reason why you should ask for assistance in planning your move with us because we intend to make your move as seamless as it can be.

Move the way you need to

Once we find out where you’re moving to and from, our experienced Burleson movers will be able to figure out how to move your belongings safely and securely.

The sooner you call, the quicker you’ll move

It doesn’t matter whether your move is either a week or a month ahead. The sooner you call us, the better we’ll be able to prepare you for your move. Once we find out what you’re moving and where to, our experts will be able to figure out the quickest way to pack your things and settle you into your new location.

Reviews & Testimonials


What is a reasonable price for a local move to Burleson?

The average cost for a team of two moving professionals for a 4-hour operation jumps around a minimum of $200 to $400 just for labor. But with CLP, the costs will be much lower without compromising the quality of services. Check the rates on our website now or call us to start your move.

How much are movers per hour in Burleson, Texas?

The average cost per hour jumps around $25 to $50 per mover, just for labor charges. But with CLP, you’ll be able to spend less while you move more things faster. We have the best moving team because of our accessible rates and top-notch services.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Burleson?

For most moving companies in Burleson, TX, the cheapest dates fall on weekdays. But with CLP, you don’t have to worry about extra charges to move on your preferred date because our rates remain consistent. Call us now and book the moving schedule you prefer!

What is the cheapest way to move stuff to Burleson?

The cheapest way to move your furniture is through CLP, as we provide the most accessible rates available. Contact us so we can start your move and give you the best moving experience in the most cost-effective way.

How much do movers in Burleson cost?

Professional moving companies in Burleson, TX cost around $584 on average. With CLP, you’ll be able to move at a more budget-friendly cost without compromising convenience. This is the reason why we’re the top moving team in the city! Contact us now.


About City, State

Burleson is a city located between the counties of Johnson and Tarrant, in the State of Texas. A suburb of Fort Worth, Burleson had an estimated population of 51,618 in the 2021 census. Having humid summers and mild to cool winters, the Köppen Climate Classification system classified the city as having a humid subtropical climate.

During the time that the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad was being expanded from Denison to Waco, the railroad company needed a midway depot. Grenville M. Dodge, the railroad representative, bought land along with the town surrounding it from Rev. Henry C. Renfro.

Part of the purchasing deal was that the town was to be named “Burleson” in honor of Renfro’s teacher, Rufus Colombus Burleson, who was also the president of Baylor University. The city’s founding day, October 10, 1880, was the date when the first lot was sold.

Top Attractions

Although being a relatively small city, Burleson is not without its perks. With its sunny climate, the Burleson Recreation Center is available all year long if you’re looking for a place to go swimming or play a wide variety of sports such as soccer, and volleyball, or the gym for other fitness activities.

If you’re a nature-loving, picnic-enjoying type of person, then Bailey Lake Park is the place for you. Covering a total of 49 acres along with the 8-acre Bailey Lake and an 18-hole disc golf course, you’ll never get tired of the endless scenic views that come with the fresh air.

For a more extensive experience with nature along with quality time with family through camping, then North Texas Jellystone Park is the place for you. From primitive camping, tent camping, & RV camping, to cabin camping, you and your family will have the most enjoyable experience in Jellystone Park.

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