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Moving to a new house is hard work. It entails detailed planning, and even then, a lot of things can still go wrong. This is why most people who relocate hire professional movers. Working with a reliable moving company that offers flexible moving options at competitive rates can make your entire moving experience extremely positive.

For your upcoming move to Santa Clarita, we, at CLP, can be that moving company for you. As one of the best Santa Clarita moving companies, we offer superior moving services that are sure to address all your moving needs.

Our job is to lessen the stress that you feel and help you ease yourself in your new home. Our Santa Clarita movers will ensure that your valuables will be handled by professionals and family heirlooms will be loaded in moving trucks with extra care.


Why You Should Choose Us as Your Santa Clarita Moving Company

As a moving company, we offer a wide array of moving services that can help you through every part of the moving process – local moving services, long-distance moving services, residential moving, and commercial moving. Failed to book ahead of time? No worries. Our day movers can come at a moment’s notice to help you out.

It does not matter where you’re moving from. Our Santa Clarita movers can help you complete a local move quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, we also have local movers in 300 cities throughout the country. This unique business model allows us to assist you whether you’re moving locally or if you are making a long-distance move.

Our team also specializes in both residential and commercial moving. As such, if you’re moving to a condo, an apartment, a new house, or an office for one of your many businesses, we have the right people to help you on your moving day.

Efficient Moving Services

Packing your belongings on your own can take up so much of your time – time that you could instead spend on more pressing aspects of your relocation. Our professional movers can do this in a fast and efficient way.

Our Santa Clarita movers are efficient yet careful as they do the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of our belongings for you. We guarantee that all your belongings, especially your valuable items, are handled safely.

Do you have heavy or fragile items in your move? Our piano movers, furniture movers, and pool table movers in Santa Clarita have the necessary expertise to handle these items with care.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to work with the best movers in Santa Clarita have to offer.

Trust Our Movers in Santa Clarita for Your Move

While it may be easy to look for moving companies on the internet nowadays, there have been reported victims of moving scams in the past. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Engage movers only after conducting thorough research. If possible, book only movers from reputable moving companies. Ask your family and friends if they have recommendations. After all, you will be welcoming them inside your home, and they will be around your family.

Putting together a crew of professionals who will do everything they can to make your Santa Clarita moving journey to your new location smooth and hassle-free, is not that easy. Not everyone will be able to carry out instructions effectively.

If you have a tight schedule for your move and you have a lot of valuable items, consider hiring experts to assist you. A trial-and-error situation through DIY moving may not be the best option if you are in a hurry and cannot afford to make mistakes.


Book One of the Best Moving Companies in Santa Clarita, CA Now!

We are experts in local and long-distance moving. With our services, we can take over handling your move so you and your family can just focus on the whole experience of moving to our new house in Santa Clarita. As your professional mover, we can ensure that you get a smooth and secure move to your new place.

Santa Clarita moving service providers are aplenty. You can surely find someone who can help you move to a new home. However, if you are looking for professionals who will do more than just load and unload your belongings in moving trucks, contact CLP. We do not provide a quote, but our rates are available upfront on our website. Our astonishingly competitive prices will fit any budget.

Ultimately, choosing CLP as your moving company means working with cheap movers in Santa Clarita. We guarantee affordable rates while also delivering excellent customer service. Book with us to find out why our customers always give us positive reviews.

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How much do movers in Santa Clarita cost?
A regular move in Santa Clarita, on average, would cost around $216 per hour for two movers and a truck.
How long does moving to Santa Clarita take?
A local move in Santa Clarita can take at least 2 hours. However, this is bound to increase for more complex moving jobs. For instance, moving to a 3-bedroom house can take up movers around 5 to 7 hours.
How many movers do I need for my move to Santa Clarita?
Starting with 2 movers for your move in Santa Clarita is a good start. However, if you are moving to a large property, or if you are moving to an office or apartment that is not on the first floor of a building, hire at least 3 movers.
How much do local movers in Santa Clarita usually cost?
The cost of relocation varies depending on how many belongings you will bring, the distance the move will cover, and if you will get add-on services. Expenses can range from $100 per mover for a maximum of 2 hours to at least $400. Be mindful that these fees are exclusively for services only. Set aside some budget for packing supplies and moving truck rental.
What is the cheapest way to use movers in Santa Clarita?
If you have limited funds for your move, you might want to closely monitor your spending which may also be the cheapest way. You can identify the things where you really need some help. If you have a lot of things to pack, it would be a good idea to book packing services. To do this, you can book helpers who charge hourly rates. At CLP, our movers can assist you at a more affordable rate.
Why is hiring movers so expensive in Santa Clarita?
Hiring movers is pricey because moving companies already invested considerable money in hiring workers and training them. Sometimes moving companies also provide supplies for packing and tools to be used during the relocation. If the service provider has basic moving insurance, expect higher price rates.
How much do movers charge per hour in California?
Depending on the type of move, the distance to be covered by the move and the number of belongings to be moved, on average, the cost of local movers in Santa Clarita, California is reportedly $500 to $4000 for local moving and $3,000 to $12,000 for long-distance moving. This does not include moving truck rental and packing materials. Ask your movers if they can bring carts and trolleys.
What size truck do I need when moving to Santa Clarita?
Most people in Santa Clarita need a 24′ moving truck. However, the size of the truck largely depends on the belongings you will put inside. Do you have large pieces like a piano or pool table? You may need a larger truck than usual. Before booking a moving truck, compare quotes and rates. Ask the renter if there are additional costs you need to budget for in case the car breaks down while in the middle of relocation.

About Santa Clarita, CA

Situated 35 miles from downtown LA and nestled within the foothills of the Angeles National Forest is Santa Clarita, a city that is both a suburban haven and a certified tourist destination. It is home to over 200,000 residents but hosts millions of eager Six Flags visitors each year.

Due to its proximity to the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Ocean, as well as its varying terrain, it gets varying micro-climates all year round. Generally, it experiences a Mediterranean climate.

This city embodies the ideal SoCal living, with its cultural attractions, rich history, as well as its low crime rate, and thriving industrial centers. Also, while Six Flags may be its most prominent attraction, Santa Clarita has a lot of things to offer to its residents and visitors.

Top Attractions

There’s always something for everyone in Santa Clarita. It offers a wide array of attractions and activities to do, and there are too many that might not fit into a single list. However, locals and visitors alike agree that the following attractions and activities must be on everyone’s list should they decide to visit Santa Clarita:

  • Visit the “Thrill Capital of the World,” Six Flags Magic Mountain, and enjoy some of the most thrilling rides the park offers.
  • Walk around Old Town Newhall
  • Explore the William S. Hart Museum and the surrounding William S. Hart Regional Park
  • Learn about the gold discoveries at Placerita Canyon Nature Center
  • Relieve your stress at The Gentle Barn
  • Hike to Vasquez Rocks Natural Area
  • Get immersed in movie magic at Melody Ranch Motion Pictures Studio

These are just a few of the must-dos in Santa Clarita. Savoring all these activities instead of rushing them can make one totally appreciate Santa Clarita further.

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