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Modesto is known for its agriculture and fertile farmlands. It also has one of the largest wineries in the world. If you are moving here to enjoy the bounties of the Earth, start your new life with a stress-free moving experience.

Community Labor Partnership (CLP) is a family-owned moving company that can connect you with cheap local piano and pool table movers in Modesto, CA. We can assist you with residential as well as commercial moves. We have a dedicated office support team who will connect you with our team of professional movers. We will ensure that your Modesto movers get to your place on time.

Call us for a great experience in relocation. We offer reliable moving services even for same day moving. Our local residential and commercial movers in Modesto, California are honest and dependable. They can help even in senior moving and address your ever-changing needs.


What Makes Us the Best of All Modesto Moving Companies

We know that there are plenty of Modesto moving companies in the market. What sets us apart is that we care about our customers. We always aim for great customer service and connect our clients with our star movers whether for long-distance or same-city moves. We want to be the best moving company not just in Modesto, California but also in the country.

Together with our professional moving company and our cheap movers in Modesto, CA, you can have a smooth, relaxed, and successful move. Be it for residential moves or office moves, we offer a full-service package so it will be a hassle-free process for you.

Let us satisfy your moving needs at this stressful time. You do not need to go through your next move alone. Businesses and families have relied on us when they are moving house and office items in the past.

Book Our Movers in Modesto For Your Upcoming Move

Packing can be tedious and time-consuming. It is also hard to pack items in a secure manner if this is your first time doing so. As your Modesto moving company, we want to help you get that time back. If you choose us as your moving company in Modesto, CA, you will not need to worry about packing fragile items and expensive equipment. We will also load and unload these things carefully.

We have experienced Modesto local movers who can efficiently handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of your belongings with great care to ensure that your moving day proceeds smoothly. Aside from packing, we also offer unpacking assistance so you can readily set up your new home.

Our cheap piano, pool table, and furniture movers in Modesto, CA are more than capable of safely handling the heavy lifting for you. They are the best movers and yet their rates are cheap even for commercial moving. Moving furniture is easy when you have our experienced movers by your side.

Our Modesto moving crew guarantee that your belongings are safe and secure as they are loaded into your moving truck, during transit, and even when they are unloaded and unpacked in your new location. We will be careful with your valuables. We know how these items matter to you.


The Best of All Moving Companies in Modesto

Most Modesto moving companies can assist only with basic moving tasks. But with our services and with our hard-working, efficient, and professional team specialize in going above and beyond expectations. Local moving can be enjoyable if you have our team to assist you.

We can take the stressful tasks from your hands so you can focus on more important things like finding your dream house and making a good first impression with your new colleagues. Our full-service package is available at affordable rates. We offer upfront pricing and we are transparent with our customers on all charges that will come with our services.

We take pride in providing quality work and satisfaction to our customers at low prices. Contact us if you need someone who can provide you with movers in Modesto, CA even on short notice.

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What day is the cheapest to hire Modesto movers?

On average, weekdays are the cheapest days to engage workers. Cost-wise, it would be cheaper to move on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Most people schedule their move on the weekends. In terms of convenience, the weekend is a more convenient time for moving and working with commercial Modesto movers. If you book CLP workers, you need not worry about taking time off from your job on a weekday. Our rates are the same whether you want to move on a weekday or a weekend.

How much do movers in Modesto cost?

The price range for Modesto local movers is from $502 to $4,243. Note that there may be extra charges for handling delicate product wrapping, carrying, and moving. Ask your moving company if based on their experience there are often unexpected weather changes.

How long does moving to Modesto take?

Most moving companies in Modesto, California will take at least 4 hours. Of course, this will be affected by where you will be coming from. Long-distance and interstate moves often take longer than local and same-city relocation. It is always better to allot more time so you would not feel too overwhelmed. The key is to outsource as many tasks as you can to reputable movers from CLP.

How many movers do I need for my move to Modesto?

Most people who are moving to Modesto engage at least 2 movers on a moving day. Depending on the add-ons you will avail of and the number of belongings you will bring, you can also increase the number of helpers you will engage.


About Modesto, CA

The city of Modesto is located on the Tuolumne River and near the Stanislaus River. In 1870, the Central Pacific Railroad purchased approximately one square mile of land and began selling lots.

Ironically, the city got its name after W.C. Ralston, a railway director, who “modestly” declined to have the community named in his honor. It developed as a shipping center for agricultural produce like figs and peaches. Light manufacturing also supplemented food processing in the area.

In the 1960s, Beard Industrial District which also owns and operates Modesto & Empire Traction railroad became the area’s largest industrial area. Nowadays, the largest industries in the area are Health Care & Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Manufacturing, and the highest paying industries are Management of Companies & Enterprises, Utilities, and Public Administration. There are reportedly 91, 300 employees in Modesto, CA.

Top Attractions

Modesto is known for its vibrant music, theater, and art. Its downtown alleyways and walking trails are filled with murals. Some of them celebrate the area’s agricultural heritage and some showcase the American Graffiti car culture. Participate in the annual DoMo Walls.

Enjoy music in its Plaza Music in the Plaza on Fridays from May to September. By December, the Rockin’ Holidays free concerts in downtown’s 10th Street Plaza are a must-see.

Witness the beauty of Modesto’s almond blossoms in the Almond Blossom Cruise from the middle of February to March. After which, tour the Cheese Factory of Oakdale or relax in the brewpubs of Modesto.

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