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If you need quality and affordable moving services from the best Evanston movers in your area, you have found the perfect moving partner here at Community Labor Partnership!

We are a professional moving company in Evanston, of highly experienced and skilled movers specializing in local and long-distance moving services to make every move to a new location convenient and stress-free. Our local movers and long-distance movers in Evanston, IL have extensive knowledge and experience with the entire moving process so we can guarantee each customer a top-notch quality moving service.

With over 42,000 skilled workers in our nationwide network, we partner with the best moving crew for residential or commercial moves in any location in the United States. Our experienced staff is always happy to assist every individual or family who wants to move to a new house with ease before and during the moving day. Apart from the best movers, we also offer the best packing services to help you handle fragile items. From small stuff to big and heavy items, our team will be more than happy to give you an amazing moving experience at the most affordable rates.

Superb moving services are now within your reach. Book us for your next move with the help of the best moving professionals in the city only here at CLP.

Why is CLP the Best Evanston Moving Company?

We are a full-service moving company with high regard for customer satisfaction and service that exceeds expectations. While other moving companies in Evanston, IL focus only on moving services like local moves and long-distance moves, we make sure that our clients can have a flexible variety of options in both moving and packing services.

Moving to a new home or office can really be stressful and time-consuming, so our goal is to provide a smooth moving experience for all customers. Our movers don’t just get the job done, they get the job done excellently by careful and meticulous packing of customers’ belongings which often include valuable pieces of furniture, heavy-duty appliances, and other household items and office equipment that should be handled with utmost care.

Apart from packing, our reliable crew also assists clients in loading, unloading, and unpacking of belongings to make sure that every item has been transported in safe and secure ways. We take pride in our efforts to ensure that every customer will experience the best type of service for every long-distance or local move by hiring our movers in Evanston, IL.

On top of this, we also offer the lowest rates on moving services that no other moving company in Evanston, IL can provide. Make moving a bliss with the help of leading movers in Evanston, Illinois. Book your upcoming move with us now.

Can Our Movers in Evanston Work On Sundays?

As a moving company, we understand that most of our clients schedule their moving day on weekends. It makes sense – with weekdays being busy, weekends are often the only days when you have enough time for relocation.

Fortunately, as a professional moving company, our packing services and moving services are available the entire week, including Sundays. You can count on our Evanston movers to assist you on any day that is most convenient for you. We even have same-day Evanston, IL movers who can come out and help you on short notice.

Even better, we follow the same pricing scheme all throughout the week. Other Evanston moving companies tend to use a dynamic scheme in pricing. This could mean several things – differing rates depending on services, and at times, they charge more for weekend moves than weekday moves.

We use the same rates throughout the week. We charge based on the number of movers you need as well as the amount of time they work. This means major savings for you!


Contact One of the Best Moving Companies in Evanston Today!

We are one of the top moving companies in Evanston, IL providing flexible moving solutions to meet all your moving needs.

We have professional movers that can help you throughout the entire moving process, from the time you are getting your belongings ready for packing to the time you unpack them in your new home.

Unlike other Evanston movers, our experienced movers can even render additional tasks to make moving into your new home easier. These include furniture assembly, simple appliance set-up, and even cleaning up so you won’t have to deal with disposing of all the packing materials used for your move.

We have the best movers to guarantee customer satisfaction regardless of what type of new location you are moving to, be it for residential moves or commercial moves.

We will handle all your belongings and your entire move with care so that all you need to look forward to is a great moving experience.

We're Here for Your Moving Needs and More

Community Labor Partnership is committed to serving residential and commercial property movers who need exceptional moving services and relocation assistance without having to spend so much time and money.

We take pride in our prompt, polite, and professional response to the needs of our customers by providing a wide range of services that are convenient, practical, budget-friendly, and safe. Keep yourself and your family at ease with the best Evanston movers at your service. Our goal is to build a community of help and collaboration between skilled workers and individuals who need moving services to rely on.

What are you waiting for? We are excited to be at your service, here at CLP.

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How long does moving to Evanston take?
Movers in Evanston, IL usually take 2 hours to complete a move. Moving duration varies per moving company and is influenced by factors such as weather and traffic conditions, amount and size of belongings, number of moving helpers hired, and the overall complexity of the move.

A move that requires you or your moving helpers to pack, load, unload, and unpack household items that are considered fragile may take longer than the average duration.
How many movers do I need for my move to Evanston?
Hiring 2 moving helpers is enough for most clients moving to Evanston. However, this is only recommended for those who are moving from a single-bedroom apartment or house with minimal household items. If you are moving from a bigger place with plenty of stuff, especially bulky ones like a piano, aquarium, or pool table, our movers in Evanston, IL will make things more convenient for you.
Which types of services do moving contractors provide?
Moving contractors or moving companies provide a wide range of services for residential and commercial clients which include the following: Moving/ relocation assistance (local move, long-distance move, interstate move, and more), Packing services, Unpacking service, Heavy lifting, loading, and unloading, Storage services (both for perishable and non-perishable items), Transportation (trucks, vans, trailers, etc.), Some moving contractors also offer specialized moving services for high-value items and pieces of furniture like piano, paintings, vintage memorabilia, old banknotes, etc. Important note: Services offered vary per moving company.

About Evanston, IL

Evanston is a city in Cook County in the state of Illinois, located at North Shore along Lake Michigan. It is a suburb of Chicago with a recorded population of 77,517 as per the 2021 U.S. census report.

The city is independent of Chicago and is constantly acknowledged for its architecture and beautifully designed homes on the lake. It is considered as one of the best places for families due to the number of outdoor activities that families and children can enjoy.

Top Attractions

Evanston is known for its great architectural designs and structures showcased through museums and themed parks that residents and tourists frequently visit. If you are an art and culture enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University. the Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, the Mitchell Museum of American Indian, and the Halim Time & Glass Museum.

Nature lovers will also be delighted to come for a stroll along Dawes Park and the Merrick Rose Garden.

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