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Hire Cheap and Local Movers in Albany, NY

Looking for affordable Albany movers that offer excellent service? Look no further, Community Labor Partnerships (CLP) is ready to deliver an excellent job to your doorstep- literally!

At Community Labor Partnerships, we specialize in making the moving process for our clients as stress-free as possible for the entire experience.

Whether you are making a local or a long-distance move cross country, you can count on our seasoned professionals to provide top-notch moving services.

To know more about how we established and continue to be the #1 moving company in Albany, NY you can read more about it below!


Why Choose Us Among Other Moving Companies in Albany, NY

We are a family-owned and full-service moving company dedicated to being the best Albany, NY movers you can find. We do this by keeping prices low and working fast by connecting you to local workers.

The Advantages of CLP Moving Services Over Other Moving Companies:

Same-Day Moving Service

If you schedule at the last minute and need same-day Albany, NY movers ASAP, you can always count on our services. We can also do local moving and long-distance moving!

Great Customer Service

We make it our number one priority to facilitate better client-and-worker relationships by hiring from within the community, therefore building better local bonds!

Affordable and Consistent Rates

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a residential move or a business owner looking for an extra pair of hands on a busy work schedule, our rates stay the same no matter what moving day it is.

Tender Loving Care

Whether you are moving into a residential or commercial area, we ensure your belongings arrive safely and accounted for. From packing to unpacking, loading to unloading, our team of movers is careful with your belongings every step of the way.

We will have efficient and reliable workers for you at the ready. Contact us today for your next move!

Why CLP Tops the Best Local Movers in Albany, NY

Our moving crew can plan and manage every aspect of your move. From hauling furniture to assembling, this is a job we can do that even other local moving companies near Albany, NY cannot do.

Some of our services include:

Loading and Unloading

When planning your moving process, you will need a helping hand or two to load and unload your belongings – that is where our team of reliable movers comes in.

If you are looking for cheap home movers in Albany, NY offer a low-cost loading and unloading service, ready to do the heavy lifting with fixed hourly rates.

We also go out of our way to ensure our Albany, NY movers are extra careful with your possessions while being as efficient as possible.

Packing and Unpacking

One of the most stressful things someone can experience is packing and unpacking their stuff.

That is because you will have to plan and ensure you have the correct packing materials, labeling, and the tedious task of individually packing it- which may take days, weeks, or even months.

By hiring our services, you will save a lot of time and energy in the entire process since our affordable local and long-distance movers in Albany, NY do this service automatically. We do this process so our workers can protect your items much better against any damage when moving- plus, it is for stress-free unpacking!

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Sometimes, heavy items such as beds, shelves, and closets cannot fit in your doorway, and some things cannot fit in the truck.

As a moving company, we aim to make your experience as convenient as possible. We do this by disassembling your furniture and top off our moving service by reassembling everything back to your new place.

As good as that moving process sounds, we do not provide materials, equipment & tools, trucks, and storage units to keep costs low. It is entirely up to your discretion!


Trust Our Albany Moving Company

If you need the best local and long-distance movers in Albany, NY who will do a wonderful job in ensuring a smooth, safe, and stress-free move, we are the perfect choice for you. Our professional movers are experienced in all types of moves just to fit in with your moving needs. So, whether you are planning to move to a new home, apartment, or workplace within the city or in another state, our Albany, NY local and long-distance movers will be at your service.

As compared to other local and long-distance moving companies in Albany, NY with limited access to professional moving helpers, we take pride in our large pool of talent and a nationwide network of over 42,000 skilled workers in the moving and home improvement industry. So, wherever you are, we can provide you with exceptional moving and packing services, and more with just a few clicks!

Plus, aside from getting a high-quality moving service, access to the best movers in your area, and stellar customer service to glue it all together, you also get the lowest-market rates (among our local competitors) for up to half the price — talk about a bargain!

Choose CLP's Reliable Moving Services in Albany, NY

We know how complicated this process is. That is why we continue to be the best Albany moving company regarding reliability and costs to the community and our workers.

You can be 100% at ease that only the most reputable movers will assist you. So, if you are looking for a house, apartment, local, long-distance, and same-day movers in Albany, New York, you can always ring us up.

Our moves are known for their innate friendliness and value for money. And they make sure to assist you with any kind of move you are making.

Not only this, but if you need help with moving a valuable piece of furniture, a piano, and a pool table to your new house, our professional movers in Albany, NY have you covered.

We are always moving! You can call us at (888)-314-5128 for your next move!

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How much should I budget for a local move?
The best local moving companies in Albany, NY area charge around $65 per hour per person. If you hired 2 people for 3 hours, the amount would cost you around $400 in labor costs. If you factor in the cost of tools, materials, equipment, rental trucks, and storage, your expenses should balloon to the thousands. Fortunately, CLP provides local moving teams in Albany with affordable rates. You can check the prices on our website.
How long does moving to Albany take?
For local moving (50 miles or less), a successful move should take at least two hours. For long-distance moving, it depends on the distance from your old house to your new location- plus the moving company you will hire. An interstate move generally takes between two days and three weeks, possibly more depending on weather conditions and logistics.
How many movers do I need for my move to Albany?
Hiring 1-2 movers for a stress-free and efficient move is best if you live in a small apartment. Hiring at least three movers is highly recommended if you live in a 2–4-bedroom home. However, if you are planning to make a big move and pack many heavy items like a pool table or a piano, hiring 3+ professional movers to do the heavy lifting is recommended to save time (and money.)
What day is the cheapest to hire Albany movers?
To get a discount from Albany, NY moving companies on your moving service, try to schedule your move between Monday to Thursday since people usually schedule their moves in their free time (Friday to Sunday.) Scheduling your move during this period will make your movers all the happier to give you a better rate.
How much do movers cost in Albany, NY?
Hiring a local moving company in Albany, NY, can cost you an average of $500+ (2 movers and a truck for 3 hours), or $65 per mover per hour. To get the best value for your money, contact our affordable home movers in Albany, NY, at (888) 314-5128 and get up to half the price in labor costs.

About Albany, NY

Albany is the beating economic and cultural heart of the State of New York. It also serves as its Capital City. It is one of the oldest surviving settlements from the original 13 US colonies and is known as the longest chartered city in the United States.

The Mohican North American Indian tribe and the Iroquois originally founded Albany. It was initially named “Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw” in Mohican or “Sche-negh-ta-da” in Iroquois.

Modern Albany was founded in 1614 when the English explorer Hendrick Hudson claimed the settlement for the Dutch, dubbing the city “Beaverwyck.” After 1664, the English took over and renamed the town Albany in honor of the Duke of York (the Duke of Albany in Scottish).

Today, the city is known for becoming the breeding ground for growth in the nanotechnology industry, with the University at Albany leading the spearhead for global nanotech research.

Top Attractions

Located in the heart of Albany and spanning approximately 89 acres, Washington Park is the city’s main park and attraction- perfect if you are looking for a wonderful experience around the city.

The park is a hotspot for outdoor activities and social events since it is one of the most well-maintained parks in the county. The park contains over one hundred species of trees (ranging from bonsais to oak trees) and various sports areas like tennis and basketball courts.

Another fan favorite with outstanding reviews is the C.H. Evans Brewing Company. Located in the Albany Pump Station building, the brew shop sells beers on tap using recipes from its founding in 1786.

With up to eleven in-house brews to choose from, the brew shop is a must-visit during happy hour!

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