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Hire the Best Movers in San Luis Obispo

So, you’re moving to San Luis Obispo soon? Moving to a new place can be daunting – there are too many things to plan, packing can be a nightmare, not to mention a good moving company can be hard to find. However, you don’t have to settle for just any good moving company when you can actually hire the best movers in San Luis Obispo, CA.

With our professional moving services, you can rest assured that your move is as stress-free as possible. We have a network of local San Luis Obispo movers as well as local movers from other cities throughout the country. Thus, we can help you with both local and long-distance moves.

Do you have some heavy lifting that needs to be done for this move? Worry not. Our reliable furniture and piano movers in San Luis Obispo, CA can safely and efficiently lift your heavier belongings for you. Our moving service also costs significantly lower than other moving companies in San Luis Obispo, CA so you can rest assured that your move will not burn a hole through your pocket.


One of the Top Moving Companies in San Luis Obispo

When looking for a moving company, there are a number of things that you need to ask: how much do their services cost, and how does that compare to other San Luis Obispo moving companies? What added value can you gain from quality service by choosing them? What are their guarantees?

Being thorough in the questions that you ask is critical when choosing a moving company as these can spell the difference between a horrible and great moving experience.

We can guarantee that we can handle your upcoming move in a quick, convenient, efficient, and safe way. Our moving company offers a wide array of services that allows us to help you through every step of the moving process.

San Luis Obispo Movers Offer a Wide Array of Quality Services

Through our packing services, we can guarantee that all of your belongings – from household goods to old appliances, and furniture – are securely packed on your moving day.

Our professional movers in San Luis Obispo, CA also make sure that these items are carefully handled during loading and unloading, and that they are unpacked with care in your new home. This is our guarantee.

Whether it’s a local or a long-distance move, we offer our San Luis Obispo moving services to ensure that your things arrive in your new home in the best condition. So, when moving to a house, worry not.

But what about relocating your business and moving to a new office? Where can you find a trusted professional service for office moves?

Again, no worries when you have our professional staff members by your side. Our fast and efficient San Luis Obispo moving services cover local and long-distance moving for both residential and commercial moves.

Even if you book at the last minute, our professional movers will not disappoint you. We have same-day movers who can come out to help you anytime you need them.

Relocation has never been more convenient. Contact us to have a hassle-free move.

The Most Affordable Among All Moving Companies in San Luis Obispo, CA

There is no marketing gimmick on our part, but we are the best moving company in San Luis Obispo, as well as one of the most affordable.

Unlike other San Luis Obispo movers, CLP offers the most affordable rates. There is no more stress with expensive moving companies.

We provide affordable services that accommodate the safety and security of your personal belongings, not only in terms of prices.

Our San Luis Obispo, CA movers understand how difficult it can be to find honest and trustworthy movers, however, with our team, you will get the most experienced and good movers who guarantee quality service.

We are happy to assist you with your relocation to a new place, whether it is far or close to where you are currently located. Our experienced movers can help you pack your household items to ensure that they are protected from loss or damage during long-distance moves.

Our goal is to provide you with an efficient moving experience. Our team of professional movers in San Luis Obispo will assist you with your moving needs, including packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking.


CLP is the Moving Company For All Your Moving Needs

Whether it’s a long-distance move or a local one, our professional services will ensure that you are good to go by helping you in every phase of the moving process. Moreover, we are more than just a moving company.

Our trusted landscaping and painting services, along with our general labor services, are there to help you immediately feel at ease in your new home.

Another benefit of getting all your local services from us is that you don’t have to call different hotlines for every service you hire, because everything will be provided by the same company. As we offer one of the cheapest rates in the city, getting all your home services from us will help you save money.

So, are you ready to pick the best moving service to secure a safe move and customer satisfaction? Book moving services for your next move with CLP!

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How much do movers cost in San Luis Obispo, CA?
On average, hiring local movers in San Luis Obispo, CA cost around $634.
How long does moving in San Luis Obispo take?
San Luis Obispo movers usually take around 3 hours per job. This, however, can vary depending on the size of the job. For example, if you have a lot of fragile items in your belongings, your movers might take longer to pack and unpack them.
How many movers do I need for my move in San Luis Obispo?
Most people who move to San Luis Obispo hire at least two movers. However, this can still vary depending on the size of the job. For example, if you are moving into a five-bedroom house, you might have to hire at least 3 movers instead of just two.

About San Luis Obispo, CA

Located at Route 101, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo is a city that boasts of a year-round perfect Mediterranean climate, a picturesque downtown, and a beautifully preserved Spanish Mission at its heart. If you want to visit or even settle down in a place that has a laid-back atmosphere, access to good views, and fresh produce, San Luis Obispo is the perfect city for you.

It is home to 269,000 people who all enjoy its mild summers and just-right winters. As it is just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, it is sheltered by volcanic peaks while also being surrounded by open spaces, vineyards, and rich agricultural land.

A lot of tourists visit San Luis Obispo because it is home to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, though its historic architecture as well the welcoming attitude of its residents and business, certainly help attract visitors as well.

Top Attractions

San Luis Obispo, or SLO according to its residents, has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions.

At the heart of the city itself is Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, an active church with a long history. Its church bells date back to 1818 when they were made in and imported from Peru.

Meanwhile, downtown San Luis Obispo is a pedestrian-friendly zone where restaurants, galleries, and other shops and offices are housed in turn-of-the-century buildings.

A visit on Thursday lets one enjoy the Thursday Night Farmer’s Market, where locals sell their produce and the streets are lined with freshly cooked food, crafts, and live entertainment.

For those with a more unique taste, the Bubble Gum Alley is a must-see.

A 15-minute drive south of downtown SLO takes you to its wine country, where thirty premier wineries are within reach.

From picturesque views, historical sights, and entertaining events, San Luis Obispo has just about everything, making it an ideal place to settle in.

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