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Are you in search of the best and most affordable moving services in Elk Grove? Community Labor Partnership is ready to help you with your moving needs. We are a moving company with access to the best local movers in Elk Grove, CA who can give you an impressive moving experience at an affordable rate!

Our Elk Grove movers are strong, efficient, reliable, and focused on providing exceptional customer service for all clients in need of relocation assistance to a new home, apartment, or office space.

Enjoy a stress-free move with the help of our experienced movers who can help you with the following:

  • Local move
  • Interstate move and Long-distance move
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading heavy furniture
  • Piano moving

Our team of professional piano movers in Elk Grove can keep you at ease on your moving day by packing your important and fragile belongings in the most careful way. They get the job done on time and are always ready to deliver your needs while moving to a new house or workplace. With CLP, you are always a step closer to the most affordable Elk Grove movers. 

Contact us now and book your next move with us, we are excited to be at your service.

Why is CLP the Top Elk Grove Moving Company?

Our Elk Grove movers take pride in their customer-focused approach in every moving service that they provide. They come to their schedule on time and make sure to help clients in every step of the moving process. CLP also makes sure to hire only the best and most reputable movers who possess exceptional skills and work values to help them deliver moving services in the most courteous and ethical ways. 

Compared to other moving companies in Elk Grove, CA, CLP is also known for offering the lowest pricing plans that no other company can give. Starting at $100 for a 2-hour local move with 1 professional helper, you can save on costs but not in quality with CLP.

We also do long-distance and interstate moves. With over 42,000 active workers in all 50 states in America, we can give you access to the best long-distance movers in any state.

Moving from one location to another is so much easier with CLP because we always want to make things easier for you.

Tips for Hiring Movers in Elk Grove

Choosing a reputable Elk Grove moving company should be high on your checklist of things to do while moving. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your moving experience.

A Moving Inventory

In order to estimate the weight and bulk of your move, a reputable mover will take an inventory of all your belongings.

Don’t Pay a Large Up-front Amount

Any established moving business will not ask for cash or a large upfront amount. When paying the booking amount, use a credit card and make payment upon receipt to protect yourself from possible fraud.

Get References for Local Movers

If you do not have recommendations from friends and family for packers and movers in the Elk Grove area, you may consult associations such as the American Moving and Storage Association for recommendations. When talking to the referred local movers in Elk Grove, CA ask for a list of at least three recent customers for a reference check.

Beware of Hidden or Extra Charges

You will most likely be charged extra if the Elk Grove movers have to negotiate stairs and elevators during the move. If you are moving to an apartment building or condominiums from your old home, movers may charge added fees to climb stairs, and move heavy boxes through narrow lanes, etc.

Avoid Blank Contracts

Get a written contract for all your belongings while packing and loading. Also include the mover’s estimate and any additional fees, and your pickup and delivery dates. If anything does not appear on the inventory form that you signed before the driver left, you cannot file a claim for those in case of damage or loss.

How to Check Moving Companies in Elk Grove for Its Reliability

Doing some research will help you identify a reputable and reliable Elk Grove moving company, but the result may be worth your time.

You should ask the following questions to ensure that you hire a reliable mover:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company have a history of complaints?
  • How have they responded to any complaints that have been filed?
  • Are there any references you can provide?
  • Would it be possible for me to obtain additional insurance?

Every Move Matters with CLP

As a leading Elk Grove moving company, we aim to provide the highest quality of services to individuals and families in need, for us every move matters. The business is primarily focused on understanding the needs of every community for cost-effective solutions to their moving needs, and at the same time, the continuous need for skilled movers to become the best in their respective fields.

CLP values the equal opportunity that every moving gig is given to thousands of hardworking Americans. Our team of dependable movers can make things easier for you and you can also help them move a step forward in their expertise and career. We strive to build communities of people who help and empower others.

Be one with CLP in building communities through moving services that matter!



How much do local movers in Elk Grove usually cost?

Local movers in Elk Grove, CA usually cost $25 to $50 per mover. This range varies per company and there are other factors that should be considered including distance as well as the complexity of the move and the number of items that will be carried.

What day is the cheapest to hire Elk Grove movers?

Elk Grove moving companies usually charge the lowest during weekdays, specifically from Monday to Thursday. Compared to this, CLP maintains a fixed pricing point for the whole week, so you no longer have to worry about waiting for weekdays to move and avail lower rates.

What is the cheapest way to move my stuff to Elk Grove?

Using a moving container is the cheapest way to move from one location to another, even with bulky items and furniture. Moving containers offer huge space for your belongings at affordable rates starting at $3 per mile.

What should you not do with movers in Elk Grove?

Moving is an arduous task that can be exhausting for both clients and movers. While movers are working on your belongings, there are some things that you should never do:

– Buy additional stuff before the moving day.
– Stick to the original list or inventory of items that you plan to carry with you.
– Tell them what to do. They are professional movers, so you don’t have to command them with their move. They know best.
– Leave your valuable items. Valuable items should be kept inside your car.
Let kids and pets roam around the house.
– Wait for them to clean your new home after they unload and unpack your belongings.
Block access areas.
– Follow them around.
– Leave them alone during the moving day.
– Don’t have payment prepared.

Which services can you hire moving contractors in Elk Grove to do?

As mentioned earlier, you can hire Elk Grove movers to help you pack and unpack your belongings, disassemble and reassemble furniture, and load and unload your stuff into assigned vehicles on a moving day.


About Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove is a city situated in Sacramento County. With a population of 178,997 based on the 2021 census report, Elk Grove is considered one of the best places to live in California because of its award-winning school district, state-of-the-art parks, historical spots, and exquisite restaurants.

The entrepreneurial opportunity and excellent quality of life make Elk Grove a family-oriented community. Hence, people move to Elk Grove to get a better career as well as a light suburban feel with a secure life.

This tech-savvy city is diverse, personable, and full of beauty and charm. Not only the residents, but tourists also have a lot to explore, uncover, and enjoy in Elk Grove.

Top Attractions

Boasting a suburban vibe that is perfect for tourists and residents who want to enjoy cozy and relaxing walks while appreciating nature, arts, and culture, you can visit the following attractions:

Natural Parks

The Elk Grove Creek Trail, Laguna Creek Trail, and Emerald Lake’s Golf Course

Cultural Spots

American Renaissance Institute of Arts

Wellness and Leisure

Healthy Sole Reflexology, Happy Garden Bar, and Sky River Casino

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