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Are you moving under a tight budget and you think that your trusted buddies will help with your moving needs? We are not saying they won’t but these activities will drain your energy and time, even your EXCITEMENT to move. So, why not move SMARTER? Our cheap movers in Allen, TX are just one call away!

A welcoming neighborhood that belies a colorful past, Allen is only 20 miles away from the Big D and a stone-throw from Cowtown. Its cost of living is less expensive, yet you can still have a comfortable getaway, meet, or play in the city.

Grow Better, Move Better With Our Professional Moving Company

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is a labor-only moving company offering economical and reliable movers to ANY location in the United States. We accommodate local, long-distance, and same-day moving services.

Run by a hardworking family, our business understands the importance of excellent service. That is why our Allen, TX movers ensure quality and timely:

  • Packing service
  • Loading & unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Disassembly & reassembly
  • Heavy lifting
  • Simple appliance setup
  • Cleaning & trash removal

Serving 300 cities, our company boasts the cheapest moving services without hidden costs. Plus, we make it a priority for everyone on our team to come out ahead. Everyone at CLP aims to facilitate conscientious and trustworthy interactions with the community.


One of the most overwhelming tasks in relocation is packing. First, you will need to decide which stuff to move and dispose of. Second, it may consume your precious time to spend on more important matters.

Let our packers at CLP get started in making your relocation happen. Our workers can put everything in their respective boxes, organize them and seal them for transport. They will ensure the protection of your priceless possessions as you provide them with bubble wraps, foams, and packing peanuts.


The next challenge in relocation is loading and unloading. In most scenarios, it may be costly to get full-service movers because of their surcharges. At CLP, we offer laborers who can help you carry and set up your boxes and items on the truck. Not only do we provide workers with the lowest hourly rates, we also offer truck services.


As you arrive at your new home, the next challenge is unpacking. If packing your belongings takes forever on your own, so does unpacking. You may need more time because you need to familiarize yourself with the new environment or show up to your new work.

Don’t worry! We’ll take care of your stuff like it was our own. Our workers at CLP can help you unbox and unwrap items in designated rooms of your house. As such, it will be easy for you to organize everything.


If you are transferring locally, our workers can go with the truck to help unload. But if you are relocating at a distance greater than 100 miles, you may need to book two teams separately for loading and unloading. Regarding this, we also allow special arrangements if you want the same set of helpers.

Therefore, if you are transferring locally, our workers can go with the truck to help unload. But if you are relocating at a distance greater than 100 miles, you may need to book two teams separately for loading and unloading. Regarding this, we also allow special arrangements if you want the same set of helpers.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Bed frames, cabinets, dining tables, drawers, or even a living room couch – you will need to disassemble them to move them safely. At CLP, our helpers have the experience and know-how to disassemble such pieces of furniture. Moreover, they can also reassemble them so you can set them up in your new location.

Heavy Lifting

One of the major problems in relocation is damage and injury. Commonly, it is a result of heavy lifting. If you are not familiar with or trained to do such muscle work, there is a higher chance that you may damage the bulky items or injure yourself. The cheapest option is to book our movers to prevent damage and injury. At CLP, our workers are strong enough to carry and move heavy objects.

Simple Appliance Setup

Dryers, refrigerators, small appliances, TVs, and washers may be easy to transfer. But the challenge lies in setting them up in your new place. If some of these appliances are connected to a gas supply, you may need to contact your gas provider to disconnect them before relocation day.

During relocation, our helpers at CLP can empty everything inside your dryers, fridge, microwave, washers, etc. These include internal parts that may break while they move around during transport. As long as the setup does not require professional help, our workers can perform simple installations.


CLP is more than just a moving company in Allen, TX. We also provide general laborers to complete your relocation needs without hidden costs.

You can book our general laborers ahead if you need help cleaning your place before bringing your stuff inside. After relocating, you can book the same helpers to dust, mow, sweep, and wash as you sit and relax in your new abode.

Trash Removal

Expect to have tons of boxes, bubble wraps, foams, and other packing materials after relocation. Inevitably, you may need to allot time to get rid of these kinds of stuff properly. If you have scheduled a trash collector, you can also schedule our general laborers online to help you organize and segregate everything and bring them to the designated trash collection area.

Top-Notch Moving Services From One Of The Moving Companies In Allen

Undoubtedly, if you are relocating, you will go through a stressful phase. Even if you plan everything well, the costs, energy, and time are no simple feats. Consequently, a handful of issues will arise as you move from point A to point B.

CLP’s efficient Allen, TX movers can help save the day. From packing to loading, unloading to unpacking, let our Allen movers take the stress out of your moving day.

Apartment Movers

If you are moving to your new apartment in Allen and your large living room couch can’t fit into the narrow door, which is a common struggle for most people, don’t fret! Our apartment movers in Allen, TX can help you overcome the struggle. They have an excellent way of positioning the bulky item to fit it in your doorway.

Appliance Movers

When moving appliances like dryers, fridges, washers, etc., you may need to do some heavy lifting. It will be easier if you book our workers at CLP! Our workers have the physical stamina to do muscle work with utmost care. On top of that, they have the right experience protecting fragile items against damage.

Furniture Movers

Be it a local or a long-distance move, you are likely to bring beds, cabinets, dressers, etc. to your new location. But how can you bring them all to your new home if they cannot fit in the truck? Don’t worry, we always have trusted movers at CLP who can do furniture assembly and reassembly very well.

Piano Movers

We once had a client who needed moving helpers to bring a piano to his home. Initially, the client booked two strong men, as he will be the third hand. But after five minutes, he felt exhausted. So, he requested us to send another mover to avoid the heavy lifting. At CLP, you can be sure that every helper we dispatch in the city will take utmost care in moving your belongings.

Hire Affordable Movers In Allen, TX

Moving can be a costly process. To some, just the amount that you have to pay alone can be discouraging and stressful.

To avoid this cause of stress, you can contact us and opt to simply rent out a moving truck. Then, you can hire our labor-only movers, or you can book our full moving service. Keep in mind that multiple surveys have shown that hiring labor-only movers is more economical.

Even among other moving companies in Allen, TX that offer labor-only services, we at CLP guarantee the lowest rates possible. Our services do not come with hidden fees, too. By choosing our cheap movers in Allen, TX you can have a smooth and stress free move without constantly worrying about your budget.

Why Choose Our Furniture Movers For Shifting?

Moving pieces of furniture can be tricky. There’s no doubt that you can carry lighter pieces of furniture, such as small tables and nightstands, on your own when you move. However, while you might be capable of lifting bulky and heavy furniture on your own, actually carrying these through narrow hallways and tight doorways is another matter entirely. There’s a risk of injuring yourself or damaging your furniture, which can be avoided by hiring furniture movers in Allen, TX.

This is why our furniture, piano, and appliance movers in Allen, TX play an important role in our packing and moving services.

Our movers have years of experience, which means that they know the best and safest maneuvers when carrying large and bulky items when moving through tight doorways, hallways that have sharp turns, and even up or down flights of stairs. Thus, with our movers’ help, not only will you keep your furniture safe from any kind of damage, but you will also keep yourself safe from injuries.

Why Book Our Local Movers In Allen?

What is our edge over other movers? At CLP, we firmly believe that anyone interested in working for a living should be denied the opportunity. We aim to resolve the rising unemployment since the start of the pandemic. And for this reason, we bring workers and the community together.

Most of our moving helpers are students and people looking to supplement their income. They are reliable enough to perform any task. Hence, when you book workers from us, you are also helping the community.

Let our local movers in Allen, TX take care of your moving needs! We are only a call away!

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What is a reasonable price for a local move to Allen?

Local helpers typically charge by the hour during a relocation. The national average hourly rates for moving labor ranges between $60 to $80. Hence, CLP guarantees the lowest price per moving helper per hour.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Allen?

Most people move during the weekends to avoid skipping school or work. Since there are few moves during weekdays, many moving companies in Allen, TX offer lower rates during those days. For this reason, it is cheapest to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, rather than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Please note that at CLP, we charge a uniform rate per moving helper per hour on any day of the week.

How much are movers per hour in Allen, Texas?

The hourly mover’s rate depends on the number of workers, the season, and the types of services needed. In Texas, the average rate is $50 to $120 per moving helper per hour. Still, CLP guarantees the lowest price per moving helper per hour.

What is the cheapest way to move my stuff to Allen?

DIY moving is the cheapest way to move your belongings, especially in long-distance relocations. On average, you can save 40% to 60% if you book helpers and rent a truck separately versus hiring a full-service moving company in Allen, TX.

How many movers do I need for my move in Allen?

Most people book 2 moving helpers during the moving day. That is for a typical 1-bedroom house. The need depends on the bulk of your belongings and the size of your house.


About Allen, TX

A small town in Collin County, Allen, TX, has an estimated population of 110,741 residents today. The city got its name in honor of Ebenezer Allen, a state politician who promoted the Houston and Texas Central railroad, incorporating the settlement in 1953.

Covering a total area of 26.49 square miles, it is a haven for arts and culture. It also cradles prominent companies in the high defense, medical fields, and telecommunication facilities. These include CVE, Cytracom, HiT Entertainment, WatchGuard, and WiQuest Communications. Best of all, it ranks in affordability, education, quality living, and safety.

Top Attractions

Food trips, pleasure tours, shopping galore, and top-notch businesses make the city a great place. Besides, it boasts a mix of historical landmarks and modern amenities as its top attractions. To name a few are:

  • Billing Production
  • Celebration Park
  • Contemporary Theater
  • Dino Kidz
  • Joe Farmer Recreation Center
  • Old Stone Dam
  • Radha Krishna Temple
  • Station Park
  • Watters Creekz

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