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The Finest in McKinney Landscaping by CLP

McKinney, TX is home to a lot of businesses. People flock here from other states to work in technology, sustainability, manufacturing, aviation, retail, defense, and other jobs.

If you are an artist, you will enjoy the large artistic community and cultural venues here. Do not miss the McKinney Historic Downtown Cultural District.

Your lawn is the first thing that most people see when they visit you or when they pass by our property. We understand that you want to make a good first impression. Let Community Labor Partnership (CLP) take care of your McKinney landscaping concerns. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.


Elevate Your Outdoor With our Landscaping Services in Mckinney, TX

We are not only the best and most affordable moving company. We also provide the best team to provide the best landscape in McKinney.

We are the leading company that offers McKinney residents and businesses quality landscaping in McKinney, TX. Our landscaping services include lawn care, spring clean-up, flower bed installation, mulching, irrigation installation and repair, and much more.

We guarantee that our Mckinney landscaping services are the most affordable in the area and that we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients as we are very committed to customer satisfaction.

Read our online reviews given by our past and present customers to see why we can be your reliable partner for all your landscaping and lawn care needs.

Versatile Landscape Company in McKinney

McKinney is located in Hardiness Zone 8a gardening zone, the same as Plano and Austin, TX. One can opt to plant low-maintenance gardens here. You can choose to plant Henry Duelberg Salvia, Mystic Spires Blue Salvia, and Hibiscus to make your backyard colorful. If you are a garden enthusiast, you can actually plant produce such as greens, artichokes, peppers, and onions.

Choose a versatile Mckinney landscape company that can do both residential and commercial projects. We specialize in giving our clients the best service experience and ensuring that we do our best to achieve their reasonable expectations. We understand that the client has a specific plan in mind for the project outcome. Our general laborers are flexible, professional, and efficient. The crew will handle every detail of the project with care.

Our landscape workers can help you create beautiful landscapes on your property. They can keep your retaining wall in shape and keep your backyard neat and well-maintained. Let us know if you have requests and we can find a way to accommodate these requests.


What Services Do Our Landscapers in McKinney Offer?

Instead of hiring pricey landscapers and landscape companies in McKinney, TX, try out our general landscape services. We can provide basic McKinney landscaping services at cheap prices.

We offer basic gardening and local landscaping services at affordable rates. We can provide you with extra hands to help in your commercial or residential landscaping project in Mckinney, Texas. We can offer help on tasks ranging from landscape maintenance to lawn care for your grass. We are here to assist you in fall clean up, landscape gravel installation, landscape lighting installation, laying sod, mulching, tree trimming, repotting plants, and dirt moving.

From basic landscaping maintenance tasks to landscape renovation and installation projects in Mckinney, TX, we got you covered. We want your outdoor living space to reflect your unique personality. We want your house in McKinney to be a cozy home where you can relax. We want your office to be a haven for you, your employees, and your clients. Give us a call anytime and we can discuss how we can assist you.

One Of The Best Landscaping Companies in McKinney, TX

We take pride in our reputation not only as a Mckinney landscape company but also as one of the service providers for basic home improvement services. Whether your lawn needs mowing or you need someone to repair the floorboards of your patios, we can help make your property more beautiful for the enjoyment of your family.

We have reliable and hard-working landscape helpers who can assist you even with problems with drainage or water in the basement. More helping hands will also be needed if you have a spacious lawn and your goal is to increase curb appeal in preparation for selling it.

Choose from our fixed rates starting at $100 per general laborer for a minimum of 2 hours. You can add more helping hands or more hours of work as you see fit. Call us today to get started.

Superior Landscaping Services in McKinney, TX

Landscaping and lawn maintenance can be pricey which is why you should hire an established landscaping company to do the job for you. Our landscape workers are professional and reliable.

Our team has adequate experience and will take care to ensure your house landscapes and yard work will be in tip-top shape. They can even carry fallen trees in your backyard after a storm.

Our crew of professional workers has a reputation for relentlessly working for customer happiness. We value hard work and reliability. We do our best to take care of our relationship with our clients. Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Reviews & Testimonials


What does a McKinney landscape contractor do?
McKinney landscaping can include putting up retaining walls, creating beautiful landscapes, professional home lawn maintenance, and lawn care. You can also ask landscapers in Mckinney, TX if they have workable knowledge and expertise on native plants existing in the local ecosystem. These plants might affect what you can put in your garden.
How Much Does a Backyard Putting Green Cost in McKinney?
There are several factors that affect the pricing for backyard putting green. Size is the primary factor. Another is, the putting surface type that will be available. The putting-only surface is the best and smoothest but golf balls will bounce off it like a trampoline. Target greens are ideal to mimic a golf course. Lastly, infill sand also affects cost with round quartz sand as the most expensive.

On average, prepare at least $4,300 for artificial putting greens. If you choose to DIY, the cost can range from $400 for a 100 square feet space to over $9,000 for a professionally installed 500-square-foot or larger putting green.
Can you negotiate with landscapers in Mckinney?
Yes, you can. For better negotiation conditions, research ahead of time. Look for prevailing price rates among service providers in the market. Identify what you need and set a budget. Decide whether you want a simple landscaping service or an overhaul of your current outdoor areas.
How much do tip landscapers in Mckinney?
A $15 to $20 tip is often regarded as sufficient. Of course, if you are very happy with the output, you can always tip higher. McKinney Landscaping projects are often physically strenuous. As much as possible, it is encouraged to tip landscape workers you will engage to show your appreciation for their hard work. Make sure to tip in cash to avoid any hassle.
How can a well-landscaped property in Mckinney help sell my home?
A lush lawn or a clean driveway inevitably has an immediate effect on visitors and guests. Most homeowners report that a neat and well-maintained landscape often creates an impression of well-maintained house interiors. These impressions are important when you are trying to increase curb appeal and property market value. This is why even if landscaping can get expensive, people often treat the expense as an investment.