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If you are looking for professional movers with expertise in local or long-distance moves to help you have a stress-free moving experience, we are here to help you.

Community Labor Partnership is a moving company that specializes in quality moving services at affordable prices that every individual and family can get. As a moving company with a large pool of over 42,000 workers based in various locations in the United States, we partner with only the best moving professionals with extensive experience in local moves and interstate moves.

Aside from the typical moving services, our furniture movers, such as piano movers or pool table movers in New Bedford, MA will help you move into a new home without worrying about your important belongings and house furniture. Our New Bedford movers will assist you before, during, and even after the moving process to ensure a smooth and pleasant moving experience. Here are some of the services we offer to residential and commercial customers:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance | Interstate moving.
  • Packing services
  • Unpacking services
  • Loading and heavy lifting services
  • Unloading services
  • Specialized moving services (Piano moving, painting moving, etc.)

Every service comes with a reasonable price so that you can have a quality moving experience without spending beyond your budget.

Book your upcoming move with us and connect with the finest and most reliable movers in Bedford, Massachusetts, and in the entire country. Contact us now.

Why is CLP Better Than Other Moving Companies in New Bedford?

We are better than any other moving company in New Bedford, MA, not just in terms of pricing but also in the quality of services that our movers offer. Our professional team of New Bedford movers is known for being punctual, friendly, and polite. They come to every appointment on time and make sure to get the job done in the most careful manner.

They pack, load, and unload household items and move furniture with utmost care to keep every residential or business customer at ease during the entire moving process. Moreover, they connect effortlessly with customers through their warm and genuine customer service that thousands of past customers really adore.

Check out some of the best reviews that our past customers gave to our movers and get motivated to make your big move with us here at CLP.

We Make Your Move Easier With Our Movers in New Bedford, MA

Our goal is to help people who help people. We give unlimited opportunities to qualified workers who wish to level up their work experience and skills in different moving and relocation assistance services for residential and commercial customers.

We trust and motivate independent contractors to take their expertise to higher levels and serve more people with their moving and packing needs. As a moving company, we make sure to deliver quality moving services and more to make things easier for you.

Whether it is a small and simple local move, or a big, long-distance one, our skilled and experienced moving professionals will be present to assist you and take care of all your belongings. With our reliable team, you can expect nothing less than an incredibly smooth and hassle-free moving day with our amazing movers!

Each mover will come to your moving appointment on time, attentively listen and respond to your queries and concerns, and help you prepare and pack all your important stuff carefully so you can be at ease during the entire move.

Book your upcoming move with us, and experience superb and trusted services with value for money.

We Are the Leading Mover Among Moving Companies in New Bedford

We are the most preferred moving company in New Bedford in terms of a wide range of services, performance and quality of movers, and affordability. These factors serve as ultimate game changers that make us stand out among hundreds and thousands of moving companies in New Bedford.

Unlike most moving companies offering free cost estimates and moving quotes, we offer flat and upfront pricing for all our moving services. This means that you no longer must worry about hidden costs, surprise charges, and ridiculously high moving rates during peak days because we can give you the lowest rates for every moving or packing service on any day of the week! Amazing, right?

To ensure the quality and integrity of our moving services, we partner with only the finest, most efficient, and most reputable moves in the industry. We make sure to choose movers who are not just skilled and experienced but are also knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to the concerns of customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with fun and stress-free moving experiences that will only be possible with the help of reputable movers in New Bedford, MA.

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What do most movers charge per hour in New Bedford, MA?
Movers typically charge between $80 to $150 per mover, per hour for local moves. Factors like the number and size of belongings and household items included in the service, and the duration of the move could increase or decrease this rate.
What day is the cheapest to hire movers in New Bedford, MA?
Most movers offer the lowest rates for moving services done during the weekdays (Monday to Thursday) due to the expected low demand for moving services and movers. Compared to other moving companies that rely on peak and lean seasons with their pricing plans, CLP offers fixed and guaranteed rates on any day of the week without hidden costs, so make sure to schedule your next move with us.
Why do movers charge so much in New Bedford?
Moving and relocating from one city or state to another involves a lot of lifting, loading, and packing to make sure that all important belongings will be transported safely and securely. In addition, expenses like transportation and gasoline would increase the moving rates.
How much does it cost for long-distance movers in New Bedford?
If you are planning for a long-distance move, consider preparing as much as $3,000 for a full-service move with a 2-person moving team. This is still subject to an increase per additional mover and mile traveled, as well as the specialized services that your movers will provide for your high-value belongings that are hard to move.
How much do you tip movers in New Bedford?
The general rule for tipping movers is to give at least 5-10% of the total moving costs. For example, if the total bill is $2,000, you should consider giving at least $100 to your moving team. If you believe that their services deserve more, you can always increase your tip amount.
How should a customer prepare for moving day in New Bedford, MA?
If you are not getting a full-service move inclusive of packing and loading your stuff, make sure to have it carefully packed days before your moving day. If you have trolleys, carts, and other moving equipment and tools at home, you can use them to load your belongings into the designated vehicle. High-value personal belongings should be kept inside your own vehicle. Preparing for a full-service move is easier. You just must make sure that your home or office space is clean and free of clutter that might distract and delay the moving process. Consider cleaning 2-3 days before your moving day.

About New Bedford, MA

New Bedford City is in Bristol County, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Known for the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, the city was acknowledged as one of the richest cities per capita in the world during the 19th century when whaling was its primary booster for its economic growth.

Until now the city still maintains its grandeur and expensive charm, ranking 28th among other 273 American cities in terms of cost of living. Residing in New Bedford requires a stable source of income, with the housing expenses alone hitting 99% higher than the national average. Based on the latest census report, the population of New Bedford is 100,941.

Planning a move to New Bedford, MA? Make sure to hire the fastest, most efficient movers for your moving day. Contact us at (888) 314 – 5128 to book our skilled and trusted moving professionals who will be more than happy to be at your service. Call us now!

Top Attractions

With its remarkable history in whaling, most attractions in New Bedford aim to immortalize this valuable part of the city’s culture and history. The highlights of every visit to New Bedford are the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and the New Bedford Whaling Museum which both display fantastic views and presentations of the eminent whaling industry centuries ago.

As a city that gives high importance to arts and culture, other museums including the New Bedford Art Museum and the New Bedford Museum of Glass are also the top destinations of citizens and tourists who are fascinated with traditional and modern art. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts can also visit the Buttonwood Park Zoo.

If you are someone who adores nature, art, history, and culture, New Bedford offers a fantastic experience that you can enjoy either as a tourist or as a resident. The city’s artistic and modern approach to daily living and leisure is an ideal way to relax and unwind. Consider New Bedford as a must-visit place and experience the perfect balance of nature and culture in one beautiful program.

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