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Is this the year you have finally decided to change your lifestyle for maximum relaxation? Perhaps you want to shift to a quiet daily life in the Finger Lakes vacation region. Ready to be a resident of Flower City and take on that dream job? Are you a biker enthusiast looking to settle in a bike-friendly city exploring Genesee Riverway Trail while running successful startup businesses on the side?

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) can help you with both residential and commercial moves and also with local or long-distance moving. We have cross-country and local movers in Rochester, New York who can assist you while keeping moving costs manageable. Our interior moving services are cheap and affordable. We can connect you with the best residential, commercial, local, cheap, piano, appliance, and furniture movers in Rochester, NY. Our mission is to be one of the best moving companies in the city as well as in the country.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get ready to hire cheap movers to transform your next moving experience.

One of the Best Cheap Moving Companies in Rochester, NY

Great service is at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is our passion.

We aim to provide you with the best professional moving experience of your life. Our customers in the past have relied on our team to provide them with a stress-free, smoothly executed relocation experience.

What’s more, is that we have professional yet affordable movers in Rochester, NY, who can provide you with a top-notch moving service for half the cost of our competitors. We offer flat and consistent rates any time of the day, any day of the week!

Prior to assigning you a great moving team, we thoroughly vet and assess potential movers and see if they’re the right fit for you. In turn, we keep costs low for everybody by having an efficient selection process!

Ready to be a customer? Our experienced local movers in Rochester, NY, will be with you throughout the whole process.

Packing and Other Moving Services From Our Rochester Movers

On average, it takes 3 to 5 days for a 3-bedroom house. These are full days dedicated to packing, not just 2 to 4 hours per day.

It can be overwhelming when you have too many belongings, and you need to finish packing at the soonest possible time. While there are many cheap moving companies in Rochester, NY not all of them provide additional services.

However, when it comes to professional packing services, you can trust our movers in Rochester, NY as we can easily handle and pack your specialty items.

Whether it’s ensuring your fragile items are safe for hauling or maximizing the space in your moving truck, we will be there time and time again to do a job well done.

What Makes Us the Top Moving Company in Rochester, NY

Looking for the best local or long-distance moving companies in Rochester, NY but also worried about trusting other people for your valuable items? Stop worrying about your fragile valuables! Our moving team specializes in making sure your delicate items and expensive office equipment are wrapped generously with bubble wrap and pads to cushion any impact from being moved around in transit.

As one of the most trusted moving companies in Rochester, New York, our movers are experts in using packing paper to fill hollow items of ceramics, wine glasses, and even electronics. Our Rochester, NY movers would know the correct packing supplies and the right items to purchase. They will make sure the boxes of your belongings are properly labeled.

That way, you don’t have to constantly worry about your home furniture or office items breaking while in transit, and you get to have the peace of mind you deserve while not paying for extra costs!

Contact us now and plan your upcoming move for a seamless moving experience that other Rochester, NY moving companies can’t provide.

Get the Top Rochester Movers At a Reasonable Price

Our moving expertise also extends to loading and unloading your belongings and furniture. With a moving truck, we can help you carry the boxes of your things on your moving day. Our crew will be careful in carrying your personal items and house decor.

We make sure to provide the best local movers in Rochester, NY that fit your moving needs before we send them to your property. That way, you get your money’s worth in efficiency and get friendly movers that are easy to work with!

Need more services? Check out what our cheap movers in Rochester, NY can do:

  • Furniture Disassembly
  • Packing Services
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Assembly

Aside from our inclusive service, we also offer moving trucks and tools at lower prices than our competitors, so you don’t have to stress yourself out from finding a good deal!

Choose CLP to Fulfill All Your Moving Needs

We aim to be your go-to moving service. Whether it’s a big or small move, short or long move, easy or tedious move, our Rochester, NY movers will get it done and done right for an affordable price.

We can help you achieve an efficient and smooth relocation journey. We can provide you with the best experience for your Rochester, NY move. Our workers are reliable, hard-working and courteous. Moving into your new home can be a beautiful memory for you and your family.

Contact us today for an affordable, one-stop shop for all your moving needs. Call us at (888) 314-5128 and get the best moving team Rochester has to offer right at your doorstep!

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How much do movers cost in Rochester?
This will vary for local moves and long-distance moves. Ask your moving company in Rochester, NY if the rate already includes all other charges for tolls, fuel, and other items. On average, prepare at least $360 for moving service when you are moving to the Rochester area.
What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Rochester?
Rochester, NY movers offer better rates during the week because there are more clients during the weekends when their work schedule allows time for personal things. You do not need to worry about this if you choose CLP services. We offer the same rate per moving helper regardless if the move will be on a weekday or a weekend.
What is the cheapest way to move furniture to Rochester?
On average, it is cheaper to move using moving containers. However, if you would need additional services such as packing and unpacking assistance, hiring a moving company in Rochester, NY, and moving services will be cheaper in the long run. Often, getting exhausted by doing it all by yourself is not worth it, and most people seek out a stress-free experience.
How long does moving to Rochester take?
This depends on where you will be coming from and if you will be moving locally. An estimate of 6 weeks for your move time is often reasonable. Better to plan for surprises and factor in weather conditions depending on the season when you plan to move.
How many movers do I need for my move to Rochester?
On average, you will need at least 2 Rochester, NY movers to help you on a moving day. engage 1 more mover if you have a lot of stuff to bring to your new place.

About Rochester, NY

Known as the Young Lion of the West and Flour City, it was founded shortly after the American Revolution by a wave of English-Puritan-descended immigrants from New England led by Colonel Nathaniel Rochester.

Originally settled by the Seneca Indians, the history of Rochester began when Ebenezer Allen built a grist mill at the falls of the Genesee to supply the native inhabitants with flour.

However, Ebenezer failed, and his property was sold to Colonel Nathaniel Rochester, Colonel William Fitzhugh, and Major Charles Carroll. In 1811, Rochester sold parcels of his land and kickstarted the flour milling industry of the region.

Here are some fast facts about the city:

  • In 2020, the city had a population of 206k people with a median age of 32.4 and a median household income of $37,395.
  • In 2020, the median property value was $88,100, and the homeownership rate was 36.2%.
  • It employs 93k people with the Health Care & Social Assistance (19,264 people) sector as the largest industry.
  • The breakfast cereal, graham crackers, the voting machine, and commercially produced marshmallows were all invented in the Rochester area.

Top Attractions

When visiting Rochester, you can look forward to the week-long celebration of the Lilac Festival in Highland Park. Locals and tourists can enjoy the several stalls lining up the area with handcrafts, music, and street foods as their main goods.

Another popular hotspot is the Memorial Art Gallery. Dating back to 1913, the 14-acre gallery hosts an impressive collection of 12,000 items ranging from rotating modern art objects and exhibitions to donated foreign items worldwide.

Hungry for more places to visit? Here are a few additional interesting things to do in the Festival City:

  • Bike around Erie Canal and Genesee Riverway trails
  • Take a hike at Cobb’s Hill
  • Kayak around Lake Ontario
  • Attend the Rochester International Jazz Festival
  • Soak up on history at the Antique Wireless Museum
  • Explore Belhurst Castle and Winery

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