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The Best Movers in New Haven

How about booking your move with one of the best New Haven movers in minutes? What if you invest more time and energy into planning and setting up your new home with your family instead of searching for moving companies and taking stress?

This is exactly what CLP offers you. Try our local New Haven, CT movers for your next move and see how easy moving can be.


Stress-free Move with the Top Moving Company in New Haven

CLP is a reliable local moving company that offers the most affordable pricing for any local or long-distance move. Also, we have the most competitive rate for an interstate move.

We have local movers in New Haven, CT, to help you with packing services, large furniture lifting, loading, unloading, furniture assembly, and moving all your belongings with great care.

The top moving companies in New Haven go beyond their competitors to fulfill all your moving needs. If you need someone to be careful and handle your favorite musical instrument, our New Haven piano movers got your back.

Let the professional movers handle it with care. Book the trusted New Haven moving companies for a stress-free moving experience.

Should You Get Help From Our New Haven Movers?

Whether you’re moving across town or across the state, getting help from a moving company in New Haven, CT, can make your life a lot easier.

But with so many different moving companies, how do you know which one is right for you?

Our New Haven movers are dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible. We have years of experience moving all types of homes and businesses, and we can provide you with everything you need to make the move go smoothly.

We can even help you pack and unpack your belongings, so you don’t have to lift a finger during this stressful time.

If you’re looking for professional, reliable, and affordable New Haven movers, look no further than CLP.

Contact us today and know the difference!


Call The Top Moving Companies in New Haven, CT

We can proudly say we are the best moving professionals in your location. We complete every move with great care and passion. We organize local movers to ensure affordable packing, moving, landscaping, and general labor. We offer services at your preferred location, which includes 300+ cities across the US.

Whether it is the most reliable New Haven movers or landscapers in New Haven or painters in New Haven, you get all of them on one platform – Community Labor Partnership.

We have had the best reviews from our customers over the years so far and so we are definitely confident that we will be able to help you with your move efficiently.

Book New Haven moving services at CLP and keep the moving day stress at bay.

Why CLP for Your Next Movers?

There are many reasons to choose CLP over other moving companies in New Haven, CT, area. Let’s check why we are the most reliable movers in New Haven.

Responsible Business

We take responsibility for what we offer. We understand how disquieting it may be to let unknown people handle your belongings. While it is hard to locate genuine workers, with CLP, you only get the most professional and eligible movers in New Haven, CT. 

Our movers take over local moves and long-distance and interstate moving services. They take care of packing, loading your valuable belongings, furniture, appliances, and unloading and rearrangement in the new location. They also ensure no loss or damage to your possession.

Professional Services

Here at CLP, we emphasize delivering the best moving services. With efficient residential and commercial services, we ensure you experience a smooth, stress-free relocation.

You can check our customer ratings on different review portals to verify our claims. We can proudly say we are the most reliable New Haven, CT, movers. 

Affordable Rates

Every good thing doesn’t need to be expensive. If you are worried about the high pricing of New Haven moving companies, CLP brings you the solution. 

We are the leading platform organizing local movers in New Haven at a sensible price. Also, we offer a fixed hourly rate throughout the year and allow you to schedule your move. 

Our rates are upfront and have no hidden charges.

Reviews & Testimonials


How much do movers cost in New Haven?

Moving a 2-3 bedroom house usually costs between $600 and $1,000 for labor charges. The same may cost about $800 to $2,500 if the moving company provides a rental truck for a maximum of 100 miles. Similarly, long-distance moves up to 1,000 miles cost roughly $2,200 to $7,500 for a 2-3 bedroom property.

What day is the cheapest to hire movers in New Haven?

Moving on weekdays may be inexpensive due to lower demand. Since weekends get more bookings, charges may rise reasonably. Also, during festive seasons moving costs become higher. But a New Haven moving company, like CLP, presents fixed hourly rates throughout the year. Customers can schedule their move in their comfort without worrying about additional expenses.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture in New Haven?

Instead of finding the cheapest way to move, find the most productive way. If you do everything, including lifting, loading, unloading, furniture disassembling, and assembly yourself, you may end up in a big mess. Therefore, go for a combination of DIY and professional help. Also, get a moving container rather than a rental truck to keep long-distance moving more affordable.

How much do you tip movers in New Haven?

Tipping the movers at the end of the job is always a good gesture. You can give 15 to 20 percent of the total moving bill as a tip. Also, you can consider tipping extra for heavy-lifting pianos or other oversized furniture or appliances.

How long does moving to New Haven take?

Moving long-distance to New Haven, CT, may take about 3 to 5 days. It relies on the number of movers involved in packing services, handling heavy items, like Pianos, wrapping and loading furniture and appliances, etc. Distance also matters to define on the road time. But moving within New Haven is possible the same day or the next.

How many movers do I need for my move to New Haven, CT?

The number of movers required for a relocation depends on the volume of the packages and the heavy items. Local New Haven movers, like CLP, offer services for 2 hours to 8 hours a day and can provide 20+ movers. It’s your call to say how many movers you hire and for how long.

About New Haven, CT

The City of New Haven is the largest city in New Haven County and the second largest in Connecticut. Located on New Haven Harbor on the northern coast of Long Island Sound, this city sits within the New York City metropolitan area.

New Haven city is well-acclaimed for collegiate sports, concert events, museums, festivals, and top-notch restaurants. This city also offers an exiguous suburban feel with a global cosmopolitan essence.

New Haven. CT has also been known as the home of the famous Yale University. And it is also home to several schools so if you are looking to find a great place for you and your family to move to and are worrying about your children’s education, then this is definitely the city for you.

Furthermore, New Haven is also known for its beautiful beaches and lake shores and so you really won’t have to worry about your love for the water when moving to this city.

Top Attractions

New Haven is a lovely place to live and worth a tourist visit. While many museums that document life in the city even before the Revolutionary War attract people, uncountable pizzerias and parks, and local shops make the town celebrated.

If you are new in New Haven, don’t miss the places to add to your bucket list.

  • Yale University Art Gallery
  • Yale Center for British Art
  • Yale Peabody Museum
  • New Haven Museum
  • Harkness Tower
  • Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Connecticut Hall
  • Ethnic Heritage Center
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument
  • Amistad Memorial
  • Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge
  • New Haven Green
  • Grove St Cemetery
  • West Rock Ridge State Park
  • East Rock Park

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Non-Emergency Phone: 203-946-6316 // Emergency: 9-1-1

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