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Are you in need of efficient and reliable moving service? Community Labor Partnership is a moving company that specializes in a variety of moving services and other specialized services that will help every individual or family be at ease with their upcoming move and plans for home improvement and maintenance.

We have a large pool of workers from all 50 states working under different service industries including moving, landscaping, painting, and general labor. We can connect you with the best local movers in Ventura, CA with proven experience in the following services:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving /Interstate move
  • Packing
  • Furniture assembly

Our professional movers have passed the mandatory background check to test and confirm that they are capable of providing the best moving service for each customer. Wherever you are, we can help you find movers to assist you in your relocation to a new home or office. Our hardworking crew will also help you pack your belongings with utmost care to make sure that all your items will arrive in pristine condition and your moving day will be 100% free of stress. We also have contacts to piano movers in Ventura, CA, so if you need help with moving valuable pieces of furniture to your new house, apartment, or office, we got you.

We are the perfect moving company for you if you are looking for affordable movers in Ventura without compromising your moving experience. We offer exceptional moving services at the lowest rates. Here at CLP, we go big in service, not in costs.

Contact us now and prepare for your upcoming move with us. We look forward to making things easier for you.

What sets CLP apart from other moving companies in Ventura?

There are a lot of Ventura moving companies promising affordable and quality moving services but only us can bring you exceptional moving experience from the start to the end of the moving process. We take pride in our customers’ fantastic feedback about our crew’s skills and attitude that made them pick us as their top choice for their local and long distance moves in California.

Professional Movers

We offer services only from the most experienced movers in the industry. More than the physical strength, we hire Ventura movers who exude both skills and professionalism in every move.

Prompt Services

Apart from being hard working and skilled, our movers also value your time. They come to the given appointment on time and even earlier, making you at ease that the move will be finished within the planned time frame.

Friendly and Polite Crew

Got questions and concerns about your upcoming move? Our team has the friendliest, most respectful, and approachable crew who will be ready to assist you with a smile.

No Hidden Cost

Prices of some moving companies in Ventura, CA usually come with additional costs that make the total bill extra expensive. CLP stands out as the only moving company in Ventura that offers guaranteed pricing without hidden costs.

A local move of 2 hours starts at $120 with one moving helper, to any location. No surprise and unnecessary additional costs. We go big in quality, not in price.

Specialized Services

We are more than a moving company. Our team of helpful Ventura movers will also help you in packing and unpacking your important belongings, securing, and assembling valuable pieces of furniture, and loading and unloading them to the assigned vehicle in the most careful way.

We provide these specialized services to help you prepare for a fast, safe, and hassle-free move at fair and reasonable prices.

Customer Support

We make sure to keep you aware and updated about the status of your move, from time to time. We provide total customer support to our clients to keep them at ease during the entire moving process.

Enjoy a stress-free moving with us. Book your move with us and see how the best Ventura movers can give you a moving service that matters.

Is It Worth to Hire Movers in Ventura?

Usually, moving companies are associated with expensive costs. The usual prices associated with moving are what usually make people hesitant in hiring movers. However, without professional movers, any type of relocation is bound to be physically draining and stressful.

Ultimately, it’s really all about whether you are working with the right movers or not. If you work with the right Ventura moving company that knows how to consistently guarantee customer satisfaction, moving can become a smooth and amazing experience.

Hiring One of the Top Reliable Ventura Moving Companies

The right team of movers will know how to address varying moving needs. Whether it’s residential or commercial moving, and whether you’re making a local move or if you’re opting for a long distance move, the right moving company in Ventura, CA will know how to handle every aspect of your move efficiently.

Look for movers who have had years of consistent quality service – they should be honest hard workers who consistently do an awesome job. They should be able to back this up with positive reviews from previous clients.

We ensure to check this aspect. With our proven track record, our wide array of services, as well as our affordable rates, we guarantee that you are working with one of the most reliable Ventura movers.


CLP Helps People Who Help People

Our mission focuses on giving great experience to individuals and families who are in need of prompt, efficient, reliable, and affordable moving services and more. Our goal is to fill the gap between skilled workers and the people who need quality moving services.

With over 42,000 active workers in our pool, we are confident that every worker will be given an opportunity to extend his/her services and expertise to every person in need, in every state. CLP moves to help people who help people.

We look forward to building a helpful and hardworking community with you. Plan your move and home improvement project with us.



What do most movers charge per hour in Ventura?
Most movers charge between $25 to $50 per hour. This rate is applicable for a local move. Factors like distance and duration of move both contribute to additional charges and fees along the way.
Is $100 a good tip for movers in Ventura?
For short distance moves, it is a common practice to tip $20 per mover. $50 to $100 is the ideal rate for tipping movers after a long-distance move.
What day is cheapest to hire movers in Ventura?
Moving companies usually charge the lowest during weekdays (Monday to Thursday), when the demand for moving services is also low. If you want reliable moving services with guaranteed pricing at any day of the week, we are here to help.
What is considered a local move vs. a long-distance move to Ventura?
Moving within a 30-mile radius or in the same city is considered a local move. Any move that is over 30 miles is considered a long distance move and is sometimes called an interstate move.
How much does it cost for long-distance movers in Ventura?
A long-distance move can be physically exhausting for movers and is also risky for fragile items and furniture, so it costs more than a local move. The average cost for long distance movers ranges between $2,200 and $5,700.
Can you move furniture by yourself in Ventura?
Yes, definitely. However, you should take extra care when doing so since some furniture can be vulnerable to damages from simple bumps, and you might also get hurt. In addition to this, some furniture is heavy and comes in irregular shapes that can be more difficult to lift and move.
Can you hire movers in Ventura to move one item?
Yes. In fact, there are movers who specialize in moving specific items like piano, pool table, vintage couches and luxury furniture, paintings and artworks, sculptures, and other high-value items that need to be packed and carried with utmost care.
How much do movers in Ventura cost?
Professional movers in Ventura, California charge an average of $550 per local move.
How long does moving in Ventura take?
Ventura movers can finish a move within 3 hours, on average.
How many movers do I need for my move in Ventura?
Depending on the number, weight, and size of items that you want to bring to your new home or office, 2 helpers could be enough to help you move smoothly. If some of your items require extra care when moving, you should consider adding 1-2 helpers to assist you.

About Ventura, CA

Ventura or San Buenaventura as it is officially known, is a coastal city in California located northwest of Los Angeles. As a coastal city, most areas in Ventura are popular for surfing and windsurfing.

It is considered as one of the most desirable places to live in America, and in 2017, Sunset Magazine selected it as no. 1 in its list of 20 best value towns in the West. and with its ideal climate, gorgeous shores and coastlines, and an overall welcoming vibe, it is easy to see why.

The city also has a thriving local economy. It hosts over 12,000 businesses with a workforce of over 53,000. Major companies like Patagonia and The Trade Desk also have their headquarters there. The city considers business development a priority, so it extends valuable resources to its local business owners.

The city boasts a safe and friendly neighborhood with easy access to recreational facilities, grocery stores, and restaurants. The community also gives excellent value to its culture and is a home to California-distinguished schools.

Top Attractions

Offering the right balance of religious, cultural, and natural tourism, Ventura is a city that is worth visiting. If you are fascinated with religion in different states and cities, you can visit the Mission Basilica San Buenvantura Church and the Serra Cross Park.

You may also want to immerse yourself with nature at the Ventura Botanical Gardens and the Ventura Pier and Promenade. Art and culture enthusiasts can also take a closer look of the city’s rich art and culture by visiting the Ventura County Museum of History and Art.

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