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Looking for a moving company for your upcoming move to Winston-Salem? Ideally, for a stress-free move, you would want to work with professional movers who offer reliable services at a reasonable price.

We know that moving can be a stressful time and you are going to need all the help that you can get with all the packing, loading, and all the work that you are going to need to do during this time.

Plus, for all of those who are busy with work and family and are doing this for the first time, moving can be daunting and so we know that we can be a significant help for you.

We can be that company for you. Our moving services guarantee that you will experience a seamless moving experience. Contact one of the leading Winston-Salem moving companies and let us handle your next move.


One of the Best Moving Companies in Winston-Salem

Our wide range of services allows us to assist you throughout the entire moving process. We specialize in both local and long-distance moving. We have Winston-Salem, NC movers and local movers from other cities throughout the country, which means that no matter where you are moving from, we can assist you on both ends of your move.

We also offer packing services to ensure that your belongings are securely delivered to your new home. Our experienced local movers in Winston-Salem handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of your things so you do not have to lift a finger during your move. Meanwhile, our team of the best piano, pool table, and furniture movers in Winston-Salem, NC can do an excellent job of handling heavy objects among your belongings.

Best of all, our services come at an affordable price, so your move to Winston-Salem does not have to burn a hole through your pocket. Book with us now!

Hiring Our Professional Movers in Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to hiring professional movers in Winston-Salem, NC, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you want to be sure that you are hiring a reputable Winston-Salem moving company with a good track record. You also want to be sure that the company you hire is insured and licensed to operate in your state.

Once you have found a few good local moving companies in Winston-Salem, NC, you can start comparing prices. Be sure to get quotes from each company so you can compare apples to apples. And finally, be sure to read the reviews from other customers before you make your final decision.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that you will find the best possible deal on professional moves in Winston-Salem, NC.

But, to cut the process short, you can also go ahead and contact us now to get the most affordable and the best moving services in town!


Book Our Moving Company in Winston-Salem Today!

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable moving company in Winston-Salem, NC look no further than our team of professionals at CLP. We have several years of experience helping families and businesses move to their new homes and offices, and we can do the same for you.

Our affordable local movers in Winston-Salem, NC offer a wide range of services to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. We can help you pack and unpack your belongings, load and unload your moving truck, and even provide a rental truck for you.

Contact CLP, one of the top-rated moving companies, to book our moving services in Winston-Salem, NC. We look forward to helping you make your move a success!

Reviews & Testimonials


What do most movers in Winston-Salem charge per hour?
On average, for labor alone, the best movers in Winston-Salem, NC charge around $20 to $50 per mover per hour.
What day is the cheapest to hire Winston-Salem movers?
Generally, it is cheapest to hire Winston-Salem, NC movers on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) as the demand for movers, thus the cost of their services, spike during weekends.
What is the cheapest way to move furniture to Winston-Salem?
To save money when moving furniture, it is better to hire labor-only movers in Winston-Salem, NC, and rent a moving truck instead of hiring a full-service Winston-Salem moving company.
How much do you tip Winston-Salem movers?
A good rule of thumb would be to tip your Winston-Salem, NC movers 15% to 20% of the total moving cost.
How long does moving to Winston-Salem take?
On average, a local move in Winston-Salem takes at least two hours.
How many movers do I need for my move to Winston-Salem?
Most people who moved to Winston-Salem hired at least 2 movers. However, if you are moving into a larger property (such as a 3-bedroom home) or into an apartment that is not on the ground floor, you might have to hire 3 to 4 movers.

About Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem is one of those cities where history and technology seamlessly unite. It has a rich history that dates to the 1700s. As well as having a rich history, Winston-Salem is a city that most people look forward to. It has earned the name “City of Arts and Innovation” due to its progressive arts and tech scene.

Today, Winston-Salem is regarded as one of the best cities to live in the Greensboro Area as well as in the entire country. The industries it houses are diverse as they range from beer brewing, textile manufacturing, technology, and many more. It is a thriving city where Southern friendliness meets international appeal.

All in all, this city gives a feeling of joy, and relaxation making it an ideal destination for work-related trips and family vacations.

Top Attractions

There are a lot of attractions to visit and things to do when in Winston-Salem – from its locally owned restaurants, galleries, as well as wineries, you will never get bored when in this city. Among its many attractions, the following come highly recommended by locals and visitors alike:

  • Old Salem Museums and Gardens
  • Korner’s Folly
  • Reynolda House Museum
  • Bethabara Historic District
  • ARTivity on the Green
  • The last giant yellow clamshell Shell Oil station in the country
  • Graylyn Estate
  • Yadkin Valley wineries
  • Hanging Rock State Park

These are just a few of the many attractions within and near Winston-Salem, NC.

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