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Are you planning to move to another city or state but you worry about the arduous moving process and the expensive cost? We have great news for you. Community Labor Partnership can help you get in touch with the best local movers in Redlands, CA to help you with your moving needs.

We also offer packing services, heavy lifting, and furniture assembly to give you a stress-free moving experience that is worthy of your trust and money.

We also have contacts to the top piano movers in Redlands, CA, so you will be at ease so that your piano will be handled and transported in the safest way. Our professional movers passed background checks so you will be assured that only the best and most reputable movers in Redlands will be at your service.

Book your next move with us and enjoy prompt, efficient, and affordable moving services in Redlands, CA.


Why CLP is the Top Redlands Moving Company

Compared to other moving companies in Redlands, CA, we offer a wide range of services and have contact to over 42,000 skilled workers and professionals in the US. We have also worked on over 15,000 jobs under different services such as local moving, long distance moving, packing services, landscaping and yard work, painting, general labor, etc.

Aside from that, we help empower workers in your area by providing a solution to temporary unemployment. We help minimize unemployment rates by hiring local movers near you and forging a connection between you and your movers for years to come.

Our local and long distance movers are punctual and experienced in relocation services and they also make sure to take care of your belongings by careful packing and loading. We guarantee our clients the best moving experience at affordable rates. 

We offer the lowest rates and exceptional services at the same time, and as the top moving company in Redlands, our team keeps clients updated with the entire process, from booking to the actual moving day. You can be at ease with every moving and packing service that we offer and we will give you the best movers in California to get the job done.

Should You Help Our Movers in Redlands?

Yes! Just as the best movers will help you create a stress-free moving experience, you can also return the favor by providing them with a hassle-free moving environment.

You can start by refraining from packing restricted items such as flammable or explosive materials, personal and sensitive documents, and foul-smelling items like perishable food.

You can also move yourself, your family, and your pets out of the movers’ way since you may slow down the moving process by impeding or distracting them. The movers may even accidentally hurt you or someone else if they move in a fast-paced manner.

And you can make your area more accessible for your movers. If you live in an apartment, see to it that your movers will have no problem parking the truck in the parking lot and have access to elevators in your building.

Last but not the least, is that you can tip them for a job well done. Every mover appreciates a reward for all their hard work, and we find that this is the most professional way to help them out.

How to Choose Between Local Moving Companies in Redlands


A good moving company can move furniture from town to town and deliver it to your house on time — all the while still costing you a budget-friendly price.

And you can find no other company that can consistently do this feat other than CLP. By pairing the lowest market rates with high-quality local movers, you get to spend less money on moving, and more money to help kickstart the new chapter of your life!


A good moving company must also function as a one-stop shop for all your moving needs, and like any other good moving company, we can fulfill that with your convenience in mind.

So, whether you need to haul your couch anywhere in town or need junk removal services on short notice, you can always count on us to give you a stellar moving experience every single time you hire our movers.

Here are a few of the moving CLP Redlands Movers provide:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Junk removal

Professional Movers in Redlands - We Empower People to Work!

Unlike most Redlands moving companies that only focus on moving services, CLP gathers and screens thousands of workers in the US and empowers them to work on their respective fields to help families and individuals with their home improvement and moving needs. We believe that every worker should be given an opportunity to extend his/her professional services to people in need, regardless of their location.

CLP is a moving company that continues to establish more productive connections with the best skilled workers in the country so that every individual or family can have access to quality and affordable services in all states. Our team of dedicated workers are ready to assist you with your move to a new home or workplace and help you prepare your belongings through excellent packing service to secure your fragile stuff and make sure that it will arrive at your new place in pristine condition.

We also offer the lowest pricing plans to match your budget and your needs. Here at CLP, we go big in service, not in costs.

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How much do Redlands local movers usually cost?
If you are planning for a local move, the standard rate to hire local movers is $25 – $50 per hour, per mover. This rate varies per moving company as well as the additional services offered by their movers.
Why do Redlands movers charge so much?
For the moving process to be considered smooth and convenient for clients, movers use tools, equipment, and packing and unpacking materials that need maintenance or replenishing. These materials and equipment come with different price tags that add to the total moving bill. It is important to note that movers will also be responsible in the entire process for ensuring the safety of your belongings so they pack them using durable materials and unload them carefully. The best moving services only use quality materials in long distance or local moves to keep clients at ease, secure and satisfied before and after the moving date.
How do movers in Redlands calculate cost?
Moving service costs are calculated using time/duration or distance. A company usually charges clients per hour ($25 – $50) for local moves. Long-distance movers have a different approach in calculating costs. They based their rates on the weight of your belongings and the distance transported, so if you are moving long distance for more than 100 miles, movers can charge you extra per additional pound and mile.
How long does moving in Redlands take?
Redlands movers take 3 hours per job. This is the average number of hours and may still vary depending on the number and weight of belongings that you plan to transport. Items that require heavy lifting may take longer to move.
How many movers do I need for my move in Redlands?
For a local move that doesn’t require heavy lifting or extra equipment or tools to load and unload items, you can hire 2 movers to do the job. This is ideal for individual clients. Families may consider hiring 3 or more movers to assist them. CLP can dispatch as many as 20 movers for major relocation services requiring lots of packing, lifting, and loading. See pricing guides to check the plan that fits your budget.
How much do you tip movers in Redlands?
It is a common practice to tip $20 per mover every local move. For long distance moves that need more lifting and loading, you may consider tipping more.

About Redlands, CA

Redlands is a city located in Southern California that is known for elaborate late-1800s buildings, which include A.K Smiley Public Library and the Morey Mansion. Redlands has a well-balanced community of cultural value and natural attractions.

Founded in 1881, the city got its name due to the red-colored soil found in the area. Redlands have been producing citrus as their main product for over 75 years, with the first orange grove being planted in 1882.

The city was then famously dubbed the “Navel Orange Growing Capital of the World” for producing over 4,000 railcars of Navel Oranges and 1,000+ cars of Valencia oranges in 1937.

Today, Redlands is known to be a big city with a small-town feel. It is also an architectural hotspot for building homes, with Victorian-styled residential properties dominating the designs of the area.

Top Attractions

Explore unique renaissance architecture in Redlands California and go downtown to shop for unique souvenir items. Discover a part of the city’s rich culture and history by visiting these attractions:

  • San Bernardino County Museum
  • Kimberly Crest Homes and Garden
  • The Lincoln Memorial Shrine

If you are a nature and adventure lover, you may also take a walk with your dog along the city streets and visit recreational parks like the Caroline Park, Splash Kingdom, and Redlands Dog Park.

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