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Dana Point Movers for Your Upcoming Move

Moving to Dana Point, CA is an exciting endeavor – what awaits you is a life of warm sunshine and ocean adventures. A good life in Dana Point begins with a successful move to the city. Meanwhile, a successful move starts with a professional local moving company with affordable relocation services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

For your upcoming move, we at CLP can be that moving company for you. Our professional movers in Dana Point take pride in the best moving company that’s years of experience and proven track record. We offer a wide array of moving services to meet all your moving needs.

Contact us now and get the fastest access to the best movers in Dana Point, CA. You are just a call away from planning all your moving needs and next move with us. Our reliable movers will walk you through every step of the moving process, from booking your appointment, to your actual moving day.

Why Choose Us as Your Dana Point Moving Company?

As your Dana Point moving company, we have the best movers, who can assist you in any kind of move you want to make. Regardless of where you’re moving from and what type of space you’re moving into, our moving services are fit for you.

Local Movers and Long Distance Movers

Whether you’re moving within the city or from outside the state, we have the right movers for you.

Our team of Dana Point movers can assist you on your local moves. Meanwhile, we also have long distance movers and interstate movers if you are moving from anywhere outside the city or the state.

Unlike other moving companies, we also have local movers in 300 cities throughout the country. This unique business model, where we have interstate movers and partner with other local movers, allows us to assist our customers on both ends of the moving process.

Apartment, Residential and Commercial Movers

Moving to an apartment is different from moving to a house; meanwhile, moving to a residential space is different from moving to an office space.

We at CLP also have commercial and residential movers, along with apartment movers. This way, regardless of the space you’re moving into, our moving service will be useful and affordable for you.

Same Day Movers

Most local moving companies require you to book their relocation services several weeks in advance. This is not the case with CLP. Even if you failed to book your movers in advance, we have same day movers who can come and help you at a moment’s notice.

Reliable Services From Our Professional Movers in Dana Point

Packing your belongings for your big move can be overwhelming and time consuming. However, with our packing services, it doesn’t have to be.

Leave it to our Dana Point movers to handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking of all your stuff. You can count on our team to handle your things with care. We will also handle the heavy lifting if you have any bulky furniture to bring with you on your next move. We guarantee an efficient yet careful handling of your stuff.

Our professionally trained and helpful movers will pack and secure all your belongings to make sure that your moving day will be smooth, safe, and worry and stress free. We ensure customers that their household items and office equipment will be transported to another location smoothly and in great condition.

So, if you are looking for reliable movers and packers in Dana Point, California to do an excellent job in moving homes and businesses, contact CLP now!

The Ideal Movers in Dana Point, CA for Your Upcoming Move

As the best moving company in Dana Point, we hire only the finest, most trusted professionals in the moving industry to provide quality moving and packing services that will satisfy the needs of residential and commercial customers. All our professional movers have passed the meticulous screening process and background check needed to assess their skills, experience, and attitude.

From a large pool of talented workers across the country, we choose movers based on their expertise, years of service in moving, and positive feedback and referrals from past customers and employers. Because we are dedicated to giving you the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, we make sure that every mover that we assign in each relocation service and schedule is prompt, hardworking, attentive, and reliable.

Best of all, without compromising the quality of our work, our services are much cheaper than what most moving companies charge for a local or even a long distance move. Our services are all geared towards making sure that you have a stress free move to Dana Point. Book with us now for an amazing first move, at a reasonable price!



How many movers do I need for my move in Dana Point?

For a regular move, you would need at least 2 movers. However, if you are going to move to a large property, or if you are moving to an apartment or office space that is not on the first floor of a building, hiring more than 4 movers is strongly recommended.

What do most movers in Dana Point charge per hour?

On average, local movers charge $80 to $100 an hour for a team of two movers.

What day are Dana Point movers cheapest?

It is cheapest to hire movers on weekdays, more specifically Mondays through Thursdays. The rates of movers usually go up on weekends due to the increase in the demand for their services.

Is one expected to tip movers in Dana Point?

Tipping is not required for professional moving companies and services, but it is highly encouraged. This is to show your movers that you acknowledge the quality of work they rendered.

Why do moving companies in Dana Point charge so much?

When you hire movers, you are basically paying for their guarantee that they will handle your belongings with care. Remember that they will handle all the packing, loading even the heavy lifting of all your stuff. They are also expected to carry these things through narrow hallways, tight doorways, even up and down flights of stairs. All these tasks justify the high cost of a moving service.

How much do you tip Dana Point movers?

A good starting point would be to tip your movers 15% to 20% of your total moving cost.

How long does moving to Dana Point take?

On average, Dana Point movers take around 3 to 4 hours to complete a job.


About Dana Point, CA

Situated halfway between LA and San Diego, and nestled on a cliffside in picturesque Orange County, Dana Point embodies what coastal living should be.

It is also the center of California’s surf culture. Surfing legends such as Hobie Alter, John Severson, and Phil Edwards, along with filmmaker Bruce Brown, were all locals of Dana Point and as a group were called the “Dana Point Mafia.”

Today, it is home to over 35,000 residents. Due to its accessibility to at least two major airports (both LAX and SAN), it also welcomes millions of visitors each year. Dana Point also has a thriving commercial district that features an array of shops, services, and hotels.

With its magnificent and iconic trait of a seven-mile prominent coastal bluffs and panoramic rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean, and its world-famous surfing spots at Doheny Beach, Dana Strands, and Salt Creek, it’s no longer surprising to know how and why tourists and locals see Dana Point as a city worth exploring.

Top Attractions


As a tourist destination, there’s no shortage of attractions in Dana Point. Here are just a few that locals and visitors recommend the most:

  • Dana Point Harbor
  • Dana Sands Beach
  • Salt Creek Beach
  • Bluff Top Trail
  • Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari
  • The Ocean Institute
  • Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center
  • Pines Park
  • Monarch Beach Resort
  • Hilltop Conservation Park

This list barely scratches the surface of all the attractions that you can get to see when you visit Dana Point, though it is certain that you don’t have to see all of these to truly appreciate Dana Point.

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