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Known for its charming mix of the old and the new, St. Charles is home to almost 67,000 people and is one of the largest cities in St. Charles County. Whether you are relocating to St. Charles, MO for your dream house or dream job, your journey does not need to be stressful.

To make it less challenging and more enjoyable, engage a moving company. You can look for one to assist you with residential moving or if you are moving your business office, you can look for one which can offer commercial moving services.

If you are worried about your furniture or heirloom piano, you can find one with helpers who can do the heavy lifting for you. You do not need to book piano movers in St. Charles, MO. You just need to ensure that carrying your things is part of the assistance offered by the moving company of your choice.

Consider Community Labor Partnership (CLP) for your moving needs. We can provide a moving team that can help you in your upcoming move. We have efficient movers who will take care of your concerns. Choose CLP now.

What Makes CLP Different from Other St. Charles Moving Companies?

What sets us apart? Our professional movers in St. Charles, MO are dedicated to customer satisfaction. CLP has a reputation for providing knowledgeable and reliable movers who will handle your relocation at reasonable price points.

Aside from our dedication to our customers’ happiness, we are one of the few professional moving services that can be considered as a full-service moving company. From packing services to junk removal, our moving service is all-inclusive.

We have a wide selection of service offerings. We can help you pack up your entire home and even prepare and organize your new home. Whatever your moving need is, CLP is here to listen and help.

Throughout our years of experience, we have come across different scenarios. We can help you secure your stuff for small moves and even for long-distance moves even when there are unexpected events such as a sudden storm or a busted tire. Choose CLP as your moving company in your move to St. Charles.

Move Hassle-Free with Our Movers in St. Charles, MO

Is your business thinking of setting up an office in St. Charles MO? Do you want to start anew but do not have much money to spare? Is your schedule tight and do you need to finish relocation efficiently and quickly? Are you worried your expensive items will not be safe in transit? Look for a company with experience that gives importance to its client’s concerns.

Here at CLP, we take pride in taking the tedious load off your hands while keeping your expenses at a minimum. We offer a complete set of moving services, not just loading and unloading of your belongings to moving trucks.

Once you have moved into your new house, we can assist you in making the experience easier by helping you organize and set up the place. We have helpers who can dismantle your table, assemble your cabinet, and do deep cleaning and handyman services.

Contact The Finest Moving Company in St. Charles

A team of experts can make the moving process easier. Aside from our moving specialists, we also have a dedicated support team who will do seamless coordination for you. They will connect you with our movers to ensure everything is done in an efficient manner.

We want your residential move to your new home to be a memorable life milestone for you and your family. We want your commercial move to be the start of something new for the success of your business.

We are upfront with our price list, and you can use it as a reference for your relocation budget. You will also find testimonials from our past clients on our website.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with CLP today.



What day are movers cheapest in St Charles, MO?

Weekdays are the cheapest days to book services because most people schedule their move on the weekends. The demand for movers is higher during weekends. This is why cost-wise, it would be cheaper to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

If you book CLP movers for your next move, you need not worry about taking time off from your job on a weekday. We charge the same rates for weekday and weekend moves and no matter the day or the distance.

How do I find the best local movers in St Charles?

Research for reputable local movers and for customer testimonials and reviews. From there you can pick one that can provide services you may need and still work within your expense range. You can also ask trusted friends and family for tips and recommendations.

There may be additional expenses for packing and unpacking services. Ask your service provider upfront for their rates and service packages. You would not want to have surprise charges and hidden fees.

What is considered a local move vs. a long-distance move in St Charles, MO?

Local moving usually entails relocation within the same city or at most, within a 30-mile radius from your current home.

On the other hand, a long-distance move usually means moving to another state or another country. It often involves relocating to more than 100 miles away from where you are.

How much does it cost for long-distance movers in St. Charles, MO?

The average rate for local movers is $100 to $1000. On the other hand, for long-distance moves, expect at least $2,200 to $3,700.

The costs and price rates vary based on the distance that the move will cover, the number of things you will transport, and how many movers you will need to assist you. Rates for a local move are often lower than for long-distance moving services. Ideally, you will have to book at least 2 movers to help you with relocation.

Remember that rates are for standard moving services only. It does not include moving truck rental, the cost of packing materials, and fuel.

How much do you tip movers in St. Charles?

This depends on you. If you do not have any reference you can use, it would be acceptable to tip at least 15 to 20% of the total moving bill. Tip in cash to avoid giving your movers unnecessary hassle.

Remember that your movers handled the physically demanding tasks of lifting your furniture and boxes of belongings and loading and unloading them in the moving truck. Try to be kind and considerate when you can.

How do I protect my furniture when moving to St. Charles, MO?

Depending on whether your furniture is just irregularly shaped, bulky, or breakable, the basic way to protect it is to wrap it thoroughly and carefully. For sofas, wrapping blankets and sealing them with layers of plastic wrap can help. Try to disassemble large pieces and equipment and wrap each component with plastic wrap and bubble wrap.

For breakable items, use a lot of bubble wrap and pads. For wooden pieces, use protective fabric to avoid any scratches.

How much do movers in Saint Charles cost in St. Charles?

Moving companies in St. Charles, MO typically charge $100. This price rate may vary depending on how many helpers you will book.

If you have a large house and a lot of belongings, expect that the expense will increase. Another factor to consider is the distance that your move will cover.

How long does moving to Saint Charles take?

On average, St. Charles movers take 3 hours per job. It would depend of course on where you will be coming from and the number of belongings you need to pack. It helps to declutter and discard items you no longer need.

In coming up with a timeline for your move, try to consider unexpected scenarios such as sudden changes in weather. A snowstorm or hurricane may hamper your move and make the relocation longer. This is why it is important to engage professionals who already have moving experience. Imagine going through such stressful scenarios when moving is challenging enough.


About St Charles, MO

St. Charles is the county seat of Charles County, Missouri, United States. It is the 9th largest city in Missouri and is located on the Missouri River. The city is a northwestern suburb of St. Louis.

It is a restored historic city founded by the French-Canadian fur trader Louis Blanchette. He originally named the city Les Petites Cotes which means “The Little Hills”. The name later evolved into St. Charles.

At present, St. Charles is home to the headquarters of the following companies: Aspect, Our365, RX System, NewCo Enterprises, Patriot Machine, and Client Services, and to the regional offices of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Sysco, and American Freightways.

Top Attractions

If you are looking for fun, St. Charles has a few unique offerings. Drop by the Foundry Art Centre or visit the Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne. If you want to learn more about the city’s history, visit Play Street Museum or stroll along Main Street to see historical buildings.

If you are fond of events, try to stay for the Missouri River Irish Fest. Bring the family to Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center for its go-karts, laser tag, escape rooms, and trampoline park.

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