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Are you planning to relocate but the high costs of moving, and lack of experience is stopping you from doing so? How about getting help in a successful move to Nampa from an experienced moving company that offer affordable price rates?

There may be hundreds of self-acclaimed movers in Nampa, Idaho but you will have to be meticulous to find the right one for you. Choose only the most trusted moving companies in Nampa, Idaho to take charge of your local or long-distance moving.

Are you not sure where to find reliable staff? Choose Community Labor Partnerships (CLP) and hand over all your moving jobs to moving professionals. If you are looking for affordable cross-town Nampa moving companies, book CLP. We have been helping people across the entire country with their relocation needs for years now.

CLP is a one-stop-shop for labor staffing. We can connect you with hard working movers any time.

Contact us if you want an excellent moving experience with a local moving company.


Move With Best of All Moving Companies in Nampa, Idaho

Moving demands fool-proof planning. Mistakes are costly. Often, you need professional movers to ensure efficient relocation. While house or business moving is undoubtedly stressful, time-consuming, and pricey, finding an efficient moving company in Nampa is also challenging.

With the help of dedicated review platforms and word of mouth, you can discover Nampa movers with adequate experience in making customers happy. When it comes to hiring the most reliable, highly skilled, cross-town movers, trust that CLP can connect you with them.

Our customers can attest to the dedication and skills of our trusted movers in Nampa, Idaho. Whether it’s a residential or commercial moving appointment, our top-rated Nampa movers can offer you no less than convenient and budget-friendly moving and packing assistance.

We provide excellent service at a reasonable price, so if you need professional moving services that fit your budget, look no further than CLP’s moving services and more.

How CLP Helps Find Local Nampa Movers?

We always do our best to give our clients excellent assistance in packing, loading, transferring, unloading, unpacking, and rearranging your belongings. We do not just offer top-notch moving services, we also allow flexible moving day schedules at a fixed hourly rate.

We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rates as shown in feedback and testimonials from our past and present customers. You can see how our punctual, efficient, and reliable movers in Nampa, Idaho can get every moving job completed efficiently.

We have access to over 42,000 skilled workers in the moving and home improvement industry so choosing the right movers for a client has become easier. They specialize in both residential and commercial moving services. If you are planning to move to a new home or business site in the future, our professional moving team can take care of all your belongings and give you an exceptional moving experience.

Apart from their solid skills and experience, they are also known for their work ethics and professionalism in every moving job. What are you waiting for? Contact us now for a smooth moving experience that tops every moving company in Nampa.

Our professional movers are just a few clicks away. Book CLP Nampa movers today.


Why Trust Us Among Other Nampa Moving Companies

With thousands of moving companies in Nampa, Idaho choosing the most qualified and experienced movers can be a tricky task for most residential and commercial property owners. If you are looking for a local moving company that offers low-cost but high-quality moving and packing services, CLP is the ideal company for you.

We offer more than your typical moving and packing services to give you the smoothest, most worry-free moving day. We are a team of dedicated movers in Nampa, Idaho that can pack and unpack your belongings, heavy lift, load, and unload your furniture, appliances, instruments, and equipment, and ensure a trouble-free move to your new home/office.

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering services that exceed your expectations. We can go the extra mile to move your property securely.

We promise to provide exemplary service in collaboration with the top-notch community laborers in Nampa. Contact us today to experience our amazing labor service.

Reviews & Testimonials


What do most movers in Nampa, Idaho charge per hour?

Usually, the hourly charge for the Nampa movers is $25 to $50 for local moves. For long-distance moves, the hourly rate is roughly $90 per mover. The rates may vary depending on these two factors –

– The number of items for packing, lifting, loading, unpacking, unloading
– The to and from location distance

What day is the cheapest to hire Nampa movers?
Generally, moving on weekdays is often inexpensive. It happens due to lower demand compared to weekends getting more mover bookings. Such a hike in charge is also visible during festive seasons. A moving company in Nampa, like CLP, offers fixed hourly prices throughout the year. So, you can schedule your next move as per your comfort.
When is the best time to move to Nampa?
Usually, the September to April window is the best time to move. Weather condition is favorable, and better move rates are available. Winter is a more budget-friendly season to move since demand is low. Take note however that Nampa gets a very cold winter so moving with family during this season is not a good decision. Summer is the best season to move to Nampa, but the charges may be higher.
How much do you tip movers in Nampa?
Regardless of the size of the move, tipping the movers is a good practice. You can give a standard tip of 15% to 20% of the total moving bill. Also, you can consider tipping a little extra for heavy-lifting large furniture, oversized appliances, and instruments.
How long does moving to Nampa take?
Complete packing and moving long-distance to Nampa may take a few days. For a precise estimation, distance, and the stuff matter. The number of packers and movers you have hired and for what length of time are also important in determining how long the moving time will be.
How many movers do I need for my move to Nampa?
Answer these two questions first – How heavy and large your loading is? How fast do you want to finish the move? Depending on the answers to these two questions, you can decide how many movers you should hire and for how many hours. At CLP, customers can hire a minimum of one mover for 0-2 hours as well as 10+ movers at a time to work for 8 hours a day.

About Nampa, ID

Nampa is the largest city in Canyon County, Idaho. It is the second most important city in the Boise metropolitan area.

It is home to various flourishing business sectors and emerging industries. This city is known for its successful food processing, agribusinesses, manufacturing, technology, and retail and restaurant businesses.

Moreover, the cost of living in Nampa is nearly 5% lower than the national average. It makes the location affordable and attracts young entrepreneurs, professionals, and families to settle in the city.

Currently, the population in Nampa is 117,082, making it the 3rd largest city in the state of Idaho, and the 27th largest city in the United States.

It is also known for its access to the biggest business and industrial parks in the country. Last 2021, a groundbreaking ceremony for a 64-acre industrial park near Amazon took place in Nampa. Working individuals and business owners are anticipating more career and business opportunities in Nampa, Idaho.

Top Attractions

Nampa, just a stoppage on the way to Boise once, is now a thriving city itself. People not only move here for job opportunities, a fresh start, or to raise a family but tourists also enjoy it as a gateway to the wine region of Idaho. 

Even if you are not moving to Nampa, you can visit for a vacation. Some top attractions of Nampa are – 

  • Warhawk Air Museum
  • Labyrinth Escape Games
  • Intermountain Power Sport Rentals LLC
  • Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
  • Lakeview Water Park
  • Star Riverwalk Park
  • Mallard Park
  • Lake Lowell Park
  • Givens Hot Springs
  • Bogus Basin
  • Crescent Brewery
  • Ste. Chapelle Winery & Tasting Room
  • Sawtooth Winery & Tasting Room
  • Indian Creek Winery
  • Freak Alley Gallery
  • Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist

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