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Affordable Movers in Medford, Oregon

Are you relocating with your family soon? It can be a terrific nuisance if you plan to do everything yourself.

Hiring full-service moving companies may be a little expensive. But, getting professional Medford, Oregon, movers on a labor-only hourly basis can be the real game changer.

If you need top-quality moving services from professional movers at the lowest, most affordable rates, look no further than Community Labor Partnership’s wide range of services for residential and commercial movers!

We can assist you in your move to a new home or office through prompt, efficient, and reliable services which include local and long-distance moving, packing and unpacking, heavy lifting, loading, and unloading, and we also have specialized movers, such as piano movers, or pool table movers in Medford, Oregon for bulky and high-value pieces of furniture.

As the best Medford moving company, we provide all your relocation needs through genuine, budget-friendly service. Contact us now and get in touch with the finest movers in Medford, Oregon.

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Hire a local moving company at a much lower cost and make moving less stressful with professional help.

We charge the most competitive price for local and long-distance moves. Whether you are moving within a community or cross-town or interstate, Medford Movers has your back.

Our movers in Medford, OR will take care of your belongings and guarantee you a fast and hassle-free moving experience without breaking the bank. They are professionally skilled to handle every type of move and are knowledgeable in packing and moving customers’ possessions in the safest, most secure manner.

Check out some feedback and testimonials from our past and present customers and see how the quality of our services and the attitude of our moving crew stand out in every moving and packing service that we attend to.

Move to a new place at ease and experience a smooth moving process with no delays. Call us today or book your upcoming move with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Team Up with the Best Medford Movers

Your search for the most trusted local and cross-town movers is over now because you should start planning your move with the best moving company in Medford, Oregon. We are a multi-service moving company that will connect you with the best movers in Medford who are highly professional.

Our movers in Medford, OR are friendly and efficient, but above everything else, they are experienced in both residential and commercial moves, so whether you’re planning to move to a new home or workplace, our moving team will do an excellent job in helping you pack all your important belongings and give you a hassle-free experience.


Why Choose Us Over Other Moving Companies in Medford, Oregon?

Community labor companies provide excellent customer service. The reason behind this is their reputation. Since local businesses get most customers from word-of-mouth referrals, they work closely with all their customers, maintain a good accord, and provide services that exceed expectations.

At Community Labor Partnership we ensure A-grade moving services at a reasonable price in 300+ cities across the country.

With a nationwide network of over 42,000 skilled workers, choosing the right and most qualified movers is a lot easier for us. In just a few clicks, you can schedule your move with a reliable moving team.

Contact us now and start planning a relaxed, worry-free move with us, at a fraction of the cost.

Reviews & Testimonials


What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Medford, OR?

Generally, weekdays are cheaper to move cross-town due to lower demand. Weekends are busy for movers and moving fleets, and the price rises. Also, any festive season or other peak season may cause a surge in moving costs. But, Medford moving companies like CLP offer fixed hourly rates throughout the year. It allows the customers to plan their move in their comfort.

What do most movers charge per hour in Medford, OR?

Local movers in Medford, OR usually charge hourly $90 to $150 per mover. For long-distance moves, the hourly rate rises to $200 or more. While many cross-town movers charge extra for delicate item handling and heavy lifting, other moving companies, like CLP, offer fixed hourly rates for all sorts of moves.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture in Medford, OR?

A combination of DIY and professional services results in the most productive move. While you can take up packing, leaving heavy lifting and loading-unloading on the professionals is wiser. Also, get a moving container instead of rental trucks when moving cross-town or cross-country. Containers are even more reasonable than rental trucks.

How long does moving to Medford take?

Entire home or office packing and moving long-distance to Medford, Oregon may take somewhere between 2 days and a week. It depends on the number of the crew working for how long to pack, lift, and load different items, furniture, and appliances and unload and rearrange at the new establishment. Distance between two locations is also necessary to determine how long it may take on the road. On the other hand, local moves within the Medford area are available for same-day and next-day.

How many movers do I need for my move to Medford?

The number of movers you need for your first move depends on the work amount and the deadline you can provide. Local movers offer services for a minimum of 1 hour to 8 hours or more a day. You can hire one or more movers at a time.


About Medford, OR

Medford is the county seat of Jackson County, Oregon.

The healthcare industry drives the economy of Medford. Since Medford is also a retirement destination, assisted living, and senior services contribute to the economy.

Also, with the combination of public funds and private investment, the historic Medford downtown has undergone an economic retrieval recently.

Though living in Medford is expensive, people enjoy a high quality of life here with plentiful recreation.

If you seek a fantastic place for your permanent residence or retirement, Medford offers safe and peaceful living with low crime rates and access to quality healthcare for families, working and retired individuals.

Planning to move to Medford, Oregon soon? Trust our reliable and skilled movers and packers to give you an awesome and stress-free moving experience at affordable rates. Our competent and helpful team of professional movers and packers will assist you in preparing for your moving day, packing and securing your belongings, and making sure that they will safely arrive at your new destination. Make your Medford move easy with us. Contact us at (888)314-5128 or visit our website for more details.

Top Attractions

Medford is a rain shadow area. It is in the remains of ancient volcanic flow zones, as demonstrated by the Upper and Lower Table Rock lava formations and nearby Mount McLoughlin and Crater Lake. Medford has diverse natural, historical, cultural, and culinary origins.

The top attractions of Medford are:

  • Rogue Valley
  • Crater Rock Museum
  • Roxy Ann Peak
  • The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon
  • Prescott Park
  • Forest Park
  • Don Jones Memorial Park
  • Nunan House
  • Art Presence Art Center
  • DANCIN Vineyards
  • RoxyAnn Winery
  • EdenVale Winery
  • StoneRiver Vineyards
  • Daisy Creek Vineyard
  • Pebblestone Cellars

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