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Moving can be a stressful experience, what with all the tasks it entails – from packing your things to hauling them to your new home to unpacking and arranging them. It seems like there is little space left for you to take a breather. For some, this experience can be more stressful than a breakup!

This is why a lot of people who move prefer hiring professional Waterbury, CT movers to help them with the relocation process. It is important that a moving company offers extremely professional services at affordable prices.

For your upcoming move to Waterbury, Community Labor Partnership can be that moving company for you. CLP is a labor-only, family-operated moving company, and we take pride in our years of experience and proven track record.

Why Choose Us Over Other Moving Companies in Waterbury, CT?

Simply put, we can provide you with the best movers in Waterbury, CT has to offer. We specialize in both local and long-distance moving services, and we have all kinds of movers for all kinds of moving assistance you need.

Local and Long-Distance Movers

We have local and long-distance movers, so regardless of where you are moving from, you can make efficient use of our moving service.

Our local movers can help you if you are moving locally within Waterbury, CT. Meanwhile, our long-distance movers can help you if you are making an interstate or cross-country move.

As a local moving company, we also partnered with local movers and moving companies from other cities throughout the country, and this business model allows us to help our customers on both ends of their move.

Residential and Commercial Movers

Unlike other moving companies in Waterbury, CT, we understand that you might have varying moving needs. For instance, instead of moving to a house, you could be moving to an apartment, a condominium, or even an office space for your business. Different types of spaces require different skill sets from your movers.

Fortunately, our moving team is also experienced in both commercial and residential moving. You can expect them to do an awesome job, regardless of if you are moving to a house, an apartment, an office, or any different kind of space.

Same Day Movers

Most moving companies in Waterbury, CT would expect you to book their services weeks in advance. However, there are instances when you would have to relocate at a moment’s notice. If you barely have enough time to process every other detail of your move to Waterbury, CT, let alone book movers for weeks in advance, what then?

Do not worry. CLP also has same-day movers who can come and help you with your move even at a moment’s notice. With our moving services, you can expect a stress-free move even if you are pressed for time.

Services Offered by Our Professional Waterbury Movers

In addition to our commitment to excellence, Community Labor Partnership is the best moving company in Waterbury, CT. Since we address a variety of needs, we can provide customers with experienced movers, moving boxes, packing materials, and safe transportation of their belongings.

We also assist with commercial moving regardless of if you need assistance moving upstairs to a high-rise building or complete packing services. Our moving company offers peace of mind to home and business owners as their possessions are safe with us.

Packing Services

One of our guarantees as a professional moving company in Waterbury, CT is that we aim to help our customers at every phase of the relocation process. That is why we also offer packing services.

Our professional moving crew can do an excellent job in categorizing your household items, putting them in their respective boxes, and then loading them onto your moving truck.

Our skilled movers in Waterbury, CT can carry even bulky and heavy pieces of furniture, making sure that they do not bump against narrow doorways or hallways. We make sure that each item you own is secure throughout the entire moving process.

Unloading and Unpacking

When we get to your new location, our team of workers will also unload your things from your moving truck. We will be careful in bringing these into your new home or office as well.

Another time-consuming aspect of moving that we are more than happy to help you with is the unpacking process. Our Waterbury, CT movers can unpack all your belongings from their boxes and remove any packing materials that were used to secure them.

Appliance Set-Up and Clean-Up

When we say that we help our customers throughout the moving process, we mean it.

Not only will we help you pack, load, unload, and unpack your stuff, but we also make sure that your belongings are in good working condition when they arrive in your new home. This also means setting up your appliances to see if they are working properly.

Another usual question and concern after a recent move are what to do with the countless boxes, plastic wrap, and other packing materials that were used to secure your belongings. With CLP, you do not have to stress over this. We will also handle the clean-up after your move.

With our moving services, all you must think of after moving is adjusting to your new home. As for everything else, our Waterbury, CT movers can handle them efficiently. What are you waiting for? Book CLP, the best of all Waterbury moving companies now and be one of our extremely happy customers!

CLP: The Right Moving Company in Waterbury, CT

While moving is generally stressful, with the right movers in Waterbury, CT it can also be a positive experience.

By choosing CLP, you can be sure that at every point of the entire process of moving, from packing your things to setting them up in your new home, you will have the help that you need.

What makes us different from all Waterbury moving companies is that we will also help you easily settle into your new home by providing you with added services, including landscape maintenance, paintwork, and general labor.

This could easily be one of the most helpful and convenient professional services that you can get for your move. Call our team at (888) 314-5128!

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How much do movers cost in Waterbury, CT?
The cost of hiring local movers in Waterbury, Connecticut widely varies, ranging from $500 to $2000.
What day is the cheapest to hire Waterbury movers?
It is typically more affordable to hire movers on weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays).

The rates of Waterbury, CT movers usually go up on weekends due to the higher demand for their services on those days.
Why is hiring movers in Waterbury so expensive?
Hiring movers in Waterbury, CT can be expensive because you are paying for their skill and expertise when it comes to handling your belongings with care.

Often, this entails being extremely careful in lifting fragile or heavy and bulky pieces of furniture, making sure that these do not get damaged even when being carried through flights of stairs, tight doorways, and narrow hallways.
What do most movers in Waterbury charge per hour?
Depending on the type of job, movers in Waterbury, CT can charge anywhere from $75 to $350 per hour.

About Waterbury, CT

Situated on the banks of the Naugatuck River in Connecticut, Waterbury is the second largest city in New Haven County as well as one of the largest cities in the New York Metropolitan Area. It is known for its abundant waterways, which is where its name comes from.

Waterbury is also known as “Brass City,” with its city motto Quid Aere Perennius? or “What Is More Lasting Than Brass?” because it was once the leading center of manufacturing brassware. By extension, it also became a leading manufacturer of watches and clocks. Notably, the global watch brand Timex was founded here.

Today, it takes pride in its rich and historic architecture with a classic New England feel. It is a thriving and vibrant downtown area, ideal for shoppers, residents, businesses, and even students of the UCONN Waterbury Campus. The city has a lot of historic landmarks as well as natural scenic views, making this city a wonderful place to live in.

Top Attractions

As a city with a storied past, Waterbury has numerous historic landmarks and natural scenic sights. Among the attractions in the city and its vicinity, the following come as the most recommended by both locals and tourists alike.

  • Palace Theater
  • Mattatuck Museum
  • Hop Brook Lake
  • Fascia’s Chocolates
  • Bank Street Historic District
  • Roller Magic Skating Rink
  • Waterbury Union Station
  • Lewis Fulton Memorial Park

These are just a few of the attractions you will find in the city. A quick visit to Waterbury will show you how charming this city can be.

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