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CLP has the Best Movers in Jupiter, FL

If you are moving to Jupiter, FL, Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is the right moving company for you. We are a family-owned moving company that offers labor-only moving services and full-moving services, all at inexpensive price rates. You get to pick which package is best for your moving needs and for your budget.

From packing your things to unloading them in your new location, our top movers will do an excellent job in catering to your requirements. We connect our customers to the best movers Jupiter, FL has to offer; that is the CLP guarantee.

We are proud of our years of excellent service and excellent reputation. We also want you to experience the same delight our customers have experienced through our amazing service. You can find reviews from our happy customers here on our website.


Stress-Free Moves with the Top-Rated Jupiter Moving Company

Aside from testimonials on our website, you can also easily find 5-star Google reviews for CLP, both from laborers and customers. We make moving easy-peasy for everyone. You will find common remarks on the proven professionalism of CLP movers, their enthusiasm in getting even the difficult tasks done and how they go above and beyond to make sure all tasks are completed.

CLP workers also comment on the systematic way of how gigs are assigned. Our unique model of partnering with local movers benefits both workers and customers. It ensures that we can assist you on both ends of your move. You do not have to be consumed by worry. If you book our services, you can be sure that we will send someone to help you.

In addition to this, with our wide array of moving services, we can cater to all your moving needs. Our local movers in Jupiter, FL specialize in commercial and residential moves, so it does not matter if you’re moving into an office, a house, or a condo, we can still assist you.

Under our cheapest package which is the Moving (Labor-Only) Service package, our movers can help you in packing and unpacking your belongings and loading and unloading these to trucks. You no longer need to worry about not having the necessary skills in packing breakables or the physical strength to lift heavy furniture.

You also do not need to be stressed out about the rates. Our services come at unbelievably affordable prices which are significantly lower than what other Jupiter moving companies offer. Click the “Book Now” button here on our website to access our updated rates per service.

Got delayed in booking local movers? No need to rush! We can provide you with same-day movers without any issues. Get in touch to have the smoothest move you will experience.

We Have Movers You Can Trust and Rely On

We will connect you with highly skilled and experienced movers. You can trust them with your expensive furniture and fragile pieces.

You can count on CLP movers no matter how many things you need to bring with you and no matter how tight the schedule is.

We also have long-distance movers for when you are making an interstate move. We are one of the largest labor-referral agencies in the United States. You won’t have to find storage companies when moving from state to state because our network of movers in 300 cities across the country guarantees that our moving services are available to you on both ends of your move.

You can book our movers and expect them to show up. Our services are available 12 hours a day, seven days a week – from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Packing and Moving Services That Work

Meanwhile, with our packing services, we make sure that all your belongings are categorized, sorted, and placed in their respective boxes on time. Usually, packing your belongings on your own can take an entire day, but with our Jupiter movers, we can finish everything in just a few hours.

Our extremely careful professional movers will also be the ones to load your belongings into your moving truck. We will do all the heavy lifting, so if you have bulky pieces of furniture, it won’t be a problem. When we get to your new house, our crew will also handle unloading your things and unpacking them.

If needed, we can unpack your things in their respective rooms. We can also assemble your furniture for you.


Why You Should Hire CLP Among All Jupiter Moving Companies

First, we provide value for your money. Despite offering our services at a reasonable price, we do not sacrifice the quality of our work. Whether you’re moving from across the country or if you’re just from Juno Beach, you will get the same high level of expertise from our professional movers.

Second, we make sure to get the job done. We assist our customers in their relocation journey from start to finish. Tell us what you need, and we will find a way to do it for you.

Third, you can book us either for labor-only services or for full-moving service. This way, you can strategically plan task-wise and cost-wise. You can also decide on how many hours you will be needing our help. Our rates start at a minimum of 2 hours per moving helper.

We can guarantee a great moving experience. Simply put, choosing us means working with the best movers Jupiter, FL has to offer. Experience our great service and hire our Jupiter packers and movers today!

Reviews & Testimonials


How much do local movers in Jupiter, FL usually cost?

On average, local movers in Jupiter, FL typically charge an hourly rate of $20 to $50. However, this can still change based on the distance and size of the moving job.

At CLP, our costs are fixed no matter the distance the move will cover and no matter how many boxes of things you will bring with you.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in Jupiter?
Most Jupiter moving companies charge the lowest fees on a weekday, more specifically on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. However, you do have to account for national and local holidays as these can also affect the cost of movers.

If you book CLP moving services, you will not have to worry about scheduling your move on a Saturday or Sunday because we have the same rates for weekdays and weekends.
How long does moving in Jupiter take?
The amount of time to move in Jupiter depends on several factors such as distance to be covered, size of your house or office, number of things you will bring and sometimes, even the weather.

For a local move, movers in Jupiter typically take 2 hours per job, on average. For a long-distance move, it would take around 6 to 9 days on average.
How many movers do I need for my move to Jupiter?
Ideally, you would need at least 2 Jupiter packers and movers to help on your moving day. This can change based on the size of the job. Bigger houses can require more movers.
How much do you tip Jupiter movers?
Generally, you should tip 15% to 20% of the total moving bill. This rate applies to both local and long-distance moves.

Try to show appreciation for a job well done. Keep in mind that moving is physically tiring.

About Jupiter, FL

Jupiter is situated in Palm Beach County in Florida. Hailed as one of the best beach towns in the country, the locals love it for its natural scenery and laidback lifestyle that mainly revolves around its main attraction – water.

The Jupiter Waterway Trail, for example, encompasses almost 40 miles and several rivers, creating natural surf beaches, inlets, and coastal rivers.

It also has a rich history, starting as a pioneer village for fishermen and animal trappers at the turn of the 20th century and then as a bedroom community in the post-WWII era. The area has experienced tremendous growth and is now one of the most desirable places to live in Florida.

Top Attractions

Considered by locals as an “eco-minded playground for natural delights,” it only makes sense that most of the must-see sights in Jupiter are also natural attractions. This is also a part of the local government’s effort to boost its eco-tourism.

Locals recommend the cypress and mangrove swamps of the Loxahatchee River. The lagoons in DuBois Park and Jupiter Beach Park, with their turquoise waters, are also ideal for swimmers and snorkelers.

For those who are not into water activities, Jupiter still has a lot to offer. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is one of the oldest and most iconic structures in Palm Beach County. Visitors can also learn more about the local marine life at the River Center. Then, cap off the day by visiting Guanabana’s, Square Grouper Tiki Bar for freshly caught seafood and killer views.

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