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Are you an avid Red Sox fan wanting to live near Fenway Park, the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball? Perhaps you are a Celtics fan and would love to be near the TD Garden to watch the team play. Renowned for its universities and rich history, people move to this vibrant city for its cultural offerings, shopping, and access to excellent health care. Boston also provides easy access to Plymouth Plantation, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you want to live in a laid-back art community or you crave a fast-paced lifestyle, Boston is the perfect city.

First things first. Relocation can get complicated. You have to prepare for the entire process to avoid having a stressful experience. Although a lot of people attempt a DIY move to save on costs, you can still save more efficiently by looking for the best moving companies in Boston, MA, and hiring these professional movers.

Long-distance moves can get a bit tricky especially if you will be moving from another country. You will have to tackle a lot of tasks and might even need to secure permits to ship your belongings to your new country. For a hassle-free move, it is better to work with a moving company offering long-distance moving services.

Local moves, on the other hand, might seem easy at first. However, if you are doing it for commercial and business purposes, you are probably on a tight schedule and it would be extremely efficient to engage a moving company to take care of moving-related errands. Commercial moves often require deadlines in support of business continuity. You cannot afford to take a long time before reopening your office.

Let Community Labor Partnership assist you in the moving process so you can focus on planning new adventures in your dream city. Our moving specialists are known for their passion for great customer service. We are committed to giving you an incredible experience. We can take care of unexpected surprises and make your relocation a memorable five-star experience while maintaining affordable rates and competitive prices. From moving furniture to helping you unload your bulky items to your new house, we are here to help you.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Moving Companies in Boston

With the popularity of remote work nowadays, a lot of people are moving out of state and taking a leap of faith in settling in a new city. Due to this rise in demand, now there are numerous interstate moving companies and long-distance moving companies in Boston, MA. If you are looking for the best, cheap and affordable moving companies, consider our reliable movers.

We take pride in ensuring that our moving services are quality work without breaking the bank. We also have piano movers and same-day movers in Boston, MA in case you need to move on short notice.

Even for a local move, you will have a lot of things to do for your move. You need to look for a new house with essential amenities like groceries and hospitals nearby. You also need to learn to navigate your new drive to and from your home or office. If you have kids, for sure you are scouting for a new school or childcare facility. You also need to help them adjust to an unfamiliar environment. It is a period of adjustment and tweaking existing habits.

Do not let the move take a toll on your health and relationships. Visit our website to know our services and how our rates can fit your budget. We are one of the cheap moving companies in Boston.

Get Our Packing Services From the Best Movers in Boston

Other moving companies offer services only on moving day. Be sure to ask your moving company for the specific services included in their package. It is better to have a clear picture of what to expect in terms of costs and assistance than to be surprised halfway through the moving experience.

If you have a lot of things to pack, it is advisable to book for packing services whether this is included in the basic rate or not. One of the challenges of moving is transporting personal belongings, especially for a long-distance move. Bulky pieces and large furniture such as wardrobe cabinets, smart TVs, bed frames, and pianos are often difficult to transport.

However, by choosing our Boston Movers as your go-to moving and packing services, you get the best of both worlds since we give the best service at affordable rates!

Best of All Boston Moving Companies

After making sure your belongings are safely packed and ready for the challenges they will encounter while in transit, loading the boxes in trucks, it’s time to think about unloading them on moving day. This is an essential consideration especially if you have expensive equipment you need to bring to your new office or pricey appliances for your new apartment.

If you decide to purchase a new dining table from your new city’s local mall and you need someone to lift the item back to your apartment, contact us. You do not need to strain your muscles or exert strenuous physical effort. Our experienced professionals will take care of your large appliances and even your piano, refrigerator, wardrobe, dresser, and tables.

That’s why you can trust our moving crew with your furniture. From lifting chinaware and pool tables to hauling photocopier machines and office furniture, this is a job we do best.

Let Our Movers in Boston, MA Do the Decluttering and Packing

Packing is time-consuming. On average, it takes 3 to 5 full days for a 3-bedroom house. A huge chunk of the time allotted for packing is spent on identifying things to discard, sorting through piles of stuff, and putting things in storage or out to trash or recycling.

Declutter before relocation and repurchase items once you are in town. However, we understand that all our belongings contain memories and sentimental value. It would not be easy to part with the bed frame you have used since childhood or the piano passed on to you from past generations of musicians in your family. We can assist you in figuring out how to fit these items in boxes for your moveout and to determine whether or not you need to book yourself of storage services.

You do not need to engage the services of piano movers in Boston, MA. Our local movers in the Boston area are extremely professional and hard-working. They are experts in handling fragile items and will be careful with your breakables. You do not need to constantly worry about scratches on your heirloom chandelier while in transit.

Book Our Moving Company in Boston, MA

Most moving companies do not usually offer additional services aside from packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading services. You can always ask for a customized package or for them to accommodate add-on services. Aside from providing you with a stress-free moving experience through excellent service, our moving team can assist you with tasks you will encounter once the transport of your belongings is complete.

We understand how moving your entire home can be exhausting. Naturally, you would want to finally relax after your relocation tasks. While moving locally can be less challenging than interstate moving, you will still need to assemble furniture, mount the TV, install fences, and clean carpets. We want you to have time to stroll along Freedom Trail and hunt for unique finds at Faneuil Hall or soak up on history while having a leisurely lunch at the local restaurant instead of looking for your coffee machine or the TV remote control. Our local moving company can take charge of the whole process of setting up your new apartment.

Why Are We the Best Boston Movers?

There are a lot of choices in the market if you are looking for moving companies to assist you. You will encounter a range of options and estimated rates. However, if you are on a budget and a tight schedule and you want the best and yet cheapest moving company, look no further than CLP. You can book at least 2 strong, honest, hardworking moving helpers / general laborers from us for only $100.

As an added bonus, we have a dedicated office support team ready to assist you and your movers with your moving needs, informing you of any delays and setbacks (i.e., traffic jams and other transit-related problems) and guiding you accordingly through it.

Ready to be a customer? Contact us today and get the best moving service around the Boston area for your future moves!

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How much do movers in Boston cost?

On average, Boston movers charge between $150/h to $250/h per hour for 2 movers crews and a truck. Of course, this will vary based on the day of the move and the mover’s experience. Ask your moving company if the rate already includes all other charges for tolls, fuel, and other items.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Boston, MA?

Most moving companies are busier during weekends as more people schedule relocation for days when they are not working. Hence, moving companies offer cheaper rates on weekdays from Monday to Friday, than on weekends.

What is the cheapest way to move goods in Boston?

On average, it is cheaper to move using moving containers. However, if you would need additional services such as packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading assistance, hiring a moving company and moving services will be cheaper in the long run. Often, getting exhausted by doing it all by yourself is not worth it and most people seek out a stress-free experience.

How long does moving to Boston take?

Again this depends on where you will be coming from and if you will do a local move. An estimate of 6 weeks for your move time is often reasonable. Better to plan for surprises and factor in weather conditions depending on the season when you plan to move.

How many movers do I need for my move to Boston?

On average, you need at least 2 movers to come with you on a moving day. For an affordable rate of $560, you can hire 2 moving helpers for 5 to 8 hours from our Boston moving company. If you have a lot of things to bring, better to add one more mover to assist you. We can provide 3 helpers for $840 only for 5 to 8 hours of labor.

About Boston, MA

The city was named “Boston” by Isaac Johnson, a Puritan clergyman after his hometown in Lincolnshire, the place from which he and his wife emigrated to New England. It derives its name from its patron saint, St. Botolph, in whose church John Cotton served as the rector until his emigration with Johnson.

Famous for the Boston Marathon and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, this city is also known for its clam chowder and baked beans.

Here are some fast facts about the city from the US Census Bureau:

  • In 2020, the city had a population of 689k people with a median age of 32.4 and a median household income of $76,298.
  • The largest universities are Boston University (12,396 degrees awarded in 2020), Northeastern University (7,668 degrees), and Northeastern University Lifelong Learning Network (482705) (4,016 degrees).
  • In 2020, the median property value in the city was $581,200, and the homeownership rate was 35.3%.
  • It employs 384k people. The largest industries in Boston, MA are Health Care & Social Assistance (68,930 people), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (54,419 people), and Educational Services (50,469 people), and the highest paying industries are Management of Companies & Enterprises ($106,250), Finance & Insurance ($85,691), and Utilities ($81,766).
  • The most common employment sectors for those who live here are Health Care & Social Assistance (68,930 people), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (54,419 people), and Educational Services (50,469 people).

Top Attractions

Boston is where the old and the new meet in harmony. As one of the nation’s oldest cities, expect to see cultural landmarks against a backdrop of beautiful natural attractions. Enjoy these fun-filled activities that Boston has to offer:

  • Line up for Broadway shows and ballet performances at Boston’s Theater District
  • Experience whale watching through the Catamaran Cruise
  • Visit the Freedom Trail and enjoy some historic tours
  • Watch a game at the oldest ballpark in America, Fenway Park
  • Drop by Beacon Hill
  • Go see the fishes with the kids at New England Aquarium
  • Soak up on history and culture at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit the Public Garden and find the Make Way for Ducklings statues
  • Do not miss the hidden gem – Charles River and the Esplanade.

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