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Movers in Benbrook

Searching for the best Benbrook movers? We've got you covered! We load and unload trucks, perform in-house furniture moves, and more!

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Landscape in Benbrook

Are those wildflowers and grasses invading your garden? Need a hand with your landscaping project or yard makeover? We'd love to help!

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Labor in Benbrook

Need help with those painting jobs, ditch-digging, garage clean-outs, and anything else you can think of? No need to worry. We’re here for you!

For new homeowners in Benbrook, welcome! This beautiful town is full of remarkable tourist attractions, from nature trails to museums. There is something here that will pique your interest and our movers in Benbrook will be glad to help you with a hassle-free transfer.

Choosing CLP for Your Stress-Free Move to Benbrook, Texas

Here at Community Labor Partnership (CLP), we provide both residential and commercial services throughout Texas including your move to Benbrook.

When looking for the best moving company, look no further because our CLP moving team will provide you with the best service. We are a family-run business that has been doing a great job assisting our satisfied clients.

With our residential movers, long-distance movers, and efficient crew, we make sure that you’ll have a stress-free moving experience. 

How do our movers in Benbrook TX simplify the moving process?

Our Benbrook moving crew initially provides you with a free quote — either for your home or commercial moving services. Next, we identify your moving needs whether you’re moving across the street or across the states. 

Choosing The Right Moving Team

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s critical to choose the right Benbrook movers. You’re entrusting to us your belongings and heirlooms and we understand how precious these items are. Either with house or office moves, local moves to apartment moves across the state, or international moves, you can depend on CLP’s heavy lifting for you and care for your fragile items.

More Than 1000 Positive Google Reviews

When choosing experienced movers in Benbrook, positive reviews are key. Good thing CLP has over 1000 glowing reviews on Google alone. Our satisfied customers love our commitment to quality service at an affordable price.

According to these reviews, our home and commercial movers rank as the highest-rated moving team in all of the USA. This kind of feedback speaks volumes for our business.

Clearly, there’s no question why our CLP crew is the most popular choice for moves in all of Fort Worth, most especially in this city. So when choosing a relocating team in the Benbrook area, our hard-working crew is the unbeatable team of choice. This is definitely something worth considering when choosing affordable movers.

Call CLP today and get your free estimate!



CLP Leads Among Moving Companies In Benbrook

Are you thinking of moving to this lovely town? You don’t need to look far for a dependable, low-cost moving service that will make your transition as easy as possible. Our hardworking team is second to none among moving companies in Benbrook!

What Is It About CLP That Makes It So Unique?

CLP stands out among other moving businesses because of its commitment to the community. We hire both student movers from  universities and local residents here in Benbrook — giving jobs to expand the city’s job opportunities. These are our Benbrook movers who expertly handle our projects for your stress-free experience.

As we hire local residents, CLP not only provides reasonable prices but quality service for our clients as well. 

Excellent Customer Service From CLP

CLP provides not only jobs and affordable housing, but also excellent customer service. Our expert moving crew and professional staff are efficient and well-versed in Benbrook. You can rest assured that your move will go as smoothly as possible. 

With the help of our efficient movers, you can be confident that all of your valuables will arrive safely and on time at your new home or office.

And did we mention that our rates are the most reasonable among all Benbrook and Fort Worth movers? You’re sure that you are getting the best possible deal with CLP.

So if you’re still looking for the best crew within the whole state of Texas, you’re in good hands with CLP. With our affordable rates, top-notch customer service, professional packing service, and satisfaction guarantee – there’s nothing else you can ask for.

With all these, you know by now which team to choose among all Benbrook movers. Let our amazing CLP moving company take care of all your relocation needs today! 



Our Benbrook Landscapers Is Here To Help

Looking to transform your new home’s landscape but don’t know where to start? Our CLP working crew offers moving and labor services that make your landscaping vision come to life. 

What services does CLP offer?

Apart from moving your furniture to your new home, we can do other labor work for you. Our labor services cover almost any landscaping need you can imagine. Whether you need a fence built or want a new patio installed, there is no job too big or too small for our hardworking experts at CLP.

Landscaping Services

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space into something special? CLP is here for you. We specialize in creating beautiful backyard sanctuaries with lush foliage, colorful flower beds, and water features like ponds or waterfalls. So you can enjoy all that nature has to offer in the comfort of your own backyard.

Moving Services

With our Benbrook moving company on your side, you can never go wrong. CLP is glad that you’re moving to a beautiful place called Benbrook!

You’ll soon discover that outdoor fun and exciting events are all here. And when you start your move, extra stress on a moving day is the last thing you need. CLP takes extra precautions to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Labor Services

If you’re tired of the same old white walls throughout your home, why not spice things up with some fresh paint? CLP offers painting work for you. Make sure to get those fragile items out of the way while our guys do the tasks. What’s more, we also do garage clean-outs as well as interior and exterior repairs for both residential and commercial buildings.

Need something else done? Ditch digging is no problem for our crew. Got an extra lot of land that needs to be cleared out or overgrown vegetation that needs to be taken care of? No worries—leave it to our experts.

We clear out any debris from your property, and we also haul away any junk or unnecessary items. With CLP, your lot will look pristine and clutter-free.

 Plus, we also offer more everyday labor work like mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs. No matter what kind of help you need with your yard makeover, CLP has the skills and experience necessary to get the job done right.

How can we help with your Benbrook lawn and landscape projects?

CLP gives you access to our vast network of skilled laborers who are ready to tackle any project you have in mind. From house painting jobs to garage clean-outs to ditch digging and debris clean-ups, we have you covered.

So now you’ll stop dreaming about giving your new house an upgrade. CLP gives you an awesome job by turning your dream into reality.

Let us do all the heavy lifting, so all you have left to worry about is enjoying your beautiful new landscape!


Our Movers In Benbrook TX Are Ready For You

If you’re moving to Benbrook, congratulations! You’ve picked a unique and charming town rich with history, great restaurants, and plenty of outdoor fun. Our movers in Benbrook TX are ready for you.

Choosing The Best Benbrook Movers

CLP leads in home and office movers, as well as commercial moving services. Whether home or office moves, our moving team is here to help you relocate into your new location.

Selecting Professional Movers Among Top Moving Companies

So if you needed movers who would be there for you to simplify your Benbrook moving process, we got your back. We’re here to provide you with a great moving experience.

Our Benbrook movers suggest: making your schedule as flexible as possible, so no need to rush before you start packing. Hire an expert moving company LLC like CLP at least eight weeks before your planned date.

Affordable Moving Company With Quality Service

We are committed to providing affordable rates for our clients. Whether it’s local or long-distance, CLP takes your budget into account and provides a quote that won’t break the bank. We provide residential and commercial moves at reasonable rates.

Yes, we offer the most competitive rates in the whole of Fort Worth, including this entire city. Quality service at an affordable price is part of our brand. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for great value, you can depend on CLP.

Transparency, No Hidden Fees

As an exceptional Benbrook moving business, CLP assures you that there will be no hidden fees or surprise charges when working with our movers. Yes, all quotes include everything upfront!  

Expertise And Efficiency

We are well aware that all moves are expensive — whether a local, long-distance, or interstate move. But CLP is an exception because we have the most affordable rates, combined with expertise and efficiency.    

Even with our budget-friendly services, we guarantee you quality service every time your possessions and valuables are transported to your home safely. Our highly-trained customer service staff coordinates with you in a professional manner, addressing all your needs.


Reviews & Testimonials



How cheap is a weekend vacation? Is moving on a Friday cheaper than moving on a Saturday? Essentially, the majority of moving crews offer better prices during the week due to a lack of activity.
Moving costs average between $50 and $35 an hour for locally moved goods. A team of two people who work for four hours would cost a little more than $300 to $500 for labor. But keep in mind that additional expenses will also arise including transport, supplies, and gas.
Professional moving services in North Texas typically charge by the hour, ranging from $400 to $1600. Professional moving businesses charge by weight and mile for movers with up to $5900 for a one-bedroom move.
The cheapest means of traveling is typically hiring a company that has an impressive range of transport containers. The company saves hundreds of millions by using the same services as moving services. Moving containers can be cheaper and more efficient when moving from one location to another, or traveling from one location to another.
This phase consists of two parts (1) leasing & (4) providing. The truck hire would cost between $150 – 200 per day and movers would cost about $150 to $150 an hour. It would take between six-and-8 hours to move the Smith home, which would have cost between $300-960.
One rule is to pay 15 to 20% of the mover’s total moving costs.

About Benbrook, TX

As affirmed by CLP, the leader among Texas movers, this beautiful Fort Worth suburb in Tarrant County is one of the best in Texas.

Located just west of Fort Worth, you don’t have to drive too far away from home. You’ll be delighted to take advantage of all that the neighboring big cities have to offer.

Benbrook has been around for almost 150 years. Its first settlers were freed slaves from close by ranchos who established their homesteads. After a post office was established in 1882, the same town grew through the years. Today it retains its rural character while still having access to more urbanized places like Dallas and Fort Worth.

New residents of Benbrook can enjoy the natural beauty that comes with living in a rural setting. Parks and trails abound for hiking and biking. Golfers can enjoy its public golf courses, plus beautiful lakes perfect for fishing or kayaking. Museums showcase their rich historical culture.

Amazing restaurants dishing Tex-Mex BBQ, also exotic international cuisine, and tasty desserts:

  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers
  • Taco Bell Cantina
  • El Toro Bravo
  • Churrascos Steakhouse & Grill
  • Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant
  • Big Al’s Smokehouse
  • Las Vegas Bar & Grille
  • China Gourmet Express
  • Rice Thai Eatery
  • El Paisa Mexican Grill & Seafood
  • La Cascata Italian Bistro
  • Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
  • Cupcake Heaven & More Bakery
  • Yumbii Frozen Yogurt & Treats

Benbrook nightlife with delicious food, dance clubs, cold drinks, and live music:

  • Johnny Joe’s Sports Bar & Grill
  • The Corner Pocket Sports Bar & Grill
  • The Velvet Elvis Lounge
  • Whiskey River Saloon and Dance Hall
  • The House Bar & Grill
  • Uncle B’s Tavern
  • The Wine Bar

Benbrook TX Attractions

A full-service equestrian facility, where guests go camping, have hayrides, and even take equestrian lessons for beginners.
For the gun lovers and Shoot Smart wannabes, there’s a firing range for you here. Its experts will make you comfortable first, then make you a gun-toting sharpshooter!
Enjoy the outdoor fun here, such as biking, hiking, fishing, and camping, with a playground and a nature center, climbing walls, and a disc golf course.
Tourists here are impressed with its spectacular views, and scenic hiking trails perfect for strolls, and invigorating hikes.
The city’s huge shopping centers have high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as trendy boutiques like Anthropologie and Free People.

Helpful Resources

33 E Broadway  911 Winscott Road, 

Benbrook, TX 76126-0569

Phones  :   (817) 249-3000 

                    (817) 249-0884

P.O. Box 26569
Benbrook, TX 76126-0569
Phones:    (817) 249-3000
(817) 249-0884

911 Winscott Road Benbrook, TX 76126
Phone:     (817) 249-3000

Benbrook, Texas  76126
Phone  :  (817) 249-1727

Phone  :    (817) 249-6080  

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