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Moving to a new location or new home can be an exciting experience. However, all that excitement you might feel can be overshadowed by how stressful your moving day can be. This is why it is so important to get the services of a reliable moving company in Providence, RI.

Professional movers in Providence, RI can help guarantee that your move is entirely stress-free. With the right moving crew, you can sit back and relax knowing that your move is handled by extremely efficient movers.

For your upcoming move to Providence, RI, we can be that moving company for you.

We are a Rhode Island moving company specializing in local and long-distance moving services. We take pride in our proven track record and highly trained crew.

Our team values customer satisfaction, so we make sure that our clients always get a stress-free experience throughout their move. Read on to know what we can do for you!

We are One of the Top Moving Companies in Providence, RI

We are one of the best moving companies in Providence, RI, which means you get the top-notch moving services for your upcoming relocation. We offer a wide array of services that we can also tailor so that they fit your specific moving needs.

Our Providence Rhode Island movers have been in the business for a long time, and all that skill from their experience will be used to give you great service during your move. We also make sure that our Providence, RI movers show excellent customer service, so you can easily approach them and let them know if you want something done in a specific way.

Reasonable Rates for Quality Services

Aside from our great movers, we also offer our services at reasonable rates. Unlike other Providence moving companies, who charge based on the service you require and the day of your move, we follow a static pricing method.

Regardless of the type of move you are making or the day of your move, you pay only on the number of workers you hire as well as the amount of time they work. If you need a moving truck or if your move requires special tools, we can provide them at a minimal fee.

Compared to how a full-service moving company in Providence, RI might charge you for your move, our approach is proven to give you more freedom and flexibility to choose what kind of services you want to pay for.

This method of pricing guarantees that there are no hidden costs in the quote we provide. You know exactly what you’re paying for.

Budget-Friendly Moving Services at Your Fingertips

We can provide you with the exact type of moving service that you need for your specific move. Our Rhode Island movers have your back no matter what kind of move you are making. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Local and Long Distance Movers

Whether you’re making a local move or a long-distance move, we have the right crew for you. Our local movers in Providence, RI can help you if you are just moving within the city. Meanwhile, our long-distance movers in Providence, RI, along with our network of local movers in 300 other cities throughout the country, guarantee that we can assist you on both ends of your move regardless of what city or state you are moving from.

Residential and Commercial Movers

We also have residential movers as well as commercial movers to make sure that all pieces of furniture you have are handled the way they are supposed to be handled.

Our residential movers will take great care of your home furniture; meanwhile, our commercial movers are skilled in handling office furniture as well as any specialized equipment that you may have for your business. Regardless of the type of space you are moving into, be it a house, an apartment, or even an office space, you can count on our movers to do their work correctly and efficiently.

Same Day Movers

Most moving companies require you to book their services weeks ahead of your target moving day. However, we understand that sudden relocations can also happen.

If ever you fail to book our services ahead of time, don’t worry! We have same-day movers who can assist you even on short notice.

No matter what type of move you are making, you can count on our services to be useful for you.


Reliable Packing Services for Your Convenience

One of the most tiring aspects of moving is packing. Organizing your things and putting them into their designated boxes take up so much time as well.

With our packing services, you don’t have to stress over packing your things for your move. Our moving crew can efficiently handle this for you.

Packing Services

Our moving team will help you categorize your belongings, pack them carefully, and make sure that they are securely placed inside moving boxes. We will also label your boxes accordingly.

When we get to your new house, we will also handle all the necessary unpacking tasks. We will unbox your belongings in their designated rooms so that you will have an easier time organizing them.

Furniture Moving

Our furniture movers such as piano movers or pool table movers in Providence, RI will handle all the heavy lifting necessary for your big move. We will be careful in packing large items securely, and we will take extra care as we carry these things out of your old house and load them into your moving vehicle. We will make sure that these are securely positioned so that they don’t get damaged while in transit.

Additional Services

We offer more than just moving services. We aim to make sure that your entire home is ready for you as you move in.

Our movers can also render furniture assembly and simple appliance set-up. Also, we can do general repairs and clean-up services. You don’t have to stress over disposing of all the packing materials used during your move. We can do that for you.

Best of all, these extra services do not come at an extra cost. Our Providence movers will do an excellent job from the start to the end of the moving process to guarantee that you can have a wonderful experience as you move.

Get the Best Moving Services You Deserve!

As you prepare for your next move, choose a Providence moving company that can provide the best movers to come and help you out. With CLP, the best Providence movers are at your service.

All our services are available for you no matter what type of move you are making. Our crew can assist you on both ends of your move, also providing you with support on our additional services, such as packing, furniture moving, and clean-up.

The best movers for your upcoming move are just a few clicks away. Our booking interface is highly intuitive and transparent, so you know the exact services you are getting. Getting the right moving services for your move has never been this easy, so book our services now!

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How much do movers in Providence cost?

On average, the total cost of a local move in Providence can range anywhere between $80 to $150.

How long does moving to Providence take?

Usually, a local move in Providence can take 3 to 6 hours for a one-bedroom apartment.

How many movers do I need for my move to Providence?

Most people who moved to Providence hired at least 2 movers to assist them.

Do I need to pay upfront for a professional moving company?

A legitimate professional moving company would not ask you for an upfront payment. Some moving companies might ask for a small down payment, but never the full amount. Most companies won’t even ask for a down payment. As such, if a moving company asks you for an upfront payment, it may be a sign that you need to look for another crew of movers to help you on your move.

About Providence, RI

Located near the Massachusetts state line, Providence is the county seat of Providence County. It is the third most populous city in New England right after Boston and Worcester.

Providence has a long history dating back to the early 1600s. It is also one of the first cities in Providence County to industrialize, and it was eventually noted for its textile manufacturing machine tool, jewelry, and silverware industries.

Today, more than a third of its economy relies on trade, transportation, utilities, as well as educational and health services. It is home to eight hospitals as well as eight higher-learning institutions. There are also several prominent companies headquartered in Providence, including a few Fortune 500 companies.

Providence has a highly progressive community. It has an extremely diverse population, and it has gained the reputation of having the largest LGBT community in the Northeast. The art scene in the city is also thriving.

There is also a massive park system within the city, along with many other notable historic sites.

Top Attractions

As one of the major cities in Rhode Island, and as a city with a long history, there’s no shortage of local attractions in Providence. Most of these are historic sites, but there are also plenty of green open spaces that families can enjoy.

Here are a few of the attractions in Providence that are highly recommended by both locals and tourists who have visited the city:

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo
  • Water Fire
  • RISD Museum of Art
  • Rhode Island State Capitol
  • Federal Hill
  • Water Place Park and Riverwalk
  • “Mile of History” on Benefit Street
  • Brown University
  • Rhode Island Children’s Museum
  • Providence Atheneum

These are just a few of the many attractions in Providence, and a few attractions in this list also house other notable sites in them. A visit or two to these local sites can give you a glimpse of what Providence can offer.

Helpful Resources

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Phone: 401-680-5000


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