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Do you want to move at ease but you also worry about high moving expenses and your stuff’s safety? Community Labor Partnership and our top Lincoln local movers can help you with your moving needs no matter where you are.

We are a moving company that offers a wide range of moving services and access to professional movers in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our hard-working and dependable team of local movers can help you enjoy a stress-free moving experience at reasonable rates. Work with the best and the most trusted local movers in Lincoln, NE, and experience efficient and quick professional moving services to help you move to a new home or business space at ease.

Here are some of the areas and types of moving services and specialized services that our professional movers have mastered:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving | Interstate moving
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Heavy lifting
  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing and unpacking

As a top moving company in Nebraska, we partner with not just the Lincoln, NE local movers but more importantly, the trusted and reputable ones. Our local movers are friendly, polite, and knowledgeable in different moving policies per state, so regardless of your choice of location, our team can give you an amazing moving experience that is worthy of your time and money.

Book your upcoming move with us and experience moving services that matter.


CLP - The Best Choice Among All Moving Companies in Lincoln, NE

Every Lincoln moving company promises exceptional moving services or affordable prices, but with us, we have mastered both. From local to long-distance moving and the positive reviews for our moving crew, here are some of the reasons why we stand out among other moving companies in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Prompt and Reliable Moving Crew

We value your time, and we make sure to deliver your moving needs as quickly as possible. We take pride in our moving crew who are excellent at providing prompt and efficient services to every client and any type of moving service. Our professional movers arrive on time on your moving day, collect your belongings, handle them with the utmost care, load them into the vehicle, and keep you at ease during the entire moving process.

Knowledgeable Movers

Moving sounds like an easy process for some but it requires knowledge of different state and city policies to make sure that your move to a new location will be smooth and convenient. Compared to other local and long-distance moving companies in Lincoln, NE, our movers are highly familiar and knowledgeable in the whole process of moving and relocation, traffic and parking policies, and other do’s and don’ts for a top-notch moving experience.

Specialized Services from Professional Movers

Don’t have enough time to prepare for your next move? We got you covered. Moving will be a lot easier when all your belongings are properly packed and loaded into the vehicle. For heavy pieces of furniture like piano and pool table, we offer specialized moving services to make sure that your belongings will be handled by the most experienced movers in Lincoln, NE.

Our crew can assist you in packing and unpacking your belongings and they work hard in taking care of all client belongings and keeping them safe and in the best condition before and after your move to a new home.

Friendly and Polite Crew

Apart from quality moving services, our employees treat every client with respect, and we always care about customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to give instructions to our friendly and polite moving team, they will be more than happy to listen and assist you.

Affordable Moving Services

In comparison to other Lincoln, NE moving companies, we offer the lowest price for moving services. Starting at $100, you can book your upcoming move with 1 moving helper to assist you. We also give direct and fixed rates, with no estimates or hidden costs. We go big in service, not in cost.

How Our Lincoln City Movers Can Help You

Choosing a reliable moving company ensures that you will have an overall pleasant experience when moving. Our local movers will do an excellent job in helping you when it comes to packing and moving all your things to your new home or office.

Our moving team will provide you with the assistance you need at an affordable price. We specialize in all kinds of moving so we can handle any kind of relocation that you have to do – whether you’re making a local or long-distance move, whether you’re moving to a new apartment, house, or office, our team of professional movers will do a careful yet efficient job in assisting you.


Schedule an Appointment With Our Moving Company in Lincoln, NE

We are in the business of providing great service to our customers. Our professional moving team is made up of professionals who will go the extra mile to guarantee that your move becomes a great experience. We have various types of moving services that come at a great price, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

Our professional movers are just a click away. You can easily schedule an appointment with our moving company by simply the number of movers you need as well as the amount of time that they will be working with you.

With our moving services, you can relax knowing that you will be working with the best moving company in Lincoln, NE.

Better Opportunities For the Local Community

We are a moving company that aims to build a community of better opportunities for every hard-working independent mover who wants to secure a stable and rewarding job that also extends the necessary assistance to individuals, families, and businesses in need.

With a network of over 42,000 skilled workers located in different states and cities, and over 15,000 jobs completed under different services, we guarantee clients the best customer service provided by the best-skilled workers in the U.S.

We make sure to meet the expectations of our valued clients, and at the same time, provide amazing labor gigs for our workers. We value our crew as much as we value our clients, so we only want the best for them. Our proven expertise in the moving industry makes it easier for us to gather the finest professionals in various fields and connect them with every individual and family who needs their services.

Contact us now and become a member of a community that fosters exceptional services and unlimited opportunities. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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What do most movers charge per hour in Lincoln, NE?

A typical mover charges an average of $80 to $150 per hour, per mover. This rate is applicable for small local moves, and other moving companies usually charge more for long-distance moves. Factors like time, distance, and the complexity of a move can also influence pricing.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Lincoln, NE?

It is common for a moving company or business to charge lower rates during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) when the demand for moving services is also low, and movers are not busy. If you want to enjoy guaranteed pricing for your upcoming move without adjusting your schedule or interrupting your rest days, CLP offers the lowest rates for moving services anytime, anywhere.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture in Lincoln, NE?

Moving containers are always the top choice for families and individuals who want to move with their bulky furniture but don’t have enough budget to pay for a full-service move where a moving truck will be provided by the moving company. Starting at $3 per mile, you can get the big space that most moving containers offer without worrying that your items will be damaged or lost along the way.


About Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster. It is famous for ranking on the top tier of national research universities. Lincoln is also the 2nd most populated city in the state of Nebraska, and 73rd in the whole country.

Compared to other cities in the United States, Lincoln offers a more affordable cost of living that is 2% lower than the state average and 9% lower than the national average. The housing is also 22% more than the U.S. average, which contributes to the residents’ decision to buy their own homes instead of renting. It is a progressive city with both historical and artistic value, friendly citizens, active tourism campaigns, and wildlife protection and preservation efforts.

Top Attractions

If you are someone who has a perfect mix and balance of art and nature, Lincoln is the city that fits your ideal home or vacation spot. Graced by lots of natural parks, zoos, and museums, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and man-made architecture.

The top sights in Lincoln, NE include the following:

  • Lincoln Children’s Zoo
  • Sunken Gardens
  • Museum of American Speed
  • International Quilt Museum
  • University of Nebraska State Museum – Morrill

If you are fascinated with theme parks and museums, Lincoln offers a lot of attractions where you can learn and enjoy bits and pieces of their rich culture and history showcased through art.

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