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Movers in Wesley Chapel

Are you planning to start a new life or open a business someplace in or near Wesley Chapel? Let CLP handle your moving needs so you can focus on exploring your dream city. Our rates are cheap, and we can surely work with your budget.


Landscaping in Wesley Chapel

Book our skilled and detail-oriented landscapers in Wesley Chapel. We can make the grass greener on your side of the fence. We can maintain your landscape gardens, mow your lawn, and carry out other basic landscaping services.


Labor in Wesley Chapel

Are you ready for your first renovation project after relocation? We can provide interior and exterior painters for your project in Wesley Chapel, FL. We also offer other general labor tasks such as handyman services, plumbing, and basic repairs.

Wesley Chapel, Florida is famous for its beaches, natural preserves, and parks. With its bike lanes and trails, a lot of people move here to shift to an active lifestyle. Many are also attracted to its proximity to Interstate 75 and Interstate 275. Whether you are thinking of moving to this city for its kid-friendly amenities and highly rated schools or you want to enjoy your retirement soaked up in the sunshine, our movers in Wesley Chapel can help you have an efficient and stress free relocation.

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) offers residential and commercial moving services at competitively low price points. Our Wesley Chapel movers are hardworking and courteous, proudly serving our customers with great care and enthusiasm. We want to provide you with world-class and reliable customer service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Choose CLP among Wesley Chapel Moving Companies

There are a lot of moving companies in Wesley Chapel, FL but we take pride in ensuring that our moving services are outstanding and are at affordable costs. If you need to move on short notice we also provide same day movers in Wesley Chapel.

We understand that even for a small move, you will have a lot of things to do for your move. You need to look for a house accessible from your office, close to groceries and hospitals. You also need to familiarize yourself with the drive to and from your new house to your new office. If you have kids, you need to look for a new school or childcare facilities. You also need to help them adjust to an unfamiliar environment. To top it all off, you need to learn rules and norms which might be new to you.

While you can attempt to do it all by yourself, these added tasks can take a toll on your health and energy. We can make the process stress-free and hassle-free for you and your family.

Packing Services Offered by Our Wesley Chapel Moving Company

Packing is a daunting task especially if you are moving cross country and have a lot of things to bring. It is advisable to declutter and bring only a few things. You can always replace items from locally owned shops once you reach your new city.

Belongings with sentimental value and breakables are often difficult to transport. We understand that you cannot bear to part with these valuables. Our professional local movers in Wesley Chapel, FL are careful in handling fragile items and will make sure that the packaging of your belongings is secure. You do not need to constantly worry about your heirloom piano getting damaged during transit.

General Cleaning Services for your Move Out and Move In

Aside from packing services, we can also clean and take out debris and trash. For unbelievably low rates, our general laborers in Wesley Chapel can ensure that you are not behind your moving schedule. Cross country moves can be challenging especially if you need to pack up a lot of belongings on a tight deadline.

Loading, Unloading, Heavy Lifting by Wesley Chapel Local Movers

Heavy lifting if done by those who are not used to strenuous physical activities can cause injuries. We do not want you to worry about getting your piano over a flight of stairs. We also do not want you to get injured.

Aside from loading and unloading bulky items, our team will do the heavy lifting for you. You do not need to hire piano movers in Wesley Chapel, FL. We can load all your things in crates and trucks and later on help you unload.

Unpacking Services, Setting up, and Organizing by our Affordable Wesley Chapel Movers

We offer more than just the usual Wesley Chapel moving services. We can customize packages to help customers in getting settled in their new residential space or even in a new commercial space. We can provide general cleaning, furniture assembly, and simple appliance installation. You do not need to waste time looking for your TV’s remote control, we’ll find it for you.

With our exceptional service, we’ll reduce the time you need for these tasks so you can already enjoy dining at restaurants or visiting any attractions. After a long distance move, we know you’d rather go bird watching and sampling the local cuisine with your family than unpack boxes.


We can Assist in your Wesley Chapel Landscape Needs

We want to help you make instant friends with residents around your area. Although we understand that it can be quite difficult to start landscaping in Wesley Chapel, FL when you are newly relocated. Unfortunately, an unruly front yard can make a bad first impression on neighbors who will visit your new home. It can also be a safety hazard and cause avoidable injuries.

We understand that landscaping companies in Wesley Chapel can be unbelievably expensive. CLP can offer you the best landscapers at very low prices. Our Wesley Chapel landscaping experts can maintain your lawn and curate your garden. Landscaping and yard maintenance does not need to be a luxury.

We offer basic landscaping services including landscape excavation. Our Wesley Chapel landscape services can include dirt moving, trimming bushes, pruning, mulching, laying sod, and landscape edging. Just provide our landscapers the tools and equipment needed for your yard makeover project.


Skilled Painters in Wesley Chapel

Now that you have settled down in your new apartment and completed your relocation, it’s time to make your space welcoming and cozy. A beautifully-done paint job might just be the easiest way to spruce up old walls. You might be planning to throw a dinner party for colleagues and need to make a strong impression. Perhaps you want to repaint your walls to improve indoor air quality for health purposes.

We have the best painters in Wesley Chapel, FL in terms of price point and experience. We will do our best to carry out your vision.

Why Choose CLP Among Wesley Chapel Movers?

CLP can provide you with a complete moving package which can include packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading your belongings and furniture. Our workers are experts in following instructions from customers. CLP can also offer handyman services and general labor services. We can take care of your front yard and even help you make it cozy. We can also assist you in your repainting and renovation project.


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You expect to pay at least $1,000 for a local move and the average cost for long distance moves at $4,890.

Book CLP for the lowest guaranteed rates. Consider us for your next move.
The cheapest day would be on a weekday.

CLP offers cheap rates for convenient and quality service. We have the same rate per moving helper regardless if the move will be on a weekday or a weekend.
The cost of movers varies depending on the size of the job, the number of belongings you have, the distance of the move, and the moving company you choose.

The average cost of hiring a moving company in Wesley Chapel is $424. Get in touch with CLP for a more affordable rate.
Wesley Chapel movers take an average of 2 hours per job. Of course, this will also depend on the number of things you plan to bring with you during the move and whether you are moving from the same city or from a far place.
Usually, most people moving to Wesley Chapel need to hire 2 helpers to come assist them during their move. Contact CLP today so we can assess how many movers you will need.

About Wesley Chapel, FL

Located in Pasco County, Wesley Chapel is a suburb in the Tampa Bay Area. This Gulf Coast Florida city was previously known by various names: Gatorville, Double Branch, and Godwin. Its current name came from a local church in the area. Today, this retiree- and family-friendly city is considered by many to be the safest city near the west coast of Florida.

Here are some fast facts about Wesley Chapel:

  • In 2020, it had a population of 60.5k people with a median age of 36.5 and a median household income of $86,945.
  • In 2020, its median property value was $242,000, and the homeownership rate was 75.4%.
  • Its economy employs 31k people. The largest industries are Health Care & Social Assistance (4,622 people), Retail Trade (4,059 people), and Finance & Insurance (3,160 people), and the highest paying industries are Information ($75,500), Finance & Insurance ($70,573), and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($69,534).
  • The most common work groups, by a number of people living here, are Management Occupations (4,238 people), Sales & Related Occupations (4,099 people), and Office & Administrative Support Occupations (3,413 people).


From large lagoons to wide retail spaces, Wesley FL has a range of places to be and things to do. Be sure not to miss the following:

  • Epperson Lagoon – The world’s first “man-made sparkling lagoon,” built in 2018 and filled with purified water.
  • Wesley Chapel District Park – This is the town’s only public park and was only installed in 2008.
  • AdventHealth Center Ice – Through the help of technology, those who want to enjoy winter activities in the middle of summer can do so.
  • Shops at New Tampa – If you love shopping, do not miss a visit to this place of more than 188,000 square feet.
  • Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary – This facility serves as a rehabilitation center for exotic birds.
  • Florida Avenue Brewing Co. – Drink some fine craft beer and take a stroll through their walk-in beer cave.

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